The apprentice’s manual – lesson 1

This morning during meditation I was given the first lesson for The apprentices’s manual, and it started by meeting up with one of my guides again. He was introduced to me in the first reading I was given many years ago, and he was described as ”The magician” or the alchemist, someone who is capable of changing the present into something new. I just call him ”Teacher”, and he is a wise old man filled with love. He has been following me from a distance these last couple of years, and it was very special to be reconnected with him again. And now he has come back to help me do the new work that I have been given.

It was a very intense experience this morning, and I can still see everything very clear in my mind. First, he took me outside because he wanted to give me an image of my role in all of this. He asked me to look around at the view, and from where we were standing I could see a beautiful, green landscape with fertile fields, rivers and small settlements. He told me to notice the roads linking everything together, and he said that this would be my role, to build the roads connecting the fertile fields to the people living on the land. He said that now, we are like famished, malnourished people barely existing, while in the fields, unseen by us, everything is drying out because they are not given any care or water, and the crops that grow there go unharvested. But now, we will be able to make those roads that will connect the people and the fertile soil, so we will be able to plough these fields, sow them, nurture them and harvest the crops that will sustain us forever. And the lands will become even more fertile because of our nurturing, so everything and everyone will prosper and we will live in harmony with each other in the future. This was such a beautiful and peaceful landscape, and the images he put in my head were so powerful. The ”fertile fields” he talked about was all of the knowledge and information we have been cut off from, and the ”roads” must be the channels like me that will help us connect with this information again. He also told me that it would be hard work for me in the beginning, but I would not be alone in this. There are many other people getting the same message all over the globe these days, and we will set off from our different corners of the world, and soon we will meet up in some way and pool our resources. In addition, more and more people will voluntarily join us in this huge task of connecting everything, so these ”roads” will start to grow very fast. And of course, we have the support from all of our unseen brothers and sisters too.

Then it was time to go to the classroom for the first lesson. It was a large room with quite a few students there. And today’s lesson was a very interesting one. The teacher (not my guide, but another one) showed us a sort of ”membrane”, a transparent film of some sorts that could be made to cover anything. This membrane is actually a ”living” membrane with intelligence. And what he told us is that this can be used to be retrofitted on all of our existing machines and inventions in order to turn them into something that is not harmful but only beneficial to us and the environment. It was a mind-boggling concept, and something that resonates very strongly with me, because that fits very well with the idea that we will be able to literally turn everything around in a very short time. We were also told that they will supply the material for this ”membrane”, but that we will do much of the work of ”recalibrating” our own inventions and products with it in such a way that they can be useful instead of harmful. And that was the end of today’s little lesson, and it was time to leave the classroom – and time to write everything down. I have been instructed to share all of this with you, and it will be very interesting to see just what all of this will grow into. I am sure that this is one of the ways that we ”roadbuilders” will be connected, and I am looking forward to what these lessons will bring us all in the time ahead.

Yes, things are certainly speeding up, and I think we have magical times ahead! The veil is thinning fast now, and we will be more and more able to connect with those on the other side that will assist us all in building the world of our dreams. I got my first real glimpse of it this morning, and it was beautiful!

Love and light, Aisha

51 thoughts on “The apprentice’s manual – lesson 1

  1. I love this!!!!! Pooling resources and uniting is of the utmost significance to me personally. I’d like to share the visions I have been working on that resonate with your post for you and your friends here. Much ❤ to you and everyone, I look forward to discovering with you what comes next.

    The Free Energy Roadshow and Spiritual Philanthropy:
    Most significant are the crowd sourcing tools and medicine wheel philosophy. The Roadshow vision (would be perfect platform to share that membrane) is linked on right side of the page.

  2. Reblogged this on JourneyToAscension2012 and commented:
    When she refers to a “membrane” , I immediately struck by the memory of gathering eggs yesterday in the chicken coop. As I peeked into one nest, I found an egg which did not have a shell around it. This struck me as odd in that the egg itself was intact as it was enclosed in its own “living membrane” which didn’t break open even as I picked it up. In all my egg-gatherings, this was a first for me. Then I see this post from Aisha: hmmm…synchronicity? Namaste.

