The manuscript of survival – part 206

As you have already ascertained, the waves of energy are crashing onto your shores again and again, and with these waves, much debris is being churned up. So to the casual onlooker, the amount of detritus seems to be ever mounting, even as the waterline is creeping up closer and closer to their feet. Let us explain.

As we have stated on so many occasions, the tides have indeed turned, but with the tide, there will be what some will refer to as a veritable influx of denser material. By that, we mean that because of the fact that the amount of light on your shores is increasing, the easier it will be to spot those remnants of darkness that is still hanging on as it were. And so they will in many ways become more apparent to you all, and for many, that will to them signal that you are becoming more polluted by it than before. So to them, the way towards being cleared of these damaging goods seems to be a very long one. Hence, the level of frustration is rising, and so too the amount of vitriol that is pouring out of your fellow men. This comes in all shapes and sizes, but these outbursts are only caused by them focusing of the detritus still left instead of the clean waters streaming in. But just like it is difficult to concentrate on savouring the scenic view somewhere if it is marred by too much litter left by previous visitors, so too it is in this phase of the cleaning. So much is being washed up by this ongoing cycle of incoming waves of purifying energy that it will seem like you are becoming more and more polluted, when the fact is exactly the opposite. But to you, it may look like you are stranded in a backwash, surrounded by all sorts of unsavory flotsam cluttering up the surface around you, and the surface itself will seem to be slick with the oily residue of chemicals leaking out from some decaying structures. It is difficult not to feel tainted by these spills of negative energy, but there is a safe way to get out of it. By literally ducking under the surface, you will see that this scum is literally just that, a thin layer covering the surface on a small part of this vast ocean you are all swimming in. And under that thin film, everything is as pristine as it was in the very beginning, and down there, you can find peace, tranquility and ease.

As always, we speak in parables, but the message is clear. Do not let these outbursts of desperation fuelled by the dying gasps of the darkness taint you in any way, as it is up to you whether you choose to wallow in them or not. For you can easily avoid it all by going inwards and reaching that point of serenity and calm that resides there. And when you do, all of the unease, anger and frustration will be washed away again. So take this as a reminder not to stay in those polluted pockets that will pop up in the most unexpected corners now. It will only serve to pollute you too and leave a film of sludge that will cover your eyes from the light.

18 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 206

  1. Hello, brothers in search of Light!
    Could anyone help me? How do I get the manuscript of survival from the first, so you can monitor and discern it? I’m from Brazil. Thankfully! Stay in the light!

  2. AND…YES I am now aware there is a book out about something similar to what I wrote about, but I myself had NO knowledge of this book until I started to google the info I was getting from Daddy Bill…thought I should clarify that!

  3. Dear Aisha, another important & direct message from the CC’s…Thank You for your continued strength & vigilence in sharing these messages with us ! Interesting how this arrives as the world recently receives the horrible news of little Malala Yousufsai, just 14 yrs. old, shot by the taliban for speaking out in her wish & dream to have a proper education & someday become a doctor…….this most certainly is one of such things the CC’s are referring to as this sorrowful & unjust tragedy will bring world wide attention & prove with certainity that the taliban is old dark negative energy that must leave Mother-Earth, & underneath this little angel’s sacrifice will help to remove it & be replaced with more LOving & Compassionate Energy that is so desparately needed in this part of the world ! Dear Friends…Keep singing & charging the energy frequencies of LOve, Light & LIfe to encompass our sacred Mother-Earth !!!~

    1. First of all, Aisha, you are a beautiful being and I am truly honored to be your family! I have been awakening since 2003 and my ascension began 10-08-12 : )- I’m so excited and full of joy and am riding the waves!!! Please KNOW you have been vital to MY process and I thank you with ALL I AM….

      I need some assistance and clarity family if anyone feels resonate with this please let me know how best to proceed as I have called in help from all channels but now being nudged to reach out to my fellow humans ( I have laid low for quite some time and only created a facebook page today out of a feeling of neccesity lol). Not that I am a hermit, I just choose to work face to face : )

      Long story short…All this information has been revealed to me over the last week. It has been a joy learning it, but time is of the essence…
      My Grandfather, Daddy Bill, passed away when I was 15. He has been one of my guides ever since. He had a Naval career turned Air force for 25+ years. He oversaw/ran and implemented worldwide electronics procedures taking his family all over the world. He was a 33rd degree Mason(free). I am just now starting to understand/feel the significance of his work as a one of the early wayshowers. (I’d like to say that until a week ago I didn’t like him at all and thought he was the biggest pain in the butt there ever was lol hahahah….isn’t it funny how different everything looks when the veil starts to lift : ))

      Anyways, the house my grandparents lived in is being sold and this coming Monday my dad and his siblings will be allowed to get things people want from the house. I know there is something significant Daddy Bill needs me to get. Unfortunately, no one else is allowed to go in the house and I won’t know what it is until I see it. I believe it to be Masonic in nature, a bird, made of wood, wings spread, possible gem somewhere from the neck up. He keeps sending me the word Harbinger. I just know I’m supposed to get an item from his house and somehow I will be able to use it as some sort of energy anchor (I’ve learned I will be doing some pretty significant crystal / energy healing work).

