The manuscript of survival – part 189

As we have already touched upon, the coming times will be perceived as turbulent indeed, as the forces on both sides are now starting their preparations for the last skirmish to call it that. This will sound overly dramatic to some, but remember that under a seemingly calm surface, much is going on that would perhaps surprise you all. We refer to all of these behind the veil maneuverings to call them that. So, even if you at times may feel ready to give in and give up, rest assured that we are not about to give in now. Especially now that the end of this dark tunnel you have all been travelling through is starting to be discernible on the horizon. Not too long now, dear ones, but remember, it always seems to be darkest just before the dawn arrives, and so too this time, as many of you can testify to already. It is not easy to keep your focus and stay in your center when you experience so much upheaval, both on a personal level, but also collectively, and you may have to search long and hard to find any high points at times. We do understand if you feel like you are hitting rock bottom time after time in this process, and that it feels like you are never able to take a breath of fresh air before you are being plunged down into the depths again. But hang in there, dear ones, you are literally clawing yourselves forward with each and every breath you take. And even if it feels more than exhausting at the moment, rest assured that you are making so much more progress than it seems like on the surface.

We know this may sound like hollow words to many of you, as you are tired of being ground into the ground almost daily. But, as you know, this feeling of immense pressure is only a sign of the process continuing forwards, as you are literally being altered into a shining diamond, just like a lump of black and dull-looking coal is being transformed into a shining diamond when the pressure is high enough. So too it is with you, and even if you have the added discomfort of being inside a physical body whilst feeling all of this pressure throughout, know that you are more than capable of taking this added strain. We know it will not be of much comfort on the days when your body and soul feel like hiding under a rock, and these days may seem to come more and more frequent now. But again, remember that the intensity is only a signal that the end is coming near. Not as in the end of everything, but as in the end of this continuing battle to rectify the imbalance that has been holding sway on your little planet. For it is a battle indeed, not just for you personally, as you are not the only ones under considerable strain now. All of the old and dense material still clinging to this world is starting to rip at the seams because of the same strain, and this tearing and ripping apart will only pick up speed now that the first tears in the fabric has become visible.

So expect more chaos in the time ahead, but welcome it, because it is a sign that the end of the tunnel is starting to come into view, and the amount of light shimmering into your darkened world will only intensify. So again, we repeat the message of breathing slowly and staying calm, no matter how high the sound of tearing apart becomes. It is only the old fabric of lies being split asunder, making way for the true life you have all fought so hard to establish. You are not failing in any way, even if you see failures at all sides. That is only the old system starting to malfunction, and with it, so much is starting to grind to a halt. But you are all at full speed ahead, even if it feels like all you can do at the moment, is barely drag your feet forwards. We see you, and you are anything but slow. You are majestic, and you are literally pushing aside the old web of lies holding you back. So keep going, and keep shining. Not too long now before you feel the air becoming ever so much lighter than before.

21 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 189

  1. Even if I must to read with automatically translation in italian language, your writing open my heart and his thudding. Thank You very much! … :))) …

  2. thank you! im so glad for these reminders!

    lately my perspective has become more ‘locked-in’ or solidified, in terms of, seeing everything through the eyes of the shift. i see energies (activity) happening around me and can see how it relates to the bigger picture of the Shift. it’s so cool bc im not really confused about if the shift is happening anymore, i can see it plain sight, everywhere, no matter which direction i turn my head. no more fears (or, very little) about if this is really happening… knowing that all the holes in my physical life are exactly meant to be there at the moment, and will be filled when it’s the perfect time. and ONLY if it’s the perfect time; we are *that* protected and watched out for.

    i do still have that caged-in feeling cause nothing around me seems to match my personal vibration (as is “normal” for someone of the first-wave ;)) and i really wish what i saw outside of me matched what i truly know in my heart, that love is what pervades all. our world will be a world of LOVE, soon as the factors are done playing out. we are so close guys, in “energy”, so i can see why our non-physical friends keep saying how close it is. i FEEL it too. but in our day-to-day lives, the mundane we have to deal with makes it seem so slow. i thought of this recently, it seems slow because the mundane is rooted in slow, deliberate, energy-sucking paradigm that the darks create it and so it brings us there energetically-speaking. when things are free-flow and rooted in the big picture that we are making a grand shift right now, i am in the energy of non-mundaness and it’s so much better, easier. this perspective is so much easier now. for anyone who feels locked down in the negative stuff of the old world, i’d share that when you get to feeling overwhelmed and there’s too much to do, just see the tasks in front of you and observe it. i have found that most of what we think we have to do, just vanishes shortly after and the whole point of it coming up was to see something in that moment. im finding it’s better not to act, just notice, then sometime later the situation either handles itself or turns into something else. it morphs bc that’s what this reality is, an illusion, and we are penetrating that illusion every day. we are doing so good and have done MUCH more than we realize, is the message i keep getting latey. if you find yourself in the older modes of worry or feeling hum-drum (which is expected since we are around those energies), i am remembering more now to see through the eyes of the shift and remind myself that everything is so quickly placing itself where it needs to. on no effort on our part but just to BE, and be in ease, bc that’s where we benefit the world, and more importantly, ourselves, the most. just wanted to share what ive been “hearing” lately, with my lovely first-wavers 🙂

  3. Thank you Aisha and CC and thank you all of my brothers and sisters for being here to join our hearts. Love, J.

  4. Thank you beloved Aisha & Constant Companions, This missive and all of your communications are so very much appreciated. I can’t wait until this is over. I don’t ever want to do a 3D assignment again! Love & Light to you all.

  5. Thank you from all my heart, my sweet dear Companions,
    thank you so very much my dearest Aisha!
    I so appreciate your much needed messages,
    and feel so grateful for your so loving, loving tone.

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