The apprentice’s manual – lesson 2

This morning I had another visit from The teacher. This time, he showed me a bookcase, and asked me to think about how I need go to about it if I want to access the information in one of the books it contained. Of course, it was by doing the usual thing, lifting it out from the shelf, opening it up and starting to read it. Then, he showed me a huge library. I have never seen anything like it, it contained literally millions of large books. He said ”what if you did not need to go to the books, but the books came to you?” Then he held up a key and told me ”but in order to do that, you need the key.” And when he said that, the key changed into a crystal, and I remembered what happened two days ago during another meditation. Then The teacher gave me a large crystal, shaped like a diamond but flat on one side. He told me to hold it against my forehead, and it was like it disappeared inside my head, and suddenly it was like I was standing in this huge beam of light that was centered on my forehead.

Back to this morning. The next image he gave me is also one I have received earlier. I am in a group of about ten people. We are standing in a circle around a table, and in the middle of this table there is a large, shining crystal. We are all touching this crystal with our right hand. The teacher told me that there are several groups like this, and they consist of people who all carry the same frequency. In other words, they gather people who are ”tuned” to the same frequency as in those large crystals. These crystals are apparently carried on board their vessels, and they are all different, not only in frequency, but also in the information that they contain. These are in other words the huge library I was shown earlier, and these groups of people are the ones that will be used to literally carry that information back to our planet. The different groups will channel different information, but they are only able to carry the information with them and share it with others. They cannot use it for anything themselves as that is beyond their abilities to do so.

However, back on our planet, all of these channels or transmitters will be connected to people that can use this information for the purpose it is intended for. In other words, it is scientific information of different kind that shall be used to ”reconstruct” our planet in such a way that it is actually being reset back to an unpolluted, untainted phase, and the same goes for our physical bodies.

The teacher also told me that there is a sort of build in safety catch embedded in this information, so that it cannot be misused in any way by people ”tainted by the dark” as he put it. In other words, not the people carrying this information nor the ones that will be given it can take it and use it to their own advantage instead of what it was originally intended for. That is, for the benefit of our whole planet. First of all, anyone who gets in contact with this will only be people who are as he put it ”pure”, meaning people who are carrying the light already, and not still under the influence of the dark side in any way. Secondly, the information is just like other channeled messages in that it contains so much more energy than just the actual words. But unlike the energy carried in ”regular” channeled messages, this energy is literally an intelligent one. The actual word The teacher used was that it has a sort of ”bullshit detector” that is triggered whenever anyone tries to misuse this information, and then, the whole energy in it will change in such a way that it will be rendered useless to anyone trying to manipulate it.

He made one more thing clear to me, and that is the fact that there won’t be as he told me “a spacecraft landing on the White House lawn anytime soon”. And what he meant by that, is this: many expect these beings from another world to land on ours and solve all our problems for us. That is not how this process will be. We must literally clean up our own house, but they will provide us with the tools to do so. And this information contained in these crystals are some of these tools. They will give us this information, but we must understand how to use it ourselves, and in that way, we take back our powers and learn to take responsibilty for our actions again. This is in other words a way of empowering ourselves again by saving our planet. Yes, we will be given much assistance by these representatives from other, more advanced civilisations, but they will not just suddenly appear on our shores. That would only result in two things: first of all, mass hysteria, and most important, it would only serve to once again make humans feel powerless, or even make us actually demand that others fix the problems that we have caused ourselves. The problems have of course been exacerbated by those manipulating us from behind the scenes, but if we expect to be ”saved” by outside forces without doing the actual job ourselves by finding our own strength and resources to do so, we will never ever escape from this prison we are already in. But then, we will stay behind the bars of powerlessness by our own choice. And that was the end of today’s lesson.

45 thoughts on “The apprentice’s manual – lesson 2

  1. hey aisha-hey ‘channeled persons’! this looks like fun-but you make it sound so simple,if not easy-but it’s getting harder to feel optimistic,the more one endures..ah,we’re optimistic-we hope to be the ones who will ‘make it’-but where can one find strength-and resources-resources like what-and with what,right? sorry-even tho you’re not really feeling the heaviness of 3-d,we know you’ve been here,in the distant past…well these are tough times-the toughest for some…we’re not looking for special treatment,but we wouldn’t mind a hand! we know you understand-and we certainly appreciate it-no matter what we might say-haha
    i meant to ask ,how much longer,what’s the soonest we might be ‘free’ if we were willing and able to ‘do the hard work’-and what specifically must we do and how?

