The manuscript of survival – part 183

As we have so often described to you before, this process has its highs and lows, and according to the intensity, you will all be feeling the effects no matter where you find yourself on the scale. And now, many will have started to tap into a whole new reservoar of energies, and as such, the effects on your physical bodies will in many ways intensify. As usual, the more intangible effects of these intense energy bursts will be more difficult to discern, as the physical upheavals will in so many ways mask the real effects all of these uploads do have on you.

Let us explain. As you are all busy downloading new information into your systems, your physical body will be even more busy trying to absorb it all, and doing so, it will protest loudly in all the ways it can, being it physical discomfort in the form of pain, upset stomach or moodswings. They will all appear in some form or the other, and we understand that they are at times almost too much to handle. Still, your body is actually well equipped to handle all of this, and even if you feel ready to throw in the towel when these outbursts of discomfort pass an ever higher threshold, rest assured that you are not about to fall into pieces, even if it might feel like that at times. These are actually only superficial reactions to a profound change taking place within you, and as your body for so long has been preprogrammed to stay unaltered in any way it can, it will start to protest loudly when being forced to change, but in all other aspects, it will comply and undergo the physical changes needed in order for you to be able to accommodate all of these new energies. In other words, much fuss, but little negative effect apart from the ”protests” in themselves.

As always, the doses will increase every time you have successfully managed to ingest a new batch of this light energy, and as such, it will feel like your body never gets much rest between these bouts of upgrading. Please remember that they are carefully tailored to each and every one of you, and even if you feel exhausted, your body will not be exposed to anything it cannot take. So again, we ask you to understand that all of these physical manifestations are actually proof that you are still ”work in progress” as it were, and as such, every time you feel like you are hitting rock bottom energywise and physically, you are actually being transported to a new level, beyond the reach of what you were before this new bout of adjustments.

So again, stay calm and breathe into it, as it will not harm you, except maybe wear your patience even thinner than it was before, but we trust that you will all be able to fulfill this round of uploads as well. After all, you have gotten used to being battered about in these intensely surging waves of incoming energy. And please remember, you will not be sailing into calm water just yet, so remember to take in as much fresh air as you can between these surges of energy, in order to be better prepared for the next round. We know this is not good news to any of you, but we also know that you are very aware of this process, and without it, even if our body would mayhaps be a bit more quiet, you would mayhaps miss these reminders that you are actually being propelled forwards every time you are being subjected to all of this hammering and battering. You can take it, and you know so too, but do not feel despondent even if you feel like calling it quits. Ask for help in any way you can to help alleviate some of the physical bother that accompanies all of this, and you will always find solace in Mother Nature or even in the company of others like yourself. As always, do not suffer in silence and solitude, but reach out to others, on both sides of the veil, and know that you are all loved and protected by us all.

24 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 183

  1. Oh but it is good news….the incoming energies??….Keep ’em coming. this life is so very magical and fun….and it will just be getting more so. Much love to you Aisha…

  2. Hey!

    I have a question. Is there anything I should do in order to absorb the incoming energies? I don’t feel anything physically negative, so I’m wondering maybe I’m doing or not-doing it wrong. Thanks!

    1. Dear Mehriel! The only thing to do is to do nothing, or to be more precise, just be present and connected to your own center. As The CCs have said many times, it is nothing “wrong” if you do not feel anything, that is just how your personal process is at the moment. It does not mean that nothing is happening to you, it just mean that your physical body is not protesting in any way to what is going on right now.
      Love and light, Aisha

  3. im so glad this one talked about physical stuff… it’s been bad lately.. right now having the most intense earringing ive had since 2011. i noticed the last few months, ive had a lot of anger and irritation when that’s usually not how i am.. and now seeing it has more to do with how the planet as a whole is feeling, bc we are all experiencing our own personal versions of hell (with highs in between too). and empaths have it harder, although i hear that we are rewiring to grow out of empathy…

    sometimes when it’s this intense, i wonder how ill make it through however much longer we need to.. but i guess somehow it will just be done one day…

    neekla, i think there are many who have been under these influences for a long time. me, since 2005, and yup i did think i was going mad or that there was just something about my life that was freakishly off. i would say though that life became really hard in 2001 when i was 18, i had so much stuff happen since then and that’s when i began a healing path. i started to feel physically funny, but then the real impossible, scary stuff started in 2005 when i passed out in class, and became non-functional ever since then. i did come across material explaining we were going through a transition about 2008 i think, with the first person i read from as Karen Bishop. it helped a lot to read her stuff. there were others like lauren c. gorgo, and a few i can’t think of. have you heard of them? but yes, it was so hard and im glad im in a place where i feel more grounded in my knowing that this is just the process we are undergoing, as im sure you do too.

    it sounds like you had a lot of physical stuff like me, since you mentioned being on disability? what ive kind of picked up on in talking with other starseeds is that some of them just had the emotional/ spiritual stuff and they could work and still be present in the physical world, but then there are those of us that had such physical issues that all we could do was process energies (and whatever else was happening to us lol). so was yours very physically difficult? mine was, it still is, but now its a little more tolerable. do friends/ family have a hard time comprehending your physical blunders bc you don’t look ill, and there is no medical diagnosis? yep that would be my situation, till i just stopped caring. there are plenty of things in this world that are unexplainable but that doesnt mean it’s not real lol…. hang in there everyone 🙂

