The manuscript of survival – part 195

As we have so often touched upon earlier, the upheavals and changes you all perceive inside yourselves may not always be apparent on the outside. So the seeming discrepancy between what you experience in your physical body and what you see in the world around you seems to be great indeed. In other words, why do not the rest of the world notice what is going on? In fact, they do, but as they do not have any reference points or vocabulary that can help to make things clear to them, much will be stored under the label of ”confusing feelings and happenings.” So yes, they are not totally unaware of what is going on around them, but they have either surpressed it all, or they are too uncertain or afraid to voice it out loud, even to themselves.

You see, no one can go around on this planet anymore, unable to feel even the slightest tinge of unease. Now that everything is about to shift into an even higher frequency, it is like the ground you walk upon is literally vibrating with energy. And as such, it is almost like walking upon a live wire, where the current makes your whole being vibrate. So, for all of those ”unenlightened” to call it that, they will feel their whole core literally starting to shake as things are being turned up a notch. And no, it will not be a shaking like in a major unleashing of the earth’s crust, it will be much more subtle than that. But still, it will be noticeable to all, and for many, it will be the signal they have waited for in order to start their own process of opening up to the truth they harbour inside. To others, it will be like a clarion call signaling the alarm bells in their whole being, and they will become even more afraid of what the future has in store for them.

In other words, the polarities between those already starting to open up to these new energies and messages and those literally clamping down, hell bent of preservering status quo, will only open even wider. For now, the message from these incoming energies will be heard by so many more than those already on the path towards self resurrection. In other words, expect to see more fallout from all of these heavy bombardements of energy you are in the midst of at the moment. And expect to see both unexpected awakenings, but also some fierce resistance from people you would think would be much more perceptible to these life enhancing waves of energy. For nothing is written in stone, dear ones, and you all have a choice whether to heed this final wake up call, or ignore it completely. For now, the time has come to make that final choice, and it will be interesting indeed to see who amongst those still unwilling to listen will finally surrender their hostility and decide to join the lighter side, to call it that. It will be interesting too to see who amongst your brethern will decide to give up their search for the truth, and relinquish their hold on this ladder leading them up from the darkest pits ever devised, and let themelves fall back into the ever murkier waters beneath.

So again, be prepared to be surprised, in more ways than one, as you can never in advance be sure of what choices your fellow men will take. Be prepared for surprises, but do not berate yourselves if someone close to you makes a ”wrong” choice. For remember, it is THEIR choice, and their choice only. You can only honor their choice, and if your roads diverge after this, all you can do is to accept it. Needless to say, this can and will be heartbreaking to many of you, but again, we remind you that your only task is to be a wayshower, and we will remind you again and again, for this is a fork in the road that will take many by surprise. So stay your course, and make your choices wisely. You have already chosen the fork leading towards the light, so do not toss that aside in an attempt to herd those near and dear down the same road. If they choose to take the other, there is nothing you can do to force them to change their mind. So send them off, and send them your love, that is all you can do. Remember, you have made your choice, and they must make theirs, and even if it will be very painful for many of you, it is also what is meant to be. For their choice must always surpass you wishes, even if your wishes are coming from the truest part of you. So keep going forwards dear ones, even if you at some stage have to leave someone you love dearly behind.

25 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 195

  1. For truly, we have all experienced forks in the road before in our lives. We move away to a new city and simply lose touch with our former friends. It is not that we do not still care and love them, but that the ‘new’ lives fill our days and the old simply moves away. The same will happen with those family members who chose a different, or if you will, longer version of the path to Oneness. It is our respect for their Soul’s freedom of choice that allows them to grow into Wholeness in their own way, regardless of their life or body age. In this way, we are all Evolving not physically, but as Souls. Some of us have already experienced this in the fracturing of our families, in the moving apart of the immediate family unit. My child might move from Atlanta to Denver, and therefore not be in my physical sight every day, but lives in my heart. And I trust that she is making the right choices for herself in Every Regard. That is the love connection, the separation for a time, the divergence on the path. There is a gentle acceptance that allows for this even on this level. As we connect higher into our Oneness, I would anticipate to feel it even more. Blessings.