    1. Dear Arctourist! Your questions are the same we all ask over and over again, but the only answer I can give you, is the one advice The CC’s keep repeating: Go into your heart and listen to that voice inside. It will tell you what to do, and as long as you heed that voice and don’t fall into the trap of going into fear from everything else you hear around you, you cannot go wrong. That, and to give yourself an extra large dose of patience is the only advice I can give you. After all, it’s the only advice I have for myself whenever my patience or faith starts to wear thin.
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Indeed, an extra large dose of patience. Even though also patience has its own deadline. 🙂 Expecially when several times you are told “in few time”, “soon”, “next weeks” by those beings (CC) and instead nothing has happened. Patience is strongest’s virtue. Perfect. To be strong does mean also to be able to discern when the “soons” become a sort of habit and not just a time adverb. 🙂

  2. hi aisha,
    i am just a common person, who has realized not so long ago, that everything was changing and i needed to make a change myself, anyway i understand from your message, that it seems we are still not allowed to know the whole thruth . Our brothers and sister exist, and are helping us, (or at least this is my understanding).. why can they come and talk with all the people, wouldn´t this be more empowering, that every single sould know the thruth about the universe and how it works, .It doesn´t mean that they have to resolve our problems, or our consequencies.. Yes i understand, it could be shocking, but playing hide and seeks, has led us to where we are.. i might be mistaken, but i wouldnt like to exchange veils, once again.. a wrong one for a better one ?, i hope you can understand my point of view… everybody has the right to know, the right to freedom and grow… and it seems to me this will be again information for a few ones.. that are growing in number.. but still not for everyone.
    thanks for all the information you are giving us, everytime. !!

    1. Dear Laura! Yes, we all have the right to know the truth, as you put it, and that is why we all have the same choice to open up to the light or not. For when we do, we open up the connection to Source, and with it, we will see that the “truth” we have been living is really an illusion. But this is not something you can force anyone to believe in, so if people choose to stay “in the dark” about this, then they have every right to do so. If you read the message again, I think you will see that the information referred to there will be shared with all of humanity, but it will be done in a manner that will ensure that it will be for the benefit of us all, and not just for a greedy few that will use it to enrich themselves. After all, humanity have a long history of doing just that, but this time, it will not be possible to misuse this information and knowledge in any way. In addition, this information is also carrying an energy, and this energy is of such a high frequency that it would be very harmful if it was delivered directly to someone who is not sufficiently prepared to receive it into their physical body. So this is in other words a very carefully planned process to ensure the best possible outcome for us all, not a way to once again put up a “new veil”.
      Love and light, Aisha

  3. Hi Aisha,

    Thank you for this informative channeling. It has similarities to other information I have been lead to concerning groups of people working with the crystal skulls to bring the new knowledge to the planet to return it to it’s original pristine condition and to help humanity. Only those whose frequency (purity) matches the frequency of the skulls will be able to access the knowledge. These people will have the mark of God on their foreheads (your crystal going into your forehead). Therefore the knowledge can only be used for it’s intended purpose. Has the teacher or the CC’s mentioned anything about the 144,000 ascended masters?


  4. OK – I’m just going to say it. Aisha North, will you marry me? I’m a great guy, love puppy dogs, love older dogs, cats? no problem! You live in Norway, I live in the United States. I really don’t see any problems. None that can’t be worked out. Please let me know so I can plan my future.

    Love always
    Thank you for what you do!

    1. Thank you for that compliment, Jeff ;–) Planning the future in any detail is probably not the best thing to do for anyone at the moment, because I think we all have some surprises in store in the next few weeks and months. At least that’s what The CC’s keep reminding me. So I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what happens.
      Love and light, Aisha

  5. “we will never ever escape from this prison we are already in. But then, we will stay behind the bars of powerlessness by our own choice. ”

    I do not belive in any fearmongering source !
    That is not divine language !

    I belive in TRUTH, DIVINITY, LOVE and LIGHT

    1. Blessings to you stefan,
      I find it amazing how different people can read the same message and get something different. I don’t see this as “fearmongering” at all. I much prefer to believe that we have a choice. Either choice we make will have “repercussions” per se.
      – Choose Love and Light, get hard work done, heal ourselves and Mother Earth, get assistance directly/indirectly, eventually ascend… or…
      – Choose to remain in duality (our self-imposed prison) and continue on for another cycle.

      There is nothing wrong with either choice. We will still be loved and will be given an unlimited number of chances to “get it right”.

      What I read is The Teacher pointing out the truth of the outcome of our decisions. I see no judgement there, only truth.

      I much prefer this truth to the “Here come the (name your favorite Galactic group here) to sweep up our mess and put us in Light Chambers for instant ascension” messages that other channels are giving. I’ve never ever resonated with those.