      My apologies if this is an improper forum for this type of reply or call but I am new to reaching out on the net…so please be kind if there is a better way lol….. Shine on my beloveds!!!!!

      1. Dear Julie,
        much too little I know about Masonic degrees or symbols, but it might be that the bird is a Phoenix. This is a legendary powerful bird, that is born again out of her own ashes. It is always pictured with large open
        wings, a strong neck, head aiming up and an aquiline, strong beak.
        It is a messenger of VICTORY, symbol for a new ERA, for sure a
        Harbinger of PEACE after eons of sacrifice. Exactly the same with GAIA, which is now born again of her own ashes. Same with Humanity.

        I can imagine this mighty bird waring a crystal on her neck, as a symbol of the high heart full of LOVE, for Love alone is the Victory.

        It might be a round blue gem in her beak, symbolizing EARTH.
        It might be a gem between her eyes, or even the eyes themselves.
        Seems like the crystal/gem will massively help you do your healing
        work. Seems like YOU SHOULD NEVER ALLOW FALLING INTO WRONG HANDS, for it could be MISUSED.
        GEM is alone YOURS.

        There are some books called “The PHOENIX Journals”
        Dictated some 30 years ago by our own Creator.
        For us ALL to wake up to TRUTH – meant for these amazing times.

        Ask Daddy Bill if this is what he means.

      2. And to be clear, some Masons twisted their knowledge into the VERY
        So if you do a healing work, please do remember to stay in the
        PURITY of TRUTH, always.

  4. Thank you, Aisha and Constant Companions. Yes, indeed, it is important to maintain our inner foundation of peace. So much swirling and detritus blows around us. Yet, it is CLEAR that these eternal adventures are always changing. EVER CHANGING. It is most important that we always remember WHO WE REALLY ARE–Powerful, magical, AMAZING eternal beings of LOVE, who are able to transform energy with our thoughts and ideas and dreams.

    As the Constant Companions advised us months ago, go and stay in the middle of the stream and go in the flow, instead of trying to hang on to anything around us. If we try to hang on, we will only get thrashed by the muck coming downstream along the sides of the stream.

    (Aisha, do you recall which part of the Manuscript that was?)


    1. Dear Gail! I think you refer to part 150, here’s an excerpt:”Just lift your feet and let yourselves be swept along in the rapids of this ever moving river of change. The speed will not kill you or harm you in any way. Only fighting against the currents can be detrimental to you, as then the force of these particles will increase exponentially and literally tear you away from your frightened grasp on the old embankment. Do not let this happen to you, and know that ”keeping control” is the last thing you must try for at the moment. Control is the old ego trying to stem the river of change, and control is what will assure a very unpleasant submergence under the surface of this river if you try to hold on to what you know, instead of letting yourselves be transported by these currents into your future dwelling. So let loose and enjoy the ride. And trust that even if you have no idea what is ahead on this rapidly swelling river, trust that you will be held aloft through even the most turbulent of passages, and you will arrive safely at the most beautiful landing.

      Do not fear if you feel yourselves going under in these churning waters, as only those paralyzed by fear will drown in their own sorrows. The rest of you will only get a quick and invigorating baptism along the way, so just shake the waters from your eyes and keep going dear ones. And remember, do not grasp after anything sticking out from the shores in order to stop this wild ride. It might feel tempting to slow down the pace, but again, it will only serve to drag you under the surface for a prolonged period of time, if not forever. So stay afloat, and head for the middle of the river, then this ride will be less bumpy than if you try to keep close to the shore. You are safer in the middle, as that is where the current will transport you more swiftly along than along the embankments, where the detritus collects and you might get caught up in an eddy. We are watching you all the way, and we know that you are indeed excellent swimmers, so we have no worries about you making it to the designated landing place downstream. So just pull up those feet and let the waters bring you safely there. Your mind will simply have to let go of the control, and the energies will do the rest.”
      Love and light, Aisha

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