  2. Hi Aisha,

    Your messages are scary! But that’s ok, as they reflect clear truth about our present mental and universal conditions.

  3. Thank you Dear Aisha for your continued support & dedication in bringing these messages ! I’m sure you indeed are helping through the CC’s wisdom in making a difference in comforting & assuring many during these transitions & often ‘questions with no answers’ present space & time. There will be certainly lots of adjustments to be made & hurdles to overcome…whether big or small, happy or sad, easy or difficult, we ALL will be affected in one way or another….always important to keep our anchors tightly secure to the strength & power of the Divine Light of Spirit assuring us complete enveloped LOve & Protection ! I am often told that the act of making choices as individual souls is what we wanted & thus has been gifted to us by Creator, each one to experience in it’s many forms whether good or bad, as we are spirits that choose to seek knowledge, expand & grow…it is the way it is & always has been…& we must learn that we are not responsible for another’s choices, as their free will in choosing determines their path, we can show them the way, but we cannot make them walk it. We cannot save them All….we are All at different stages in our spiritual journeys & those that seemingly are making All the wrong choices are just simply travelling a path that is further away from the Light…their journey will just be longer than ours.~ Blessings to ALL….~

  4. Thank you Aisha. Thank you Constant Companions. Your frequent messages are very reassuring to me. So glad that you have chosen to help us all out! I cannot wait to finish releasing all of the lower energies around me and move with grace and power FULLY into the Light!!

  5. Thanks for reminding me. I have 3 sons that I adore and have no idea what awaits them; I try to make them understand what I have known for a long while but what their choice shall be is still not clear to me. One of them I feel will make the right choice but again will he? I am telling myself all the time: let go and let be…

  6. concerning the last line … So keep going forwards dear ones, even if you at some stage have to leave someone you love dearly behind.” logically and mentally this is easier said than done … can you shed some light on HOW to deal with this separation on an EMOTIONAL level? Is there something to read that you can recommend for dealing with ‘loss’ or ‘separation’ something that addresses the emotional perspective … is it like a death of a loved one … a knowing that they are eternal and it is just the physical body that is being released? even knowing that does not make the ‘separation’ any easier … what in fact if anything is there one can do to soften that perception of loss thanking you in advance for any comments you may have ~margaretha

    1. For me currently Jill Renee Feeler resonates.

      What I especially like is, that she and her spirituell Team, have not an “logical” answer for everything but ask us to go into our own mastery and heart consciousness

      Her link is:
      She also is one who says: ALL will make it, nobody is left behind.

      If we expand our consciousness, we will be able to see more and more possibilities like e.g.:

      Maybe some have to go ahead, so the others see better where to go. To create some “reference points” for them.

      “to leave someone you love dearly behind” does not necessary mean you will never see them again. You may rejoin with them once they woke up and finished the way in their own pace.

      Nothing is fixed yet, we are the ones who choose how all will unfold !
      Choos BIG … BIGGER … BETTER … for us and ALL there is !!!


  7. the last cleansing was so intense that the air around me felt insane. now i have sore muscles, and feel dislocated and strange.. thank you Aisha & CC’s, for so many wonderful messages…

  8. uff, with all my heart and soul, I wish to be on the good side and my beloved people too. Speaking for me, I feel I shouldnt loose my attention towards the light. Its so easy to be unconscious. I wish you all a full success ahead towards higher state of consciousness. I feel llike a teenager before an exam ( and I am 52 🙂 )

  9. Thank you Aisha and Contstant Companions for this very timely missive. For just yesterday, the system, matrix, old paradigm or whatever you wish to call it made last grab, a very, very weak one. They are now very weak indeed and cannot touch us now. We are starting down that fork in the road which leads to light and they are starting down theirs and the twain shall never meet again. I feel compassion for them but I respect their free will and wish them peace….which they shall have perhaps eons from now.

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