      In Peace,
      Keith R.

  6. Thank You Aisha and Teacher–\it is so wonderful to read and recognize truth.-I am just vibrating with the information in this lesson. Thanks for reiterating that we have to clean up our own mess–with a lot of help of course.Any other way and we humans would believe the people saving us are Gods and better than we are -,
    The channelings I read and resonate with are getting fewer and fewer.
    I so look forward every day to these lessons and also the missives from CC,
    I love you all so much

  7. Yes, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Thank you, Aisha and the Teacher for sharing this wonderful information.

    As for those who may be wondering about dates when things are ‘scheduled’, there are many souls who are empathic, clair–whatever senses. and many are saying that they cannot ‘see’ the next several months clearly at all, until sometime in early 2013. Many say it as if there is a ‘white noise’. WHich to me, feels that with the awesome amount of shifting and awakening going on, we are sooo pregnant with potential, and shifting so quickly that it cannot be formed into any cohesive expression of ‘scheduled events’.

    And because everything is shifting so ‘quickly’, the creative energies are such that it we are more quickly choosing differently each moment of each day. So, we eternal adventurers in human forms could say that it is happening NOW. the eternal NOW MOMENT!

    Since all of this is leading us into timelessness, it seems that there is no more ‘schedule’ to follow for any of us, only ‘BE HERE NOW’.

    Included here is a video from Carl Boudreau, who does a monthly astrological reading for everyone on the planet (in addition to each sign as is included on his blog).

    I’ve been watching these monthly videos since August, and they are a fantastic guide beyond anything that you may think about as a schedule. The planets are definitely pointing us in the directions of immense powerful choices of change.

    I hope you will enjoy this video by Carl.

    1. In great love and respect,
      do you really find, anybody here is interested in ‘dates of events’?
      I simply feel all here are far beyond any sensationalism…
      the video ‘fall of reptilian empire’, made by a dark cia-asset cobra
      that you put on this site on sept. 21
      is so very upsetting and surely has here nothing to do…
      Just hoping, Aisha will soon try on it her “bullshit detector”!

  8. Dear Aisha, I noticed a difference between the CC messages and these ones. The first ones do talk about a very close to happen “date” or, anyway, do speak about a sooner incoming time of great changes. I don’t know if they talk about the 21st of December or the 2013 but the evidence is that they believe in “the” change.
    You are the same channeler of this other source and this font is, instead, expressely saying that it won’t be any “date” and the change will take place slowly only if we will allow it through our evoluted consciousnesses.

    How can you explain this very different vision of the future?

    1. Dear Danilo! I am not sure exactly what you refer to here, as to me, there is no difference between the two. The CC’s have pointed out several times that they will never give us any exact dates or specific timeframe for the culmination of this whole process. And the reason they give, is always the same: we humans think that we have a need to know exactly what will happen when, but in fact, it cannot be given because this is a process that is changing and shifting all the time. Besides, our concept of time differs greatly from how the rest of Creation look upon it. In addition, we humans have on so many occasions predicted that something specific will happen on a certain date, and as that date come and go without this “great event”, people lose faith in not just themselves, but maybe in this whole process. However, they confirm again and again that we are moving ever closer to that “final goal”, and that the actual speed of the process is increasing. I think we can all testify to that, as there is no doubt that just during the last few weeks, much has started to change at a very rapid rate. The messages I have been given through The teacher is for me a part of this speeding-up process, as now, they are giving us very specific information on just how much of the needed changes will come about on this planet with the aid of our galactic guides. To me, this process is just about to start in earnest, and I cannot read anything in these messages that tell me that this will be a more lengthy process than I had envisaged already through the messages given to me by The CC’s, quite the opposite.
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Thank you Aisha. I was just referring to the various “soon” we have read in the CC’s messages. And we all agreed with the fact that this “soon” cannot be meant like the same SaLuSa’s “soon” , but with this “soon” like an earthly soon, that is in our time pace.
        And, imho, if I say “soon” I mean in few weeks, months. Not years. While, reading TAM, it seems much more lenghty, expecially here: “many expect these beings from another world to land on ours and solve all our problems for us. That is not how this process will be. We must literally clean up our own house, but they will provide us with the tools to do so.”, that, translated in practical words does mean: as human kind won’t be able to clean up its “house” still for dozens of years it won’t happen anything touchable this year, nor the next, nor the other next, etc etc. while the power of Cabala will consolidate itself day by day as we all are seeing if only we would be objective, making this “cleansing” more and more difficult day by day. I really don’t know how these weeks (I am talking not about you yourself but about the common world out there) could be considered as increased in the “light”. I just see the same old pattern of ever, maybe worse. In EU expecially.
        But the only concept of time that I care is the one made of 24h, 365 days. I don’t care if in one hundred years the human kind will change. I will be dead. And what could happen after is just a business of others. Sorry This is what I get from these latest messages and I have already lost my so called “faith”.

