The manuscript of survival – part 184

As you have already noticed, things have certainly heated up in more ways than one, and they are not about to lessen in the next couple of days. The reason for all of this will soon be obvious to you all, but let us give you a little sneak preview as it were. For now, things will seem calm, but under the surface, much is going on. And when we refer to the surface, we actually refer to the surface of your planet. Much is getting ready to boil there too, as things have started to be affected in so many ways by the intense bombardement of energy that you have all sustained in these last few weeks. So, the pressure is building, and soon, something will have to give as they say.

Again, we will not give any details, suffice it to say that some day soon, something – or maybe someone – will crack. And this crack is something that will be noticed, not just by those of you more sensitive than others, but also by those less inclined to tune into the world around them.

So stay focused dear ones, and stay tuned, less the crack should take you unawares, and you too should succumb to the pressure. It might feel more than uncomfortable at the moment, but rest assured that for you, this added pressure is only positive. That is not the case for so much and so many around you, so again, we implore you to be aware of your surroundings, as there are so many things on the boil, ready to blow up in any direction.

21 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 184

  1. Thank you Aisha and CC. Am feeling a sense of excitement and general well being. Can’t really relate to this Christ Michael message, guess its just not for me. Hang in there Ellen! We all know how you feel and have each had our turn. Love to you all.

    1. For me, I have a well-charged flashlight for taking walks in the evening hours and candles to light my dinner table for romantic dinners with my loved ones! 🙂 It is perspective.

  2. Aisha…..what is your take on todays missive? I cannot feel into this one for nothing of any significance has changed in my world. Would love to hear what you were feeling while bringing this message through. Please share. Thank you! Sending you blessings of joy and love!

    1. Dear Neekla! As always, I prefer not to give my personal comments on the messages I channel. They are meant to be received by each and every one of us based upon our individual “set up”, so the words and the energies in them affect us all in a different way. The CCs repeat this often, as we are all on our individual paths, even if the end goal is the same. Sometimes we feel/experience the same things, sometimes I feel much less affected by these messages or energy downloads, sometimes more. And nothing is “wrong”, it is just as it is meant to be. But as you have probable seen in the personal messages I have posted, I can certainly agree that it has been more than intense this last period, and I do feel that it is all building up to something big. What it will be, and what they mean by “soon” this time, I have no idea. Guess we will have to wait, as usual ;–) As The CCs once said it, “you knew before you came that it would be challenging, but you did not know that the waiting would be the most challenging part of it.”
      Love and light, Aisha

  3. Thank you Aisha and the CCs,

    It certainly does feel more than uncomfortable!!! I “could” not go to work today as I felt so exhausted both physically and mentally. It feels like my body is too heavy to move! And I feel like I am down with the count but hopefully will stand back up even stronger than before.


    1. Hang in there Ellen! I send you my strength and love! If you haven’t already, read both my post from yesterday part 183. There is a book recommendation that would be most helpful. Feel better soon. Sending many blessings. Namaste

  4. Aisha,
    Just wondering about your and CC’s take on the post from AH. I have
    not heard of them and don’t read the comment’s enough to know if they
    are regularly seen here. Do/can you validate their message? I find the
    presentation of it and the AH website a bit disconcerting, it feels a little
    sticky to me, a bit too religious of a presentation.
    Will I am

    1. Dear Will I am. As always, it is so individual what resonates with us all. As The CCs say “There are many fountains of information out there, and it is not given that each and every one of you should drink from the same one.” In other words, what is helpful and a blessing to one, may be the opposite to another. So there is not one “truth”, and only you know what is true for you. But that also means that we all must remember that words and energy that does not resonates with us does not mean that they are “wrong” in any way. It just means that it carries a different energy that resonates with others. It is like a giant puzzle, where all the pieces are different. Some fit perfectly with your needs, some do the same for others. So long as you follow your inner voice and your discernment, you know what is meant for you personally, and what is not.
      Love, Aisha

  5. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions for your continued love and support. Love & Light to you all.

  6. Thank you so very much for this special message, dear Aisha & Constant
    Companions. Seems urgent and seems like being same message our Father/Creator gave us a day before, just using other words.

    “TELEPATHIC MESSAGES : CANDACE Last Updated: Aug 20, 2012 – 3:13:17 PM

    Update on the Three Days of Darkness (3DD)
    By CM thru Candace
    Aug 22, 2012 – 3:09:21 PM

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    Update on the Three Days of Darkness (3DD)
    Aug. 20, 2012
    Christ Michael thru Candace

    Dearly Beloveds, this is Christ Michael and an update is due.

    The time is close. We give no dates but I am here to update today about a small change of plans that will affect you. The craft to eclipse the sun has been behind the sun and ready for some time, close and easy. We have begun to move it more “forward”.

    Now, because folks are NOT aware of what is planned, and most are NOT listening within, the 3DD will start with a partial eclipse of the sun. This will last for about 24 hours so that everyone can prepare for something coming. It gives “notice”. There are many countries in which the news will cooperate during this time, but some don’t plan on it. I think the pressure will require it, when the whole world notices an unexpected partial eclipse and wonders WHY.

