The manuscript of survival – part 193

Todays missive will delve further into a topic that is on many people’s mind at the moment, namely the fact that time seems to be standing still in some aspects, while it seems to be speeding ahead on others. This is something we have delved into many times before, and aptly so, as this is mayhaps the most compelling sign that things are changing. And yes, it is important that you start to notice these irregularities if you will, as you all need to be more aware that things ARE in fact undergoIng a massive change, even if it feels like the same old, same old in so many ways.

Let us explain. As you have all noticed, the media is as usual focusing on all the things in disrepair, as they are all part of a campaign trying to keep you in the dark. And we mean that in every connotation of the word. Many will scoff at these words, and call them hysterical or delusional, or any shade of the aforementioned, but if you start to look more closely at what you are served on a daily basis, there is a glaring lack of anything uplifting. And yes, we do use that word deliberately, as everything seems to be tailor made to make you feel even smaller and even more helpless. Make no mistake, this is a deliberate force feeding of ”bad news”, and even if many of those feeding you all of these very disconcerting news are unaware of the role they are all playing in all of this, know that there are far more sinister characters literally lurking in the shadows, trying their hardest to keep you on this very unwholesome fare as long as they can. For they know very well that this sort of imbalanced ”nutrition” will help to keep you all undernourished. Undernourished of hope, and undernourished in spirit. But know that they are also starting to feel the impact of the fact that you are all starting to find nourishment from other, less polluted sources than the ones they are in charge of. So yes, it is important to look beyond the bland but fearful face of regular mass media, and to start to tap into all of those other sources of information you have access to. And these sources are only multiplying in numbers, now that the veil has started to thin out to such an extent it is almost becoming transparent already.

So cast your eyes, ears and hearts beyond the ongoing drone of voices, trying to push you further down with every bit of ”news” they try to force feed you, and you will start to se a much clearer picture of this world you inhabit. It is not just a world filled with doom and gloom, where everything is falling apart, and where Mother Nature is choking on her last breath from all of the pollution you so readily continue to spew out. It is all that, but there is so much more starting to become visible on the radar, if you can only manage to shut out the noise trying to drown out all of this new by screaming ever louder the same old fearful words again and again.

For there is a whole new world starting to emerge, and as we started this missive by saying, you can literally feel it by the way that your sense of time is starting to behave very odd indeed. That is a sure sign that the superficial world is starting to crack at the seams, and the new world underneath it is starting to come up to the surface. Much like that old and tight skin of a snake will start to sever, in order for the new and better fitting to come out. So be vigilant, and start to tune into all of these undercurrents of change already swirling around you. We know it is not easy, as it has to compete not only with all of the noise from the old, but also from all of the aches and pains in your body. But the changes are already here, and you will find them if you start to look for them with more alert eyes. In other words, we invite you to go explore all of those bits and pieces of the new starting to emerge, like small islands of light in a sea of gloom, and we think you will find more and more islands like these when you have managed to identify the first one. So look around you dear ones, and follow your heart, as this will help you see in the right direction. And never forget, what you seek may be closer than you think, as the changes you have all been through have already shifted so much of your own energy, it will have had to affect some things or someone very close to you.

So take the time to seek it out, and play with these new snippets of ”time” that suddenly appears, as if out of nothing. For when time starts to stretch and bend and move, know that everything else is starting to do the same. Nothing of the old and rigid can withstand these fluid moves, and it is literally doomed to fall to pieces, much like a too rigid structure will topple and fall when the earth starts to shake. But you are as flexible as straws in the wind, so best get used to swing and sway with the movements that these shifts in the timelines will incur on you all. And have fun while you play around with them. This is a serious matter indeed, but it is also one filled with joy, if you are willing to learn the lessons of fluidity in the midst of this rigorous fight put on by those trying to keep up the old.

18 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 193

  1. Hello Alex,
    I’m glad I found your facebook page where you offer a simplified way of understanding the mathemathic formulas in Dr. Stankov’s works. I came to read this post because you mentioned your interaction with P. on Stankov’s site, isn’t that funny. I did a search before on FB and surprisingly couldn’t find any Stankov related page but now I did. Bit weird too as matters are in full and final swing now, it feels like having managed to hop on that bus that’s already driving hard although I’ve been reading Stankov for months. I’ve never been a doubtful Thomas, I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around it all. I still don’t but I have my hopes up again.
    Love and Light,

    1. Hi Dominique and thanks. I have noticed my page doesn’t come up in searches however I’m not fussed by it. I see the circumstance as a divine filter where the right people find the right information at the right time and leave the coordinating up to our souls as George puts it. So you finding it now is not weird at all and in fact perfect. Never ceases to surprise me though. Saves me a lot of work also as I only post when I feel the impetus (which originates from our souls) and makes me happy to hear it has helped. As for the bus it would be a nice change if it didn’t have blacked out windows, though the paint is starting to peel.

      Warm regards

  2. Alex, Outstanding post and I resonate with your message. In meditation it came to me that we would be able to ascend higher than th 5D as well and as we ascend we will provide such a momentum that it will “pull” or make upward movement much easier for our sisters and brothers who are also ascending. The ultimate goal of merging with our beloved Creator is possible, right here, right now, we have the opportunity if we so have the will. We can pass through all the higher densities to become truely ONE. In doing so we will provide an easier path for upward, positive mobility for everyone else. I feel that this has never been done before and we are being provided the opportunity now. Namaste

  3. Hi All

    I’m not sure why the CC are making the point here to “start to look more closely at what you are served on a daily basis”. To this I can only assume that some of you have not yet awoken to the point of actual realisation that the world around you detected by your five senses is nothing more than a hijacked school being turned into a prison by the hijackers.

