The manuscript of survival – part 199 Fall equinox message

Today is indeed an important day, as you are once again in the middle of a yearly focal point that will enhance everything. So keep your focus clear dear ones, as it will only be too easy to be overwhelmed by those few dark spots still remaining in your atmosphere.

Let us explain. As we heave discussed earlier, the amount of light on your planet has multiplied manyfold throughout this last period, and as such, those remnants of darkness still clinging to the surface of our planet will become even more visible. Moreover, in their panic, they will literally resort to any means they have at their disposal trying to convince you that they are much more powerful than they really are. Know that this is only a feeble show of strength, as they have almost no strength left to make their voices heard. But again, make no mistake, they will waste no effort in trying. So be prepared for bouts of outright nasty behaviour erupting in the most unexpected corners, but again, know that this is only a sure sign of desperation as they muster their forces for one last show of their ”might”.

So use this day wisely, as it is indeed a day of hope and joy for all of those already standing in the light, safely out of reach from those dark shadows so desperately trying to encroach back on the territory they have already lost control over. You are standing there as beacons yourselves, and today, your light will become even stronger as you all focus it on the time ahead. Because you see the future already in the corners of your eyes, and you will feel it approaching as the hours goes by. For now, the time will seem to stop for the old system, but for you, everything will seem to speed up as the world once again tilts on its axis and the forces of freedom accelerate. You are all racing ahead, and no matter how fast the darkness will seem to fall now that the days will become shorter on one half of the planet, know that the light is increasing even more.

So give yourselves the time and space to sit down and connect with this ever growing light today. And give thanks for all that you have accomplished so far this year. You planted your seeds a long time ago, and you have nurtured them well. Now the time to harvest your bounty is upon you, and we think you will find the harvest to be beyond even your wildest expectations.

17 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 199 Fall equinox message

  1. I´m trying to remain positive, but my patience is growing extremely thin, the dreams is all I have, since the outside world remains painfully business as usual…days come and go, equinox too, :S.

  2. thank you!

    just trying to flow with the increasing light as it’s been painful the last few days! psychically not a good time, so uber sensitive but i suppose i will adjust again. lots of sleep and i think im creating in my dream world…

    a few hours ago i had earringing that became so intense that i had to lie down. then as these potent energies were flooding through me i was hearing “voices” in the distance. and felt like i was connected to other beings. i was in another state definitely, and heard myself say, ” it’s a party, a good party”… i had the strong sense that i was gathered with other beings but we had meshed into one cohesive energy for some purpose (maybe just to party/ celebrate? lol) … wonder if anyone else is slipping into connection like this?

    thanks aisha as always 🙂

    1. A big, resounding YES to that, Christie! It has been so strange these last few days, with a mixture of intensely disturbing energies filled with anxiety and unease on one side and some magical encounters with my celestial family on the other. It is like the dark ones are trying to overwhelm us with so much emotional distraction because they want us not to notice how much closer the “unseen” have come. It’s so important not go get tricked into disbelieving now, but it is not easy to stay out of doubt when we are being bombarded with so much negative energy. I am so glad that the light is pouring in also, even if my body seems to be less pleased by that at the moment ;–)
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. im so glad you said this Aisha, bc i now realize i have been overwhelmed with negative stuff, and i couldnt quite put my finger on it. now that i see it, im so much better off, and yes the light is so BIG now 🙂 love to you 🙂

  3. Thank you dearest Aisha and Constant Companions. It is a time of perpetual abundance, Love and joy. From this day forward may the latter be at the fore front of our minds and may we create and experience nothing but abundace, Light, Love, Peace and Joy. So mote it be. My love to you, my gorgeous, sweet sisters & bothers.

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