    The eclipse will look somewhat different than a partial eclipse by the moon. You will NOT see a huge round dark disk as the method is different but it will be obvious and certainly much more obvious that this is not NIBIRU or any such other thing, in the method we will use. You will not see a gradual eclipse forming. Due to the method used, it will be sudden.

    At the end of the 3DD there will be another 24 hours of similar events. The electricity will be turned off shortly after the total eclipse is manifest but not before. And hopefully most news stations around the world will be making that statement about the electricity, so people can prepare some sort of lighting in their homes. People will be advised to GO HOME. For those traveling, home would be of course the hotel or whatever other temporary arrangements are being used. ALL aircraft will be landed during these first 24 hours, we will see to that.

    Countries are being encouraged to bring ships into port, and this has been out for a time to leadership, but not much seriousness has been taken by some players on the world stage. Generally however, the big boats make their own electricity and will be fine and smaller ones, if the people are so dumb to not come in to port, and have no way to generate heat or light, it is their problem.

    Hospitals of course will make scarce use of electric generators and hopefully during the initial 24 hours will send stable patients home. Ditto other circumstances. Since most businesses require electricity, everyone is going home, there is no need to run any services except for emergency needs.

    This is WELL planned beloveds. Do not fear. But we will not be dropping flashlights to people. They will be challenged to manage. Of course native types will get thru it fine. There is still the mini stasis during this. All intelligent animals will be in stasis, those requiring human care. We do not let cows go un-milked, they go to sleep too. This is but one simple example.

    The mini-stasis will last at least one week and likely more. Those of you coming aboard during the mini-stasis will be lifted on our schedules devised. Generally shortly after the electricity goes off, but will fluctuate according to local circumstances.

    We need those of course in the know, to be working with those who are going to be afraid. If you can have some sort of extra candles, flashlights and batteries that might be useful to share. MANY are NOT needed, one per house is enough, as to flashlights, you chose on candles. It is not hard to get thru 3 days without electricity and in the dark, but it is made easier if the house has some sort of lighting to find the way to bathrooms and the like. It will NOT be pitch black in the day time. The sun’s corona extends a fair distance from the sun and the corona will not be completely blocked, so it will not be pitch black in the daytime, but more like a heavy dusk.

    You can assure people that its fine to go outside and look out windows. It is the thugs who put out that one needs holy candles and must stay inside flat on the floor in prayer. People will be in prayer though, I assure you.

    Where media will cooperate, this will be told in fact. People will be given some time to get small amounts of lighting to find their way in the dark. That is truly all that will be needed anyway, except in hospitals, and nursing homes and most all of them do have generators.

    Anything to make light will work as long as its not on the grid. Most people with solar electricity and battery storage may have some light and it will be friendly of these who do, anyone with generators also, to invite neighbors in. There will be NO removals during the darkness. That occurs ONLY during the mini-stasis which is scheduled in the middle of the period of darkness.

    The 24 hours of fading eclipse afterwards, allows the grid to be gradually brought back on line and the increase in natural light then will encourage those “left behind” to begin gathering and dealing with what has happened.

    Many of our team are to be lifted, including those not known to AH who have roles in this. These ones will all help during that 24 hours of “half light” after the 3 days are over, and many of them will be triggered into action in the preliminary 24 hours. Most of the ones brought up shortly after the darkness starts, will be returned a few hours before the end of the darkness.

    Now, during the mini-stasis, the plant and animal life NEEDS the sun and the planet cannot be allowed to cool to much, so of course the eclipsing craft will be moved so the sun can shine. And then the craft moved back when the mini-stasis is over. With the two “half light” days, this makes a total of 5 days plus the mini-stasis.

    As soon as it is visually obvious the sun is partly occluded, you in the know, go to work. Some of you may awaken even to news in the morning if this starts during your individual sleep cycles. This 1/2 “light” initial day also provides a powerful motive to some of the dark to clean up their act, but it mostly so ones can prepare as best they can. It will make the shock and awe LESS.

    Plan now accordingly and simply LIVE until the time happens. These 3 days are generally done on any planet where possible in the seasons of fall and spring, or the approaching of those times, so the planetary people do not have to deal with so much cold of winter months. Your southern hemisphere is beginning to warm, generally speaking. And the food is near harvest, in the north. Man will be busy with harvest as appropriate after this is over.

    This is more than enough and should probably be the last update that will be needed. In great love of you ones who serve AbundantHope, my 2nd Coming Organization,

    Christ Michael.”

    1. Dear Aisha, CC, and Friends who follow the Manuscript of Survival,
      I just read the above message by supposed Christ Michael”
      The reason I love Aisha’s messages is that the are always so loving and kind and uplifting that my heart can assimilate them without any doubt or fear. When I read the above message, I have so much doubt that the Christ Michael would say, and I quote from the message….”if the people are so dumb to not come in to port, and have no way to generate heat or light, it is their problem.” This seems like such and unloving and unkind and arrogant attitude towards souls during a supposed world CRISIS event.
      So, my question is. Does this message have any credence at all?
      It’s pretty outrageous and I wonder if this is just more fearmongering?
      What are your opinions? Aisha, do you feel this message belongs on your blog?
      I would so love any opinions by anyone reading this. t feels crazy enough to be going through these intense life altering energy shifts. But, I am trying to have discernment when it comes to messages that are clearly not coming from LOVE.
      Blessings to all.

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