        1. Dear Danilo! As always, these messages resonates different with us all, so whereas you feel that this “house cleaning process” will take dozens of years, my interpretation of this is that because we will be provided with this advanced information, it will take a much, much shorter time. Again, we must try to free ourselves from the human concept of time and try to come to terms with the fact that this process cannot be defined by our very limited understanding based on human history alone. We have a hard time thinking outside of our “human mind”-box, and that is why we all get so frustrated at times. I know that the messages I channel can never be of help to everyone, but I truly hope you will find someone or something that will help you find your faith again. All I can offer, is this quote from The manuscript, part 158 as a small reminder not go get caught up in the drama that is all around us:
          “So we will repeat the message that we have given you on so many occasions before: do not be taken in by this show of force and might, because that is all they can muster. It is only an illusion trying to convince you that the illusion they have already created is still going on strong. But you know better, and we will also help you see through all of this smoke and haze. For beyond it lies that promised land, in every connotation of the word, and by your mere presence, you are creating it bit by bit, step by step, each and every day. Even when you feel lost in this game of light and shadow, you are creating it. So you are not lost, you are only feeling as you are, and understandably so, but we will be here to remind you of the truth: that you are amongst those creating the new world, and you do it every second of the day, whether you are smiling or crying out in despair, and you never cease to create this land of your dreams.

          Because your dream is finally becoming real, and it is being manifested in every sense, but it is being put together behind that dark and noxious smokescreen put up so effectively by your opponents. So remember not go get trapped by it, and try to hold your breath whenever you come across it, lest you should inhale more of those unhealthy fumes. Because they are the ones that confuse you and lead you into thinking that you are failing in some way in your mission. You are not, and you will never be, and what we all can see shimmering so beautifully behind this curtain of smoke is what testifies to this truth. That is not mere smoke and mirrors, that is the real thing, and when you can wrestle yourself away from the intoxicating fumes from the outer side, you too will find this truth to be true. And you can find it whenever you manage to connect to that all-knowing core you have inside. So again, we know it is a tall order to keep your focus in times like these, but as you already know the truth and carry it inside, we hope you will remember to look for it in the right place, and not follow the pointing finger of all of those trying to shift your focus to the chaos that surrounds you. ”
          Love and light, Aisha

  9. Big Thanks to you Dear Aisha & to our wonderful new teacher !…as I said before I really like this direction you are taking & this message I am in complete agreement with !!! I always believed that there would be no magical carpet to wisk us away & poof, it’s All better ! At a deep soul level, in the very beginning, we chose to come here to create, build foundations in LOve & Peace & it was our signed contract to work towards bringing Heaven on Earth. Asolutely we will receive oodles of help if we so choose, but we must do the work ! Mother-Earth is filled with All the perfect ingredients for us All to be successful in establishing the Heaven on Earth paradise that so many seek, but simply don’t see it…which is such a tragic shame ! I have my own thoughts on ‘Ascension’ which differs from many who express their thoughts on the internet, that feel they will lifted up in their physical state, in a glorious wave & taken away from our sacred Mother…they don’t understand or remember their original agreement & in that agreement our dna was changed, bonded to the vibrational Heart of Mother-Earth in a vow to help & protect her. We actually feel dizzy, & experience different forms of sickness when our bodies leave her, in climbing high rise buildings, air travel… Even scientists had to devise a vibrational mimic instrument for our fellow human space travellers. We possess All the tools & skills to complete the work that we signed up for & Absolutely we knew it was not going to be a cake walk…remembering All our powers, & our developing of complete, unwaivering faith, trust & belief is the key to propell us towards ‘aha …Success’ ! So many countless times our faith is tested ! & I was taught quite an interesting lesson just a few days ago, but I’ll leave that until another time ! Blessings to you ALL & success in your unwaivering faith !~ When we fully understand how vital it is to LOve, Appreciate, Respect & Protect Mother-Earth & All her life, we will know the truth of ourselves & ‘Ascension’…~

  10. Aishas concentration is pretty unbeatable. I’d go crazy in that school right in a second like adhd. Heh.

  11. Thank you my beautiful sister Aisha & thank you dear Teacher. “Bullshit detector” I loved that! I have one of those in fact and it is one of my favorite tools. Love and light to you all.

