The manuscript of survival – part 192

Mankind have been trying a long time now to separate themselves from the shackles holding them down, and although this may seem to be even more improbable than before, you are actually well on your way to succeed in this endeavor. You see, the shackles have already loosened sufficiently for you to just slip them off with a slight shrug. But as this is not readily apparent to you yet, many will continue as before, trudging ahead, carrying the heavy burden with them with every step they take. You will see the truth of this very soon, as you will be able to straighten your back and feel this heavy load of cumbersome baggage of fear fall of, like water sluicing off a slippery surface. In other words, this old and ingrained belief of martyrdom is just an illusion now, like so much else you see around you.

We have talked about this before, as your mind have a very, very slow way of coming round to the fact that the freedom you have seeked for so long is already here. Much like the body still registers the presence of a limb long ago severed, so too will your mind keep insisting that you are still unfree long after the freedom has arrived on your shores. And that is understandable, as the mind has been carefully preprogrammed to cling onto this belief. Otherwise, those who have set themselves in charge over you would long ago have lost the vice-like hold they have on you. For as soon as this truth seeps in, everything that holds you down will literally melt away. There is no such thing as a partially free human being. You are either still under the influence of this mind-numbing ”drug” to call it that, that so effectively convinces you that you are powerless, or you find your true power. And when you do, no shackles can hold you down ever again, because when you start to tap into that powerhouse you carry inside, nothing can stop you from breaking down the artificial barriers erected to keep you away from this truth.

You are already in this truth, therefore, no amount of fearmongering can put you behind those bars again. That is, unless you choose to relinquish this newfound freedom yourselves. For if you choose to go back into fear because of the show being put on by your oppressors, those fences will once again become as solid as they once were. And they do so because you choose to reenter the old enclosure you started to liberate yourselves from. In other words, all of this seeming lack of freedom is only generated in your minds, and they are powerful generators indeed. But they are no match for the truth in your hearts, if you are willing and able to let that come out. Because then, there are no barriers in the world that can hold you back ever again, and there is no amount of drama or histrionics that can convince you to reenter the old cage of fear and feeling of powerlessness.

So stay your course dear ones, and do not let that fearful mind be allowed to convince you to turn back and duck behind those bars again. You have set yourselves free already, and even if there is so much around you telling you otherwise, you will know the truth of this so long as you do not fall prey to that insistent voice trying to take away your own powers again. Let them scream and shout all they want, because you know that the direction you are heading is the only direction to go. Because that is the direction leading into the future, and it will do you no good trying to return to the prison of yesterday. For if you decide that the known is far safer than the unknown, then that is where you will end up. In the well-proven but oh so lacking prison of yesteryear, where you will continue to languish with all of those other lost souls unwilling or unable to listen to the voice emanating from their hearts. So cast off any illusions that the old way is better because that is the way you know already, and walk bravely forth on that unchartered path into the unknown. That is the only way to find what you are really looking for, as that is where your future lies.

13 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 192

  1. The message Buddha was trying to get across, is the truth. It isn’t supposed to be new. Being new isn’t the objective or goal here, the goal is to spread the truth. The same as it’s always been then? Yes! The truth is the truth and the thing that makes it the truth, is the very thing we find within ourselves, once we clear away the illusion of our minds. “The illusion of our minds” is another way of saying “all our securities” or “all the things that we felt we really really needed like the BMW or the IPhone, which once we had it, didn’t seem to make us feel any happier” These are illusions of the mind. The mind has been controlling us. We’ve been letting our minds control our lives for eons. Now it’s time to let our inner selves, or spirits shine out much much further than our minds alone can. Let our hearts be the light, and that “something is missing in my life” becomes answered.

  2. Many thanks to dearest Aisha and CC!!! Your messages always seem to come apropos of what is occurring in my life at the moment. I was just explaining to a close friend the other day how we are the only ones who can relinquish our freedom at this point ‘in the game’, so to speak. Much love to everyone of us ❤

  3. Interesting… Buddha taught thousands of years ago “Believe nothing”…!!! His practices included techniques to recognize the mind as only a tool, and to focus our awareness in our Hearts. Fear was the result of an egoist based fixations/attachments (which resides in the mind).

    And now the CC’s are validating these teachings today as a means towards True freedom… This is not new folks! But very interesting.

    ❤ to you


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