Sacred sounds of our planet

I just found this very interesting link of a recording made by NASA of an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth’s radiation belts. Not only is it beautiful, but it also triggers something in me about the way information is being channeled to us from the Universe. To quote from the article: “They are thought to be one of the most important waves for energizing the electrons that make up the outer radiation belt.” To me, this is also linked to the research on the acoustics of so many sacred places around the world. The subject of sound and vibration is so important, and this will become more and more clear to us all now that the veils are lifting. The ancient civilizations knew about of this, and they utilized sound in their healing work. I have this image of the “the hospitals of tomorrow” that will be like giant auditoriums where sound in the form of beautiful music will be played in order to help people rebalance themselves. As The constant companions have talked about so many times, disease is literally caused by our organisms being “out of tune”, and I think that sound will be the most important tool for healing in the world we are creating. After all, the fact that it was so widely used in earlier civilizations tells us that this knowledge is vital to us. And, contrary to the medication produced by big business today, it is free and have no harmful side effects.

Listen to the beautiful voice of our planet here:

13 thoughts on “Sacred sounds of our planet

  1. There are no words to convey this beauty… Thanks SO very much for sharing. While I’ve known of this song, I’ve never heard it — and it brings tears to my eyes… As another says, now just for others to get in synch. ♥

  2. Dear Aisha, I really like this new direction you are taking with emphasis on the important energy connections that exists between ‘nature-life-mother-earth’ ! I could really say so much about this posting of yours but time is limited for me at the moment as I’ve got myself involved in lots of important stuff with little left over for commenting. I’d just like to say that as time is moving faster towards the year end, so many more will gain the knowing of how vitally important this connection is & how mother-earth is alive, absorbing, feeling ALL life that is upon her ! Every living thing projects it’s own unique energy signature or frequency & every sentient being uses the 5 senses, yes sound included to tune in, or tune out to this vast, yet ever so intricately balanced weave of energy that is the signature of mother-earth ! Basically ALL sentient beings have the power to change it, so if you understand where I’m going with this, as we focus our own energy signatures into the frequency of her joyous heart song with HAPPINESS & GREAT LOVE she feels us, she sings stronger & louder…by giving LOve, being LOve…don’t you hear the birds singing, the whales, the cats purring in her song ? I do !!! There is a time coming when we ALL will understand how vitally important this connection, this increased strength in singing, harmonizing, ALL life tuning into this Massive Great Turin of Energy which will protect Mother-Earth & she will protect us ! As I keep saying in previous comments….keep singing loudly !! LOve-Light-Life

  3. The ancient Mayan temples in the Yucatan are all constructed with a harmonic resonance. They are said by the local Mayan shaman to have been developed and influenced by the culture of Atlantis. Their use of crystals, light, harmonics, as well understanding of the cosmos are legendary.

  4. When first I meet my sisters and brothers from another planet, probably one of the first things I would like to do is hear some of their music. I love music and can’t imagine life without it. The ancient Hindu’s say that in the beginning, there wasn’t a big bang but the big OM. Abrahamic traditions speak of creation begining with the Word. Everything is frequency….everything. Recently music has been at the fore front of my thoughts, so as usual my dear Aisha your post has the sensation of speaking directly to me at exactly where I am at that present moment. Beautifully freaky. So my beautiful sweet sista’s & brotha’s sing your song in joy. (“An on N on an on an on” – an Erykah Badu tune that is presently stuck in my head)

  5. Yes, yes, sweet Aisha, that’s a real JOY!
    Imagine, it was the very first thing I’ve discovered today, while online.
    Of course I can forgive our limited scientists, for calling it ‘chorus’ – they
    cannot give up their 3D thinking that quickly.

    ‘Sacred sound’ fits this beautiful music much much better, for of course this is
    a tool in the hands of our Creator to CREATE A HARMONIC CREATION.
    That’s why healing and balancing – just like Light and Colour.

    Many ancient wise men call it the ‘Music of the Spheres’, for each and every
    blade of grass and each and every planet emits its own sound, which together form a magnificent symphony of the Universe.

    In about the same high frequency we can hear those amazing songs in our
    deep blue oceans, sung by the lovely wondrous big whales. For they are nothing but highly evolved, great Beings of Light – just as our brothers the

    1. Nice theo! Can you imagine traveling to distant planets, seeking out the music of different civilizations as a sort of musical anthropologist? Or collecting natural sounds from around the cosmos to later combine into a symphony? I am kind of resonating with the “musical cosmologist” idea.” Peace, Love & the music of light to you

      1. yes, yes, how lovely, and I imagine
        that even before things crystallize into form
        the Beauty is actually flowing like Music
        from the very Heart and Breath of the Creator
        as radiant LOVE…

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