The manuscript of survival – part 200

As you have mayhaps already noticed, the air is rife with disquiet and unease, and many of you will feel out of sorts because of the energies swirling about you now. The light is increasing, not in slow and steady increments now, but in intense bursts of energy that will start to transform so much around you. But with it, the denser energies are starting to act up even more. Just as when the tide has turned and the water is being pulled out from the shore, so too the dark ones will be pulled away from yours. But they will not leave voluntarily, and as they are being pushed away from your shores by the ever advancing light, they are using all of their feeble force to kick out in every direction they can. And their outbursts will be felt by many of you. So do not let them fool you into thinking that you are becoming as feeble as them, and that you are losing your grip on this whole process. They would love to take you with them as they sink ever lover into the despair of the vanquished, and they are very good at it too.

Just know that these energies of distress that they are emitting are only meant for hurting you, not helping you, and if you fall into this trap, it will be very easy indeed to lose your focus. They are more devious than you can imagine, and they are so good at manipulating others by the signals they send out. So, even if you feel more than a little shaken these days, try to go beyond this layer of unease and go back to your center. And call for us, as we will gladly help to stabilize you yet again. This is not a sign of weakness, far from it, as you have all in some ways been shaken by all of this hysteria being put out by those that surround you. You are the bravest of the brave, but you will need support when these entities so desperately reach out to pull you down with them. This is not any form of criticism, rather a reminder that you have our support at all times, and as such we ask you to reach out for us now if you feel more vulnerable than usual. You are so strong, but even the strongest amongst you will feel this pull from the undertow created by these forces being pulled away from you, so do not berate yourselves if you feel a bit wobbly at times like these. Just give us a hint, and we will give you a hand, and gladly so, as we are more than delighted to be of assistance. After all, that is why we are here. For we are your brothers and sisters, now and forever.

23 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 200

  1. Thank you so much Aisha, your words are very important in this time, I love you galactic sisters a brothers

  2. Finally, I can say that I really agree with what you say. It is indeed a big challenge these days to keep calm and centered. Even so I consider myself pretty solid, I have to put all my strength in keeping things calm and loving. Thank you so much to remind us and be such a strong torch of light. I am looking forward and very curious about your new types of messages. Meanwhile dear Aisha, I wish you all the best. Blessing to you.

  3. oh wow…that is how i feel.. sometimes dark energies approach me (ex.this night i woke up in the middle of a bad dream)and i feel a bit shaken..and tonight i called in for your help and it was so comforting that there was it instantaneous ..thank you! and thank you Aisha for the channeling

  4. Thank for the always uplifting words! I just needed to read the words and always looking for another manuscript. It is sometimes difficult to see your own family suffering no matter how positive I feel and try to comfort them. I know, they have to go through their own lessons, but I see so many beautiful people strugling and worrying about everything. For myself I feel 100procent positive and have absolute faith. Thank you again, lots of sunshine from Holland, Lia

  5. My dear CC, I’ve been calling you and you have been answering and helping me to go through. Thank you always! Thank you Aisha! Love & Light

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