The manuscript of survival – part 205

Mankind as a species have for too been long been harbouring the thought that they are unable to do anything but follow in the footsteps of their forefathers. In other words, for many, the thought of opening up to the idea of not being the sole living sentient beings in the known universe is to them mere fantasy, as they consider themselves to be the pinnacle of creation. And as such, nothing can be done without them being the instigator for it. And they also see that as their entitled right, as they see the rest of the world surrounding them as their domain. But now, as more and more of you are starting to wake up to the fact that mankind is not alone in this vast space, the idea of sovereignty over other living beings is also starting to fall apart, and rightly so, as you are no more overlords over anything than anyone else. You are a mere speck in creation, but together with all of those countless other ”specks” that exists everywhere else, you constitute a vast tapestry, woven together like silken threads into something so beautiful it will literally take your breath away the first time you see it in all of it’s complexity.

For you see, contrary to what so many of your fellow men believe, you are not alone, and you never will be, and that brings with it so many repercussions. For as more and more of you awaken to this fact, so too the idea of only being accountable to your peers will also fall away. For you cannot begin to open up to this truth that you are but a small part of this whole creation without simultaneously give away the idea of yourselves as some kind of masters of the universe. For you are not, but so are no one else either, as this is a creation set up to by fragments where no one has more power or are considered as more important than others. That is because at the core, we are all exactly the same, and even if our outward appearances and place of residence will vary greatly, no one can call themselves entitled to be the ”rulers” of the rest. And that is exactly where these fallen ones calling themselves your overlords have erred. They think that they can continue this little game of theirs, using you as their plaything and lording over you in every aspect, but that is no longer the case. So now, the tides have turned against them as we have already stated on so many occasions, and the time to put things into balance yet again has come. And with it, the idea that some of your own can claim to be rulers of the rest of you is also coming to an end. Because there is no way that any single entity will be allowed to misrepresent the people they call their constituency or subjects.

Greed, fuelled by fear, will no longer be the way in which mankind will rule themselves in the future, as the whole basis for this creation is respect and unity. In other words, the idea of fiefdoms scattered across your planet where everything is being divided up so that some can claim power over others, is heading for the scrapheap. For by stepping into the truth that you are in fact not just citizens of this planet, but also citizens of All of creation, you will also realize that you as a species is but one single unit, and with that, you will also realize that you have nothing to fear from your fellow men. You are not to be divided anymore, you are to be united as a single group of beings, all set to recapture the beauty and peace that this planet once held true. But on the way you will need to get rid of all the old notions of ”them” and ”us”, defined by the appearance of your skin, by the language that you speak or by the place that you reside. In other words, all the old boundaries, whether they be on a map or just in your minds, will have to vanish in order for you to become the true citizens of the stars that you really are.

But fret not, as this will only be a natural consequence for you all once the veils have opened completely and you can see this fact for yourselves. Then, these old notions of separation will become null and void, and only those resisting to accept the whole truth of this unveiling will stubbornly try to cling on to the old way of making themselves separate from the rest of you. But they will have to struggle hard with this, to no avail, for this is a fact that will be more than obvious to you all. So no matter how high they seem those old and rigid frontiers set up to keep you all apart, not just from us but also from yourselves, they will all fall down under the pressure of the truth. So look ahead, and you will see a people united, not just with their brethren from around the globe, but also with all the rest of us ready and eager to be united with you once again. That time is coming dear ones, and it will come mayhaps sooner than you think. For we see how so many of you have already opened your hearts to us, and as this flow of love continues to grow, these borders are already starting to crumble. And crumble they will, there is no force in the world able to hold back this flood any longer.

21 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 205

    1. Smooth sailing here. Somewhat little boring but it really feels good to get out of the head and to feel this “simulation” with other parts of the body. We got a twisted game running here. Now I’m the undercoveragent. Need more women to my life. That’s whom agents do…… ooops did I just said that?!

  1. “When will it happen?” It’s already happening, so tune in your hearts sisters and brothers and enjoy the ride! Respect and gratitude Aisha and CC!

