The manuscript of survival – part 194

As of yesterday, the pressure has increased yet again, so do not expect too smooth a sailing in the days ahead. We can hear the groans already, as this time, your physical bodies will have to bear a somewhat heavier burden than before. Do not fret dear ones, this is as always a sign of progress, even if your bodies seem to think otherwise. And yes, we are aware that we have promised you more ups than downs in the times ahead, but this does in fact constitute an ”up”, even if it might throw you off balance for a while. You see, these intense upgradings are no more than an extra push to get you faster to that finishing line, but as all pushes in the back, this too will mayhaps be construed as somewhat forceful and annoying. Be that as it may, we know fully well that the outcome of it will be very, very beneficial for you all, even if the actual insertion will feel anything but.

Let us change subject somewhat, and delve a little bit further into the concept of time. For, as you know too well already, this concept is apt to cause much confusion in the time ahead. Much will seem to be faltering, on the brink of destruction, for suddenly to take a step back again, and vice versa. In other words, the collapse of the timelines will also bring with it much change, but this change will not unfold at a steady pace and in the sequence you would expect in a ”normal” world. In other words, this will in many ways seem to be like a dance, where you take two steps forwards, but suddenly you are propelled back again, and then to one side and then to the other. In other words, progress, as you know it, will not be a slow and carefully sequenced chain of events bringing you forward step by step, in carefully measured out increments. No, it will seem to be much more chaotic than that, so it can at times be more than difficult to discern any improvement at all. Hence, the feeling of bewilderment and impatience, as you are literally being moved forward, backwards and sideways at the same time.

Just know that all of this confusion is a good thing, as this is a signal that old and well-proven paradigms do not work any more, as the time for fluidity is already upon you. And as we have discussed earlier, this will benefit all those already fluid enough to be able not only to survive, but to thrive in an ever shifting environment. For that is exactly what you have on all sides now, dear ones. You are in flux, and All of creation is also in flux, but as this is the first time you have had the experience of this state, you will be hard pressed to stay balanced in all of this shifting to and fro. And if you follow your old instincts, it will be even more challenging, because then you will try to grab onto something firm and rigid in order to keep your balance. But that will not do you any good at all, as this will only serve to literally throw you completely off.

In other words, do not seek support outside yourself, at least not in something or someone belonging to the lower density, as all of the old is programmed to try to maintain status quo. Just find your center, and you will find your balance, for you are in fact experts at navigating these choppy waters. And just like a seasoned seafarer, you will find your sea legs no matter how much the deck beneath you buckles and heaves. As always, you have it in you already, it is just a matter of finding it – and trusting it. Then, you will actually begin to revel in this momentum, as you will feel the true lifeforce behind all of these seemingly unpredictable currents moving back and forth, up and down. So ride the waves, and do not become afraid if you feel you are about to lose your balance now and then. Know that you will make it in the end, no matter how many times your knees start to buckle, just as long as you do not grab onto the wrong support. If you need help with finding your balance, go inside, or seek out those on the same wavelength as yourself. All others will only serve to drag you off your board, and this will only leave you floundering in the wake instead of riding the crest all the way to the shore.

19 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 194

  1. Thank you, Aisha and Constant Companions,
    It is so helpful. I am feeling the new incoming and always love hearing that there is a group of us feeling it! It is such a comfirmation. I am finally finding serenity , peace and even bliss in the midst of it. The sunlight here in the beautiful city of San Francisco is Magnificent almost every afternoon.
    Love and Light to YOU.

  2. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions….pushing us faster along to the finish line…..I am all for that…let’s finish this mission and go “home” !! Thanks for the heads up on the incoming energy upgrade, it helps us prepare. Love & light to you all

  3. I havent felt any phsyical discomfort since early August. SHOULD I BE WORRIED?

    Is my physical body not being upgraded?

    1. Dearest Henry,
      I am by no means an expert on the subject, BUT, my intuition told me that it may be possible you have completed the majority of your physical upgrades…remember that this is a very individual process and not all will experience it the same way (I should’ve put that in quotations as I’m fairly certain I read it here, from CC via dear Aisha!). At any rate, I do not think you should worry yourself by comparing your process to others; I feel that this is a perfect situation for ‘seeking within’ to reaffirm yourself on your progress. Much love to everyone of us ❤

  4. THANK you Aisha and CC’s 🙂
    As my sleep last night was fitful, I will lay down now a little and comfort my self by placing my palms on my lower and higher heart chakras.

  5. thank you Aisha, a very helpful message and so in-tune with what im currently experiencing 🙂 i was hit with a tsunami tonight, lost footing for a while, then i rode “the crest all the way to the shore” as CC’s said; and just knowing to follow the waves and let the old “die”… instead of holding on to what was intended to be washed out in the first place. then the new “light codes” or lighter ways of being are integrated. this happens faster and more intensely now, but yet it has become easier for me. we’ve come so far 🙂

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