The manuscript of survival – part 204

As the time passes and the gears shift, you will all feel the increase in activity now that the end of the cycle is coming to an end. A usual, this is not meant as a portent of doom and gloom, only as a reminder that you are passing out from the shadows of the old and entering the bright light of tomorrow. Let us explain.

As we have stated on so many earlier occasions, mankind have been thoroughly programmmed to see any change for the better as the opposite, namely a shift into dire straits without any hope for salvation. Hence, the multitude of doomsday sayers that so loudly declare that mankind is heading for destruction. And as this year by many has been labelled ”the year of armageddon”, everything is certainly heating up. Especially in these channels, that is, the electronic web that connects the world.

You see, there are so many still under the spell of the old illusion that they will waste no time in proclaiming the end of the world, and so many are willing to acquiesce to their point of view that they have all but lost faith in a new tomorrow. They will see death and destruction lurking in every corner, and they are met by daily missives in the news that seem to proclaim the same. Therefore, a feast of fear is starting to get a good grip on so many of your fellow humans. We have said it before and we will say it again at any chance we get: do not fall into this trap of engendered fear, as it is just that, a trap that will catch so many unawares and result in them giving away their newfound freedom in exchange for another long sojourn in that sea of despair that they had finally managed to extricate themselves from. So again, take this as a warning to be very careful about what you expose yourselves to in the time ahead, because there will be many an occasion to meet the messages from these doomsday sayers if you so will.

For as the wheels turn faster and faster, the changes they bring about will make many a timid soul believe in the so-called end of the world, and they too will be apt to lash out in fear at anyone standing within reach. So stay centered, and know that the changes we herald do not entail the end of the world as they are depicted so brazenly in your horrorfilms. No, they entail something else completely, and as we have already discussed in these annals, the changes are already well on their way. As we said earlier, this is the end of a cycle, a cycle that has been too long in anyone’s mind, and a cycle that has been forcefully prolonged by those dark overlords of yours. For them, what they see around them at the moment spell utter disaster, as they cannot but see that their sovereignty over mankind is coming to an end. But for the rest of you, what you will see around you will spell freedom, and we mean that in every connotation of the word.

So stay clear in your hearts about this, otherwise these naysayers might get their sticky fingers into your mind and try to convince you too that you should take another deep dive into that pool of fear that they know will wash away so much of that hard earned power of yours. We think you will all see what we mean by this, as they will in so many ways try to stage a show to engender just that kind of response from you all. Again, this is not meant to scare you, only to forewarn you that the troops of negativity are hard at work trying to find a way to entice you back into their fold. So always, always keep your focus on the light, and as you will see, the points of light are already starting to merge into bigger and bigger spheres that will be very difficult to lose sight of, even for the most timid of hearts. So stay strong by staying awake, and keep your focus, even if you are being battered and buffered by all of those trying to get you to look into the abyss they have created. That way, there is no way that you will do as they want and lose your footing ever again

23 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 204

  1. As I learn manifesting more I can’t help but see that many times trough negativity I get positive results. It’s like two magnets which get me in the wanted direction or spot. I saw some weird dream in which my hometown was a hugely different metropolis than what it is now. Need to aim for that. It’s cool to know that future me is in a happy place.

  2. 3D is going it,s course and I,m going mine. I go to sleep and wake up tired. I go to walk in the park to take sun always I can. The flower,s colors and of grass are more brightly than ever. The birds play wonderful symphonies while i pass by them. Nature is becoming full of light/love/energy again. And I,m doing my best to transform the electric light that is flooding over all us in magnetic energy that Mother Earth needs to clean herself the smoothly way possible. So no news, no smoking, no alcohol, no meat, no stress, no chemicals, no junk food, etc. And yes to pure water, orange and lemon juice, vegan food, integral bread, lots of vitamins and minerals, fun, hobby, etc. I take all attunnements and activations that i resonate with and i,m guided for the improvement of all. About darkness, forget it because it,s over. We,re here and now to shine our Light to full intensity. When the time is ripe we,ll remember, meet and hug our beloveds and be with them forever.
    Much Light/love & faith to all