  2. I have seen UFO’s over 35 yrs ago but I used to daydream as a child of other places with people out there in space. I have had always an open mind to new things and I believed in miracles. I have felt all my life and I
    am now 76 yrs that this world’s pain and suffering was completely out of order and shouldn’t be this way at all. and I KNEW IN MY HEART I WAS
    RIGHT to the amusement of family and friends which never bothered me.
    You can imagine my complete ecstasy in what is about to happen and I just wish it would happen NOW, THIS VERY MOMENT. I always felt out of place with people and never felt at home with anybody at all! I knew I could be a Very Good Person with nice people around but the negativity was so over whelming that it caused me to do bad things as well for which I have felt very guilty for years and I am still now trying to forgive myself for all the wrong things I committed. Animal abuse and torture for the last 7 yrs has made my life hell suffering terrible mental agony. I asked the Universal Mind to help me or kill me and suddenly my youngest son boss’s daughter gave me her calico female cat as dad bought a puppy that would grow very big and the cat is very territorial and was fighting the puppy all the time, so to avoid a tragedy later on they gave me the cat which has proved to have been sent by Divine Order as my mental agony is almost gone. That’s how animals are so important to humans and all over the globe animals are being brutally treated. In USA and Canada they are slaughtering the few wolves left because ranchers hate them. Abbatoirs kill animals for food in a most revolting torturing way and breeding cattle is bad for climate with their production of methane gas. Anyway we should be vegan and starvation would end. Do you know how they kill fur animals??? I don’t even want to write it down as it upsets me so badly. Have you found out how cats and dogs are abused and even tortured to death by their owners??? I simply hate this world and apparently I chose to go through with this experiment. I am still in a dualistic planet and truthfully I feel it would have been better to let us take 2 million to 20 million yrs to evolve and avoid the holographic pain and suffering projected by our brain cortex that FEELS SO REAL AND IS PHYSICALLY SO VERY PAINFULL!!!

  3. Thank you my dear Aisha & Constant Companions. What a beautiful missive. THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!!

  4. I think the point is frequency. As soon as we elevate ours to the point of resonance with the other side, bye to the veil. Light/Love is flooding Earth each moment with more intensity (sorry for darkness) and this is making the gap smaller. In my point of view, imminent is a word that gives a good feeling about when the first of us will be making contact. Please, post to tell others when it,s your time!
    Much Light/Love and happy 3D end for all

  5. These are eternal adventures and IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING. All we are is already happening.

    WE are already in the phases of this happening or else there would be no talk of it from the Constant Companions. TIme as it was known has been collapsing in and Dates of ‘when it will happen’ are right NOW, in the eternal NOW moment.

    ALSO, we each will see what we focus upon. As we let ourselves be who we really are, magnificent magical eternal beings, the old 3D human-based blinders simply fade away. As if we are washing our eyes when we rise in the morning, clearing away the haze from the night’s sleep.

    1. Dear Guerric! If you are looking for an answer to that question, I’m afraid you will have to find it somewhere else. As The CC’s have said so many times, they will never give an exact date for anything. Here’s an example, from part 56 of The manuscript: “Let us return to the concept of time. This is something we have touched upon several times already, but it seems to be only prudent to remind you yet again that nothing has been set in stone, there is no defined timeframe for this, and certainly not a specific ”end date”. The latter point is the most important one, as it seems that too many have once again put their hopes on a certain date, and they now feel very let down by the fact that to them, life goes on more or less as it did in the period preceding this date. We have warned you before not to get too attached to these dates, as they will only serve to hinder you in attaining the ultimate goal, which is of course liberation from all of these old and crippling paradigms.”
      Love and light, Aisha

    2. There is no blame, no fear or guilt anymore. The truth with it is that there really never has been. Everything that seems impossible to your mind is only a mere limitation. There are on limits in time, nor life. Time as we have been understanding it so far is part of the same illusion we have all been encased in. Time is not travelling in a line. Its more like a swimming pool than a line. Now is always the answer to When?

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