The manuscript of survival – part 203

We would like to take this opportunity to once again delve a bit further into the same topic as last time, namely the fact that the massives changes you are all anticipating are in many aspects already under way. You see, you have been programmed to expect some sort of massive upheaval, or cataclysm if you will. But again, the plan we refer to does not look the same as the one so many of your fellow men carry around in their heads. Therefore, many have lost their faith by looking in the wrong direction, waiting for something that has yet to manifest. Let us explain.

As always, mankind have been manipulated by the selfsame forces that have been holding you down by triggering the fear in you whenever you try to stray off the beaten path that they have devised for you. So making the changes and the choices all of you have made, has been nothing if not brave. For you had to face all of those fears each and every time you listened to your heart and dared to choose another path ahead than what has been inscribed literally in your genes. As we have talked about so many times in previous messages, mankind lives under the assumption that they have free will, when this ”will” actually have been carefully tailored to suit the puppeteers sitting behind the scenes and pulling your strings. Therefore, your actions have in so many ways been controlled by the behaviour that have been preprogrammed into you. In other words, you must follow the narrow path set up by those creatures who have set themselves up as your overlords, lest you should make choices that would go against their best interest. And, as you already know, their best interest is not the same as yours. But as they have been very careful in hiding their tracks, you did not know that you were actually willlingly following their lead. Hence, the mismanagement on so many levels, prompted by those preprogrammed stimuli that would actually reward you whenever you did the things these overlords have deemed as ”good”.

And if you ever strayed away from their skewed road, you would be punished in so many ways, especially by the triggering of that inherent fear they have set you up with. And as you all know so well by now, going against the grain of what has been deemed as ”accepted behaviour” is almost rutinely met by ostracism from your fellow men. And we think you all have a good knowledge of the shear amount of ridicule, blackballing, insecurity and unease life choices such as yours will engender. But you have persevered, no matter how hard not only those around you, but also that inner voice emanating from your own ego have been working away on you to literally stop you all in your tracks. But they failed, and you succeeded, and now you are all standing before us, strong and tall and shining your light over a sea of fog covering up so many of your brothers and sister. But now, from that sea of fog, you will see so many other brave souls emerging. And it will finally dawn on you that this path that you have chosen, and which you have been literally fighting your way along for such a long time, that path was not as solitary as you have been thinking. For there are literally thousands of others, nay millions, who have been following that same path, but as you have all been separated from each other, you have not been able to detect the presence of so many other brave pioneers fighting the same battle against the powers that be. But now, you will start to not only detect each other’s presence, you will also start to interact much more closely in so many ways. And we mean this both in the metaphysical sense, but also the physical sense. For now, the time has come to start pulling those connections in, and to start to gravitate towards those you feel compelled to meet up with.

This does not mean that you all have to start literally flying around the world. It simply means that you will all find someone in your vicinity also emerging from that fog we mentioned earlier. And you will find that even if you up until now have seen yourself as a solitary island of hope, drifting in a sea of hopelessness, now you too will see dry land somewhere on the horizon. So start looking dear ones, as these fellow travellers might be closer than you think. And when you find each other, magical things will start to happen. Because then, the pooling of resources will start in earnest, and together, you will start to build something that is so vast and powerful you have no idea.

So know that your solitary journey across this immense ocean is finally coming to end, and you have so much solace and joy at hand. For your neighbour is as eager as you are to literally get this show on the road. You have all been well prepared for this, as you have all tossed off those old bonds of fear holding you down. And we want to remind you that you have all come this far by your own strength alone, so even if you do not find any of those other islands close at hand at the moment, know that you are strong enough to withstand a slightly longer period of solitude if need be. But again, you are not alone in this is any way, because we are always, always by your side. But what you have in store, is meeting up with some of those other shining souls who have so willingly fought the same battles that you have, and who have also set themselves free from the old shackles of ”modern society”. And when you do, nothing will be the same ever again.

27 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 203

  1. No wonder I was attracted to and started reading the manuscript at 198…it resonates with me and It was meant for me to read this. I cannot wait to meet and connect with others also have been “solitary islands”!

  2. Coming here and learning more and understanding our present time through the information here has been very helpful, Aisha. Thank you for being open to this work and connecting others with the information you share. Thanks for your lovely response to your readers above. ♥ Calliope

  3. Thank you so much Aisha! I love you! I am actually setting up a MeetUp group to join with others who are awakening in the Detroit area. Your messages make my heart sing. Much love to you.

  4. Thank you all for sharing your stories and for your kind words. You have no idea just how much joy it gives me to be able to connect with you this way! Reading your stories and seeing how you all offer each other support and love is such an important part of of my journey, and it is a blessing to be reminded each and every day that I have so many shining souls at my side.
    Love and light, Aisha

  5. It is so important to me to bring us messages, that is what sustains me with encouragement every day, thank you very much Aisha, I love you

  6. Thank you for your caring and loving messages. Love to all Brothers and Sisters on the path. Love, J.

  7. Aisha
    I can not put into words how these messages of hope help to carry me. You do more than you will ever know.

  8. Oh, yes, yes! Have just re-united with another shinning soul that in so many ways resonates with me… The feeling of not been alone has brought along with it the sensation that things are just going to get better and better !! Thank you The CC !! Always in sync… Thank you Aisha 🙂

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