  3. to pumpa, i suggest you to read laura knight the wave, there u will find your question not the book but the free online stuff

    1. Dear Jan and Claire! Welcome to our group :–) Just by connecting with the rest of us, you are already doing something for us all. We are literally pooling our resources already, like they said in the message, and time will tell what we will be asked to do in the weeks and months ahead. We all have our individual “assignments”, and I think this will become more and more apparent now that the veils are thinning and everything is speeding up.
      Love and light, Aisha

  4. Thank you Aisha for the first installment of the Apprentice Manual. I’m looking forward as eagerly to reading this as I do the Manuscript of Survival.
    It is very enlightening at this stage of our journey towards Ascension.
    Love and Light to one and all.

  5. I am a dog rescue person.
    I ask everyone to say prayers for all animals on the planet.
    Those neglected, isolated, caged, abused, tortured, euthanized, in mass numbers.
    I look for messages for my own, 7 very old unwanted rescue dogs living out their last days at my home. I am not getting enough information concerning domestic animals and when their suffering and dying will stop. Does this suffering & dying not continue to produce negative energies?
    This devastating information concerning the amount of lives we are snuffing out daily, due to lack of space and homes is just that, utterly devastating, heartbreaking. You hear not one word, see not word in print. Silence on this subject.
    I need some spirit food. Will the 14 year old wolf hound have to die, or will she never have to die, stay with me forever, healthy, happy in a younger body with no emotional scarring. All mine are scarred, deeply. I heal their pain, touch their hearts and help them want to breath & live their lives, some for the first time, at the end of their lives.
    I would love to read about our beloved companions and their futures, when bulldozers will stop helping cattle to slaughter, when clubbing baby seals will not be acceptable, ever. Where Sea World releases beings to the oceans they are allowed to hear, see, taste and smell but not swim in.
    What is their plight? How are they coping, how will they cope?
    I want to help with that project, heal all the human made wounds.
    Can you tell me anything?

    1. Dear Pupma –
      I hear every bit of pain thru your words & the world of suffering you see is the true world in which we live right now, where so many, thousands, billions of innocent beloved creatures, whether domesticated or wild are enduring great suffering & death by the neglectful & irresponsible hand of mankind. It surely is heart-breaking & does often seem that it will never end, but by feeling & doing just as you are, know that you are making a difference along side many others out there that too see & feel as you do & acts, courage & strength like yours is building & growing ! Please know that their sorrowful cries often do fall on human deaf ears, but Mother-Earth & the divine realm of Spirit hears each & every one !!!! Keep strong dear Heart, as I know we often find ourselves in such deep states of despair that we feel like giving up…please don’t !….keep pushing forward shining your own perfect Light & with each loving supportive word, each hug, & kind gesture you do, you are making a great difference & change in the energy field around you, which is making a profound positive difference upon Mother-Earth, more than you now know ! Your prayers will be answered my friend….be patient & give things time to unfold in the best way possible…try to stay as positive as you can….Sending you & your beloved pets a big hug !!~

