The manuscript of survival – part 185

Todays missive will mayhaps be a bit confusing, as we would like to delve further into the topic of time. We have touched upon this subject many times before, as this is mayhaps the most important issue we would like to share with you at the moment. For many of you, the concept of time has already started to manifest in different ways than before, as you have already entered the twilight zone to call it that, where things start to warp and shift in so many ways. This can be disconcerting, as time has been the one constant you have been able to literally trust, but now, it all seems to blend and merge and shift in so many ways, and it will inevitably lead to confusion and mayhaps more than that.

Let us explain. As we have told you earlier, you have been straddling the divide between the third density and the fifth, and as such, you have literally one foot in the old and cemented ways of conceiving time, and one foot on ”our” side, where time is a malleable force, which can be utilized in so many interesting ways. The chasm between these two different worlds is a wide one indeed, and it is not easy trying to manage them both at the same – yes – time. But on the other hand, shifting abruptly from the static form you have been used to and over to this more shape-shifting one would have been too much for you all. Hence this period of trial and error to call it that. In other words, you have  been exposed to this new concept of time in small increments, lest you should lose your footing altogether. But now, these increments, or trial runs if you will, will become even more pronounced, and you will all have the sense of how time starts to behave in many, for you, odd ways. As we said, this may lead to confusion, as things will seem to happen out of context, and you will have a hard time trying to keep track of it all.

For many, this is not a new concept, as you have already been through phases where time seems to stand still, and where the sequencing of events seems to be very confusing indeed. Things seems to be lost in a long fog of passed time, when you realize that they actually happened only a short while ago, and vice versa. Indeed, time has a way of jumping back and forth, slowing down and speeding up when you least expect it, and as such, all events linked to a specific time frame will become less distinct. In oher words, the old way of counting time by measuring what happened at a certain point will be difficult to hold on to, as from now on, much will seem to be happening simultaneously.

So hold on to your hats dear ones, and be prepared to be confused and maybe a bit dizzy as the edges start to blur even more between your world and ours. Time is speeding up, and so much along with it, so do not be surprised if you find yourselves scratching your heads a lot in this upcoming period. Just know that this confusion is not a bad sign, far from it, as it will only signify that your brain is actually starting to take in just what is going on around it in a way it has not been able to do before. So take it for what it really is, a taste of a very different and very exhilarating tomorrow, and have fun playing around with all of this confusion too. It will help you overcome any fear that may come sneaking up on you, as you have been primed to think that order must prevail, otherwise everything will become complete chaos. Well, chaos it what you may expect on so many fronts, but that is only a phase you all have to pass through in order to literally make it to the other side. So stay focused, even if everything around you becomes ever so much more out of focus, and know that you will easily find your way through this seeming maze of unchartered territory very soon.

22 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 185

  1. It really is getting exhilaratingly funcrazy (?). In one way we truly are “gods in making”. But what a twisted and childish way it turns out to be hehe! “Hey mom! Your son & few other goofs turned out to be what bible profecied! Its a painstakingly moodswinging “timetravel-dimensional-jumping-illusion-can-be-commanded -thingie. How was your day in the office?” Hehe!

    1. Oh man I was living in sunday. Damn back to the past. Luckily it’s only saturday. See myself tomorrow!

  2. Yesterday was the first day I noticed ‘time’ moving faster. Even though it was Thursday, the day and how people were moving through time indicated in my brain it was Friday. I could not shift from this feeling all day. Tonight, (Friday), after feeling sluggish all day, I am now feeling agitated. I feel as if ‘time’ is speeding up within me.

    thanks for your posts.


  3. Thank you, Aisha…I’ve been reading and appreciating you and Constant Companions for a while and just got organized enough to comment. 🙂 The words have often been soothing and helpful to me during these times. ♥!

  4. Thank you Aisha for explaining time construct. I am having trouble to catch up. At the moment i am reliving old events again from february till september. Then by a strange event in september i am back in february again. And relive everything over again up till september and shift again etc. I have constant dejavu experiences. I have no idea how that is possible if time is speeding up, because everything still happens at the same pace, albeit faster, but not faster after i get shifted. It is at the same speed. What can be a reason i get shifted as i say? and not experience the next months? It has already happend like this for 2 times now. Thanks. Much love.

  5. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for this and all missives, your love and light is alway welcome by me. I am most appreciative. I know in my heart that time is not linear, I know this intuitively but I as of yet can’t wrap my 3D brain around how it’s going to work. I cannot connect to anything when I meditate, it’s just basically bliss. I don’ t feel like I can connect to my “higher self” like I used to. My intuition is telling me that that is because we are “closer or are one” now. I hope the shift is soon. It will be soon. AND soon to me in the 3D is weeks or a couple months, not years . We will make it soon. We will all ascend . Mother Earth will ascend and all her positive children will ascend towards the light of God, our eternal beloved the All that there is. So be it.

  6. Thank You Aisha & CC’s….I’m sure this will be just one of many confusing surprises that is instore for humanity…All part of the awakening process. For those that have stirred to awaken it will not take as long to adjust, but for the sleeping masses…chaos will surely be visable ! I haven’t commented for awhile…as you, I’ve had the inner need to break free from All this & disconnect for awhile. I believe that we All presently need to devote as much time as possible in stabilizing & centering ourselves as individuals to properly handle All these future, soon to arrive events as the internet is becoming full packed with various interpretations, & diagnostic suggestive readings, we alone in the end must answer the call as individual souls & the strength & new attunement must come from within in order to balance the outer upsets that will be swirling All around us.
    May your LOve & Light Shine Brightly my Friends !~

    1. Bev, this is a good explanation, thank you! Especially what you pointed out by saying: “I believe that we All presently need to devote as much time as possible in stabilizing & centering ourselves as individuals to properly handle All these future …”. This truly seems very very important, otherwise we will be forced swimming with the sleepin’ fishes (you call them sleeping masses), because we easily become tired and can’t move (say: realise) as well …
      Love, Light and Happiness to all of us!

  7. There is ten billion things going on at the same time and the show just gets more surreal….I think just wipe the planet clean, the planet ascends, and then we enter the picture without having to transition like this. Not only do we feel like we are losing are minds…..we ARE! Oh fun! My family already thinks I lost my marbles and as for friends…?…….they went running for the hills long ago! No wonder ‘They’ never gave us the whole picture from the get go. Instead they lured us in with ‘UFO’s’ and ‘Fantasy Island’ and how glamorous we are being a ‘Star Seed’ from the planet ‘Zippy’……….

  8. I can confirm time is passing extremely fast. Every day I wonder where has the day gone that we are already evening ! And weeks, and months the same…

  9. So glad to hear these Constant confirmations (pun intended) of our shifting energies and adventures. having feelings of eternal bliss and simultaneously feeling the rug is pulled out from my entire life. WOW to the inth degree…Let us stay in the middle of the stream of Love, flowing and bounding along on our eternal adventures.

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