    I don’t want to speak out of line and for everyone as there are many on here that have been living with this realisation for longer than me. My life path or incarnation contract had me wake up four years ago. The pace of my awakening or expansion of consciousness since has been rapid. It has been streamlined by my HS (Higher Self), dropping hints, synchronicities so I pay attention and not waste time looking at wrong information. I must say here that the CC have been repeatedly dropping hints for readers to start seeing what is going on around them. They are not doing this for their own amusement.

    I can only guess the reason for why the CC speak in parables is to respect the law of free will. If you and I were handed everything then there would be no point incarnating here for soul growth. But therein lies the problem our souls face. They need us to get up to speed but can only guide us if we are listening. That includes what information we are open to.

    This temporary, illusionary, 3D school that seems so bloody real must be surmounted individually. So what is my point?
    In order to liberate yourself you first need to see the problem for what it is. You might not feel at home here, and probably like me never really have. You look around and the world and do not like what you see but do not really understand why. You are not alone and are in fact in the overwhelming majority. This unfortunately helps no one. Not you, your soul, or Gaia. It’s like trying to break out of a prison that you know you don’t like but at the same time not being able to see the walls that are holding you in.

    If one is truly seeking a path of enlightenment then one needs to start seeing and realising first hand. The right brain needs to be balanced with the left brain, that is, intangible spiritual understanding must be balanced with knowledge. Isn’t that how we overcome fear – with knowledge.

    If one is to really become a master of their destiny then one must have knowledge of all facets of their life. Physical, mental, emotional and ethereal.
    What the CC have been trying to say to you is that the dark have been exploiting these facets under the carefree environment of our supposed enlightened society. Humanity have consented to abuse because of the lack of knowledge.

    We are first and foremost controlled by the monetary system. That is the primary slave mechanism. This should be self evident. The same people (who are human minions of other dark entities) control religion, the military, the legal system, the healthcare system, science, education, food supply, water supply and to be on topic, the media. I may have missed a few but you get the idea. The ones controlling the world you and your family live in have their fingers in every conceivable pie and their agenda is not for your benefit. If you really knew what your elected representatives have install you would be sick in your stomach like you would not believe. In short, global genocide on mass scale. I am talking about three quarters of the population! That includes you and me while we reside in a physical vessel not knowing what is being done to us. This is no joke and the more you learn, the more you realise this is the case. Ascension takes on a whole new light.

    I would encourage any of you who are not familiar with the above information to the extent that is not realised as truth to do some further reading. It is imperative to do so in order to really be free and I hope some of you do. Scary, yes, but better than not knowing.

    I have attached a link to my page below where I have links to such information. Read the information for yourself and see how it resonates.
    I have pinned a recommended reading list at the top. This list is only a recommendation and not all doom and gloom. Just the truth and is very reliable.

    The reason I am taking the time to write this is because we are destined to be part of the first wave of ascension and our souls have a unique opportunity to ascend higher than the 5th dimension. Not only that, the more we expand our consciousness on the ground the more light we can hold and transmit. It is not our mission?

    Thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions.

    Warm regards

    1. Alex – Nice to read a post from a “Stankovian” that is considerably more kind than many of George’s rants. 🙂 Do you expect to be blasting off with him this week? I’ve found Stankov’s scenario to be a fascinating variation on ideas that many of us believe, but his predictions don’t seem to pan out any better. Of course, if the next 2 weeks go according to his ideas, we’ll sure be seeing some fireworks!

      1. Hi Pete. I can’t see if you’re making the secret “Stankovian” hand sign so I won’t divulge too much classified information. If you were one of us you would of course have shaved your head and been on a strict diet of Lima beans. The rants are for ceremonial purposes only used during the sacrificing of high school science books.

        But seriously, the people that have gathered around George’s site and resonate with his work are no different than the people that have gathered here and resonate with the information presented. I in fact found this site through a link that George included in one of his rants…sorry, posts 🙂 and he regards this source as one of the more reliable.

        I must clarify though that his ideas are more a streamlining of his and his reader’s intuitive thoughts kept within the bounds of the ascension scenario known at the time. Most of his readers, including myself found his site through synchronicity and signs within a couple month period of him creating the site. That in itself was incredible and most were on the same page, as in we all had enough of an understanding prior to further build our knowledge from George’s life’s work. That is great but at the same time leaves newcomers scratching their heads at the latest posts and ideas without first reading and understanding his fundamental work which all stems from his discovery of the Universal Law. His work which is free to read on his site lays the foundation to understanding the mechanisms behind how ascension is not only possible but a natural evolutionary mechanism for all beings within All-That-Is.

        Predictions are nothing more than highly probable events using the information you have available at the time. Unfortunately as our souls are running the show we are on a need to know basis on the ground which makes predicting understandably difficult. Even the higher realms have their limits to predicting outcomes based on the highest probability of an event occurring as there are always many alternative scenarios. The latest scenarios on George’s site are a culmination of his reader’s HS messages and his own having been logically analysed and aligned with the Universal Law. All we can do as readers is see how the information resonates with our HS and in reference to your question, all signs are pointing that way.

        Warm regards

      2. Alex — LOL !!! Thank you for such a clever and thorough answer. I’ve been following George’s site for about 6 months, and even emailed him last spring. His response was quite venomous, he labeled me an “agent provocateur” and published one of my emails along with my address, presumably so I couldn’t “hide” or something. I think it’s too bad he has that nasty side, since he does have some brilliant ideas and they could reach more people if he could treat other opinions more gently. OTOH, may be a moot point – I see no updates on his site for 9/13, so perhaps you’ve all ascended and we’ll be reading about you in the papers tomorrow!


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