  3. “… what you see around you will spell freedom, and we mean that in every connotation of the word.” exactly what i hope for and what i know in my heart will come to pass 🙂 i have been feeling more freed up since a few days ago, like the usual pressured feeling of my days have eased up noticeably (at least for now). i feel physically better when usually i feel more pained. so much so that i was able to exercise for the first time yesterday in a very long time (the physical part of this journey has been very immense for me). it feels like something has lifted, away from the usual constraints on my personal reality, but i can’t put my finger on it yet. i went to a food market today, something i frequently do, but things just felt different. an ease i never have known before, that feels strange but good.

    then last night as i was falling asleep, i thought of my star family, and what my home planet might be like. i was just casually thinking about the possibility of connecting with them, then i unexpectedly got a gift from them, they sent me pink hearts (telepathically). they gave me a few other visual impressions and i have yet to figure them out. when i had thought of my planet of origin before, no contact was able to be made. i had felt like a drifter with no anchor to where i’d come from and it was causing me some emotional turmoil (since things were getting so crazy on earth). it seems now that the veils are thinner, and i feel a newer level of connection to my soul, i think i am able to begin the connection with them. and this much-welcomed experience was after the previous two nights of dark beings psychically attacking me and causing me actual physical pain via my astral body. they have been kind of rampant lately, as Aisha has told us about recently. and how she has said that the light and the dark are both so active right now. it’s like the light increases, and they want to deter us from stepping into our newest level. now i can see why theyve been around me bc i sure feel im at a new level with myself.. if anyone is getting overtly attacked by the darks or if even you feel subtle strange energies in your personal space (like confusing cycles of thoughts, repeating thoughts, uncomfortable feelings that didn’t come from yourself, bad memories being recalled, etc), call upon AA Michael, bc he will come and quickly remove them. they may come back again bc at this time the darks are kinda going crazy, then just call upon Michael again. it has been nothing short of amazing when i have called on him to help me. a lot of times i am attacked in my astral state bc since i can maintain awareness as i astral travel some of the time, the darks use that to try to hurt me. bc you can feel more pain and be more tricked in the astral planes than when your awareness is mostly in the physical realm (or so it seems). and they have been more trickster about their attacks towards me, even using an etheric technological device to send waves of pain through my body. but i can catch it much quicker now and end the attacks much earlier. even tho they are kinda going nuts right now, since there is so much light, you can also feel the amazing energies of help, like immense light and power, when you call for it. when i have called Michael as im being attacked astrally, i feel a huge presence immediately, he pours white energies that are so fast and powerful through my whole aura, it lasts about 30 seconds, feels blissful, then the bad guys are gone. i may try to appoint a crew of benevolent beings as my guards against the darks instead of having to find them and call for help each time, this may be helpful… if anyone has any tips, please share!

    our star families are here to support us and we are expected to receive support from them. from any benevolent beings we can ask for help. but our star families know us so well and have the job of maintaining a connection to us while we are incarnated, to be able to support us.. this is what ive been feeling lately. thank you for these messages, i have learned (and remembered 😉 ) so much from them!

    1. Hi Christie

      You’re not alone in this and thank you for sharing as it’s not a popular feel good talking point. It is happening regardless and some of us still have to deal with it as part of the end time drama. I haven’t been psychically attacked for a while although I have felt pain on one occasion, but I do know they are doing their damnedest in other subtle ways. Like you said they are very underhanded, manipulative and sometimes just overt. In fact they would rather us not talk about it so they can keep working from the shadows unnoticed.

      They are more of a pest now as long as we keep our focus but I do know personally how they can create doubt and uncertainty if you give your power away. Even under the current energetic conditions. It actually brought me back to basics and strengthened my resolve so in effect their efforts backfired. We are headed home very soon and there is nothing they can do about it. All we have to do is stay on track, trust and have faith. I know the real connection because it fills me up with so much love I end up sobbing. The rest is noise. I just see it as a challenge knowing that we have already won anyway.

      A friend recently reminded me of the Christed Light Meditation which is very powerful. You can modify it to suit. No limits when asking for divine help. It is about halfway down the page if anyone is interested.

