The manuscript of survival – part 191

Today will be an interesting day in many ways, and you will soon start to see things so much clearer. Not only in your personal life, but also in many things concerning the outside world. You see, the wheels have started to turn in earnest now, and as such, old modalities will be starting to chug along slower and slower. So, the differences will only start to magnify as the time seems to fly by faster and faster, while at the same time, people seem to be stuck in the same rut forever. So expect polarities of different wavelengths if you will, coexisting on the same plane, yet literally worlds apart, as the magnification of the differences between them crystalizes even further. So sit back and watch as the world starts to spin on its axis yet again, but this time, in a slightly different pattern that will have many interesting consequences.

We speak, as always, in parables, but the gist of the message is this: do not take anything at face value anymore, as underneath this superficial layer of ”reality” a new reality is taking form, one that is so distant from the current one you have to face day after day, hour after hour. So do not lose hope, dear ones, even if you do feel mired in this old morass, growing ever thicker and more sluggish by the day. For underneath it, hidden from view, there is a quickening going on that will literally take your breath away when you finally get the first glimpse of it. It may still be hidden from view, but that does not mean that it is hidden from you. So go into your hearts, and you will find the answers you seek when looking forlornly at the wreckage surrounding you on all sides. For just as a snake will shed its skin when the old one has become too uncomfortable to inhabit, so too will your world shed this layer of miscontent and mismanagement when it is ready to do so. That day is not too far off now, and we know that this sentence has been repeated so much lately. But it is true, so never give up hope that you will be here when the final unveiling will come about. For it will, and you will all be there as honorary guests. After all, it is YOU who have made it all possible, as the world you want is becoming through your actions and through your presence.

Our job is to assist you all in this process, no small task at that, but yours is the bigger accomplishment, and we salute you all for it. You are all making history, each and every day, each and every second, and it is a history of glory and love, not only of hardships and incessant toil. But as long as the new layer is still out of sight, we find it only natural that you at times have a hard time seeing past the latter. But we see it, and it makes us all shout for joy, because we can see how close you are to completing this monumental task. So do not give up on yourselves dear ones, you have but a short distance left, and even if our measures differ greatly from yours, know that you are also in agreement with us on this point. Feel the quickening of the pulse as you feel into the truth of this, and you know that it will all be worth it in the end. So stay tuned to that inner core, for it will help you cross this final, though somewhat strenuous, last stretch on your journey, and do not let the voices of despair drown out that guiding star inside of you all. It knows so well where you are going, and it knows that you have it in you to make it there, no matter what your body or your brain try to tell you in the interim.

22 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 191

  1. I saw a comedymovie called Pickanoo yesterday. What an mindblower! Fifth density right from the tube hehe! I recommend.

  2. Thank you Dear Aisha for your continued strength & vigilance in sharing these messages steeped in Truth from our unseen CC’s ! I am often told by my own CC that this spiritual journey to awareness that we are on is much like a maze of ever whinding paths, piecing together stepping stones of knowledge that strengthens & supports our stride forward towards the door of Divine Truth…we must experience each stone, for it is the way, it is long & arduous but when we finally reach the door, it’s opening will be swift & complete. I know the work & the waiting is most difficult for ALL, but if we ask for intervention & trust that it will be sent to us…we will find fleeting moments of clarity in viewing from behind the veil. I believe I recently experienced such a moment when we took our canoe out into the lake a few days ago…the early morning water was extremely calm, & as we paused for a break in the exact center of the lake, the surface water became a mirror, reflecting majestic clouds in serene blue skies above & below & we were floating in the center of free spherical heavenly space !…a most unusual feeling but very exilerating & captivating ! As I released & projected LOving ~ Healing energy into this space, I could feel it’s amplification like I had become a giant tuning fork in which the energy was magnified & began to encompass Mother Earth….a glorious day & experience in anchoring & releasing the Divine Light to Mother Earth !~ Blessings my Friends ! & May You ALL experience many wonderful moments such as or similar to this & magnify these great Light energies of LOve & Healing for our sacred Mother Earth !!!~

  3. Yes, it’s a ‘feeling thing’ in most ways, but also I see it in physicality too. Hearts are lightening up, more folks smiling…more radiance in their eyes. It’s beautiful! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for adding this information…most alarming & disturbing but never the less expected from those that strive to keep us down in locks & chains…be strong & vigilant my friend….Blessings !~

  4. Dear Aisha, your last two messages warm my heart. I need to read that. Because, even so I have no doubt we are up to big changes, I start to retreat into old habits of thinking, preparing myself for a long and boring winter. But that may not be the case ! I know also how much the medias are holding the truth, so we are kept in the dark. Today for example, we know the Federal reserve has given 16 trillions dollars to some main banks in the world ( working together of course), to keep ut the financial status quo. When they could have solved the US debt with less money ! And they did it in total secrecy. We know it because they got an audit. 16 trillions dollars ! And do we hear about it in the main medias ? When that kind of news should be in full page in all news, no medias speak about it. That shows us how corrupted they are, and how little we should wait from them to know the truth. So indeed, we are kept in the dark, on the official stream.
    So thats why your messages are so warming up my heart. Thank you Aisha. Blessings to you.

  5. Thank you Aisha and The Constant Companions for a great and as usual much needed and perfect message!
    As Always, with Love and Light and Gratitude,

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