  12. Excellent Message! This definitely resonates with me. As Marcia S. said, I don’t think that there is a fixed date for all of this to happen. However, I do believe that there are certain points along our timeline that make some things more probable. God and his host can only show us the door, It is really up to us to walk through it.

    Dear Aisha, do you have any idea, or were you given any clue as to when this knowledge may be released to humanity? Are there other “phases” that me must go through first? What is your intuitive feeling on this?

    Thank you and your CC’s so much for these wonderful messages. Much love and light to you!
    Keith R.

    1. Dear Keith! I do not have any information about the exact time frame here, nor will I likely get it, but as you say, we are being given the opportunity to choose to literally enter the next stage on this process or not. Personally, I see things happening around me that testifies to the fact that we have already chosen to enter “tomorrow” in so many ways, and the fact that I have been given these new messages through The teacher tells me that we have started to enter the next phase in this amazing process. I know that there are others out there starting to receive similar information, and I am sure we soon will see examples of this surfacing. But, as The CC’s keep reminding me “patience dear one, it will happen when the timing is right, not sooner, not later.”

  13. Aisha.. thank you so much for alwayd being consistant with the messages. I look forward to all of them. Or shall I say I am alwaus excited to see my email that there is a message. Blessings to you and all on our beautiful world and all those not on this world showing us the way.

  14. so very true and the last paragraph resonates so much with me in that we don’t need to be saved. We are the ones who have to do our own ‘homework’ here. As good friends they can only help us and guide us, but they cannot do what is supposed to be done by ourselves. And I do not believe in a fixed date, as well. All is going to happen in its good timing. Love 🙂

    1. Hello dear ones,

      What the many “cia financed” channelers as you call them express is also the truth. It is what, as a collective, we want to happen and had decided before incarnating. To read and hear the words ignited long lost memories within us to awaken the will and the intent to bring those events to manifestation. We are without a doubt very much helped in our deeds and demeanors. We have free will. If everything does not fall on our lap is because we chose not to have it that way, not because there is a universal law that says we have to do it all on our own. We can have it done whatever way we wish, we are the creators. As a collective we also had or developed a deep loving intention of waiting for the maximum of our brothers and sisters unaware and sleeping to join the light, to do it as one.

      Also, our brethren from the higher realms are us from the future, they are us literally and when we read their words it is actually our own, the ones we chose to have available when we would be ready. It is always someone, me, talking to me. For anyone else, it is also you talking to you. A reminder from home to each one of us. We did ask for those words of encouragement and those images of happy events to help us remember who we are and where we are heading.

      Please try to understand what it all means instead of thinking that enlightened people would send out false information. I am not talking about the shills and all the disinformation spread on the internet at the moment. It all starts with us, individually. When one sees the world differently, it changes, and it can be instantaneous, with absolute truth, knowledge and convition. The day I have a totally new image of the world, every actor in my scenario will vanish, and so will it be when anyone does the same. Remember it is an illusion. An illusion that starts with you and you only, individually speaking, and you will understand so many things in your life, as to “why” it happens. It is all related to what goes inside of our mind, our heart, our wisdom.

      Take care my brothers and sisters. We are victorious. Victory upon oneself, always, one, and one by one.

      Love and Light.

  15. YES!
    And if my dear brothers were carefully looking, that is EXACTLY the
    DIFFERENCE in all the messages we are receiving:

    The ones sent in TRUTH by our God/Creator or His Host told us ALWAYS
    that they will help us, BUT IT IS OUR MISSION TO SAVE OUR EARTH –
    just because the greatest JOY of this very God is for us His children to finally become the Sovereign-Universal-Humans He meant us be.

    Contrary to (too) many cia financed channels(matthew, salusa, sheldon nidle
    poofness, cobra, drake, s. bekow, fullford, wilcock, kauilapele, jhaines etc), all promising us that NESARA and full consciousness will fall into our lap all of a sudden, without us doing any work…

    As for the word ‘pure’ our Teacher so nicely uses, I can only smile…
    Ever since I know me, it seems even right after I was born, I KNEW my only
    aim in this life was to look for the PURE or PURITY…and as a child I can remember, I was doing it with such a passion, looking strong, deep in the people’s eyes, that some felt uncomfortable and kind of shaking themselves
    turned their back to me…

    1. beautifully said dear Theo !~ & I know what you mean by saying ‘looking strong, deep in people’s eyes’ as the eyes are the window to the soul & can sometimes make them uncomfortable, & sometimes can be even unsettling for us when we come in contact with violent or extremely unbalanced, restless souls….I sense alot from people as well ! Stay fearless dear Theo & stick like glue to your faith & beliefs !

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