      Warm regards

      1. Hello Christie and Alex! Thank you both for sharing this. There is so much that resonates with me in what you write, and I have had many similar experiences these last few weeks. As you both say, so much of the negative energy works in a very subtle way, and the worst and most damaging effect it had on me was to make me doubt everything I did. A good friend said it like this “it is like I am being attacked from inside, like I am losing faith in everything I have believed in”. But just like you said Alex, the end result was actually the opposite. Now I can honestly say that I feel stronger than ever, and I literally had to say it out loud (and write it in a comment here) : I am a warrior, and you will never ever frighten me away from doing the work I am here to do. I have also been given much support from AA Michael, and just as you told it Christie, you are literally being flooded with light whenever you ask for help. So yes, for those of us being exposed to the subtle and not so subtle attacks from the desperate dark energy out there, remember to ask for assistance, and you will get it. It is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength and a very strong signal to all of those tricksters that we are aware of what they are trying to do. Now all I need to do whenever I feel their presence is to just literally flood myself with light, almost like a flash of lightning, and they disappear. We are all being called to raise our swords of light now. Not to fight, but to show our strength to make it clear to anyone trying to fool us into giving away our strength that they will never succeed in doing that. We are the ones who will be standing tall and shining our light when all this has come to an end and the balance has been restored.
        Love and light, Aisha

        PS: just when I was going to post this reply, I lost my web connection. Could have been a coincidence, or maybe not 😉

      2. ‘t was not a coincidence, but a certification.
        Your strong statement of faith is powerful and uplifting for us all –
        as such it got through!
        I & my two sons are also GREATLY PROTECTED
        each and every day by the MIRACULOUS LIGHT of AAMichael!

      3. Hi Aisha and thank you for your reaffirming comment. Know that I gained more strength and reassurance from reading it. As if this process isn’t hard enough without being messed with from the inside as your friend put it. There really is nothing worse and more damaging than doubting oneself and I am glad for this community support.

        On a different note I thought you might like confirmation on how close we all are telepathically as a larger group. At the risk of being accused a “link” pest I think you may like this one in reference to your last post on the Earth Song and how it ties into our ascension. Here’s a quote from a message passed on from a first wave ascendee’s Higher Self.

        “Source is using electromagnetic waves to ‘pulse’ the vibrational frequency that resonates within those who are in alignment with the tone that is required. It is likened to a symphony that is being played right now, with just the right tones/chords being played at the right time to create a ‘composition’.”

        Take care

  4. Thank you Aisha! Bay an large I view the negativity the world is going through as a play or film. I’m certain that at one point those who choose will wake up as after a long film, rub their eyes and know that it was interesting, even engaging but only a film. It’s still good to be reminded once in a while to stay in the heart center! 🙂

  5. Civilization is becoming more absurd each and every day. Embrace the absurdity, treat it as an art form, let it amuse you instead of making you angry. This is how I am dealing with all the craziness going on in the world right now. Love & light to you all amd thank you Aisha & Constant Companions for all that you do. You guys ROCK!

    1. Well said, Wilbur! It is so much better to try be just a detached spectator to this increasingly surrealistic “reality” that surrounds us on all sides.
      Love and light and laughter, Aisha :–)

  6. Thank you dear Aisha and companions. Indeed, it is so important to be reminded of this point. The most difficult I guess for most of us is the dichotomy between what we are promised to lay ahead, and the same, usual and seemingnly boring world we continue to see and experiment every day. It is really like there are two worlds now. One full of beautiful, spiritual and incredible perspectives new ways of life – ascension being the crown of all of them – and this 3D world which offers the same and old long patterns and struggles of living. Still today, at least for me, and I suppose for many, the perspetive of our bright future remains a question of faith. I read magnificient articles ( Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quinsey and you Aisha) , and I believe in you. I know the world would be in much more troubles without this massive help we get from the Divine realm or from our galactic brothers and sisters, and ascended masters. Its already a miracle we are still walking on this so missused planet. How dould we do that without any help ? Who is cleaning the air from these 100 of millions of cars and trucks and factories and houses chemineys burning on our planet ? Who is cleaning our oceans, maintaining our ecosystem worn out by 7 billions people on earth ? Its so obvious that we are helped.
    So yes, I will go on and stay in peace, even so my life obviously will go on in the same seemingly world for some time. We certainly all hope the veil of illusion will break up, but I have faith, right now and I maintain my life in peace and love.
    So unplug the bad news brain wash tubes, by turning off the radio and TV news. Thats my best advice. And go to meditate in the forest if possible. Peace and love to everybody.

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