  6. Well this is certainly cutting a straight path right to my soul & inner most beliefs…truely this message makes my Heart Sing !…Thanks Dear Aisha & to your wonderful new messengers bringing these lessons of pure truth & wisdom ! It’s interesting that your guide is referred to as Magician, Alchemist & Teacher for indeed I feel I know him well & his messages will appear like ‘Magic’, but in truth he is conveying information that has existed within the profound versatility, power & vast creations of Nature set forth upon Mother-Earth many many years ago & it was up to humanity to manage it fruitfully & wisely, which as of yet, we continue to be failing in our work. Nature was created perfectly, functionally balanced for ALL life, from plants, trees, creatures of the Land & the Water to survive & flourish. It is a complex web we have called the eco-system in which one affects the other…we are ALL connected in a balance of a healthy life & growth. Nature has always been the cradle & vessel of life providing food, shelter & the very air in which we breathe ! Over millenia, we have become dis-connected from the wonders & beauty & ALL that she is & does for ALL life & corporate greed from money-making polluters has thrived in their works to brain-wash us, destroy her & would eventually destroy us ALL ! I most firmly believe that these new messages are part of our Awakening-Wake-Up Call & Re-Connection back to our true original circle of life the way it was always meant to be. Nature will be the driving wheel into the New World…whatever happens to Mother-Earth, happens to us !…Being a gardener I always understood this important connection of proper management “you reap what you sow”…but I also see how Nature is the perfect vibrational key in which by nuturing her, we nuture ourselves in learning how her growth affects & grows our own abilities for LOve, Respect, Patience, Appreciation & Sharing…always a perfect fit, always has been ! We are simply re-learning our way back to the truth that is past, present & future . The perfectly green technology exists right now if only we as a collective will shout out, support it & allow it to grow ! Sowing the Seeds of LOve, either physically or metaphorically will most certainly heal Mother-Earth & heal ourselves ! We are ALL connected & are Galactic family will help fine tune our thoughts & ideas & help pave the way into a clean healthy world filled with LOve & Peace & Respect in Sharing the land & water with ALL her LOving creatures ! Blessings my Friend…let our Hearts keep siniging together !~

  7. makes sense to me, have felt in my inner knowing for a while that the tools and technologies will be ready for use at the right moment, making the physical aspect of transformation (and damage reversal on our lovely gaia) very quick… it’s the consciousness part that we’ve been working night and day to build, to make it all possible, is the sense i get…

    so very appreciative of all you do, and the care in which you manage your messages.. am excited for these new teachings 🙂

  8. thank you dear Aisha, such a beautiful uplifting vision you have shared. my heart soars to feel the connections are making to bring this about. I’m in too!

  9. “There are many other people getting the same message all over the globe these days, and we will set off from our different corners of the world, and soon we will meet up in some way and pool our resources. In addition, more and more people will voluntarily join us in this huge task of connecting everything, so these ”roads” will start to grow very fast. And of course, we have the support from all of our unseen brothers and sisters too.”
    Count on me, too. Much love to all :))

  10. Aisha, I have been reading your writings for a long time and really appreciate them. I am compelled to write today that I got it about this living membrane but it is first implemented from inner desire to be a giver. All the physical things will be covered, and yet, I feel urged to stress it is from within us. When it is fully in place the only evidence of it in the external environment will be the harmony of all life including all people. Our life spreads gloriously out as much as we have put this into place and it will be we, all of us together, who do this work of building it. People will come to it. Thank you for your many pages of encouragement.

    1. To put it short, it is just LOVE.
      LOVE is the force that glues the Universe together.
      The LOVE of ONE envelops everything, us included.
      It will be seen
      when each and everyone of us
      will turn into servants of LOVE
      out of LOVE.

  11. Thank you Aisha & thanks to the Teacher and all of our beautiful, benevolent guides and protectors. I am so appreciative. My Love to all of my beloved sisters and brothers

  12. This is a delightful ‘vision’ to read, dear Aisha. As you say, it is palpable that things are resolving, unfolding and flowering. The signs are gentle and evanescent, but they are there. Thank you for your courage in walking this Road Less Travelled at this time – sounds like the roads will indeed meet up soon, and what a party we will have!

  13. Ah dear Aisha, for a science fiction lover like me, that sounds beyond all expectations ! Is there any way this technology could become concrete any time soon ? I personnaly cant bear anymore to be caught in traffic jam every day and polluting the wolrd with my old car. That is so much not mankind anymore to live with such prehistoric vehicles. We need a new technology fast, to break free and eventually to stop to go to work alltogether and spend more time meditating. For a better world, for time to our spiritual growth and happiness and security, I beg these guides to implement this wonderful technology as fast as possible. I really cant wait anymore to see that happen.
    At least they will know now that some of us are really eager. Blessings to you.

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