    1. don’t know why i asked if you were having a hard time physically.. you said house bound and sometimes bed-bound so im assuming the answer would be yes lol… im in that boat too although it has eased up some in that last few months. but now that im not so stuck at home, and can go out, there is no where i even want to go bc the options are not that great… meaning, it doesn’t really give me pleasure to go out, bc i need things that are based in the newer energies… and there’s nothing like that around me…. soon, i hope….. 🙂

      1. Hello Christie. It’s so nice to hear from you again! Hope the ringing has subsided and it’s just the phone now. Yes, I was aware of what was called the ‘Ascension Symptoms’ and this is where it gets confusing. As I followed the messages from K.Bishop/Lauren G. they were spot on every time. But as time went on since 2005 or so things started becoming MORE stronger and duration lasting much longer. The point being I was in constant unrelenting fatigue and pain throughout every part of my body. Eventually in Spring 2007 I collapsed from exhaustion for 3 weeks and had never fully recovered. Things just got worse from there. The CC’s through Aisha in this missive explains EXACTLY what I had gone through and still going through all these years. A confirmation I so desperately needed to hear for my own sanity and that I wasn’t deathly ill with some occult disease.

        For others struggling with pain and exhaustion….overall flu like symptoms, there is an exceptional book. It’s called ‘The Power And The Pain ~ Transforming Spiritual Hardship Into Joy’ by Andrew Holecek. Highly recommended! I picked up a used copy through Amazon. Get it! It’s worth it’s weight in gold!

        Thank you for your concern and inquiry Christie. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Many blessings. Until next time, Namaste

      2. Hi again Neekla, yes those of us who have had the most physical stuff, have really had it hard! we are the ‘bravest of the brave’ 🙂 i had also thought i had some strange kind of illness, or that something was really wrong with my aura beyond repair, something that no one had an answer for. i was glad to have confirmations from other energy updates, yet still i would get scared from time to time. i had physical pains, energy pains, but the worst for me was feeling so delusional and transparent, too wide open in my energy that it was so painful and led to several fainting spells among other things, since my ‘ascension’. fatigue, yes, that wouldnt go away no matter how much rest or sleep i had. it has gotten better, but still it hurts! i would say tho that i finally hit a plateau earlier this year, where it became noticeably easier and it wasn’t so debilitating. i don’t even know how to explain my symptoms or what exactly feels bad as it’s mostly ‘energy pain’; and ive had it for so long now that i don’t know what it’s like without it… and i know how traumatizing it must be for others since it has been for me… i think our roles were also so unique tho. like, very specific to our missions and our star families and what they wanted to learn thru us, since we are doing things parallel to this reality. and much more. of course some are just symptoms too. but i have read before that those of us who started to become physically debilitated when ascension hit, are the ones that were assigned to do the most challenging work– of anchoring the light onto the planet (as well as transmute whatever we needed to personally). the anchoring of the light, now that’s big business lol. i never imagined it was such a role that id be part of, that would take up the last 10 yrs. of my life! i never could have imagined!!!

        i had a dream about 2 yrs. ago, where i was with about 5 other starseeds of the first wave of consciousness, and i couldnt see their faces but i had their presence all around me. we literally got hit with a giant wave of water that blew us out (the wave symbolizing wave of consciousness that was to be the first on our planet). we screamed that it was the scariest most traumatizing thing ever possible in all of existence yet at the same time the most exhilarating thing possible. the emotion of that dream is still with me and it so true, that’s how i feel about this whole journey. but yeah, i really feel that those of us who have been so debilitated physically and have been anchoring the first waves of light onto the planet, are the most masterful souls. other souls have contributed a lot, but it is us, the ‘first brigade’ as lauren gorgo used to call it, that have really taken a beating and have done the dirtiest of work lol…. just kind of talking out loud here as these things have been coming together more for me lately… but glad i have a space to share where someone will actually understand…. so all of us first brigaders, we have really done some big work and i’d call our experience sheer insanity, bc of the difference between the frequencies of the 3-d illusions, and the frequencies of light we’ve been integrating, the last 10 years. it’s maddening, polar, and SO insane. TRULY! lol. omg and on top of that, we didn’t even know what we were actually doing for the first few years. madness, i tell ya! well neekla, a big high five for paving a HUGE distance between what was, and what will now be. 🙂 i really hope we can FEEL GOOD soon.

  4. Blessings and thanks Aisha and CC for this message to help us to know there must be a purpose for all that we are experiencing and feeling that will ultimately be the answer to life. I am so thankful for all of you to know I am not alone in this process and holding with all of you with every breath. love J.

  5. Where were you five years ago!! No such message….you are all in for the most intensive part of the physical and psychical changes. Listen to what the CC’s have to share. I had NO support like this and thought I was dying, going mad and have had a miserable time of it! House bound and sometimes bed bound for days at a time……still to this present day. On SSI Disability…..till who knows when. Expect the worst and maybe you will fair much better than I.

    Thank you Aisha/CC’s for this missive which is probably one of the most important to date. The CC’s are NOT over-exaggerating. I am here for anyone who needs support through this. Just ask.

    1. Thank you, Neekla and everyone else who give so generously of their advice and support on this blog. It cannot be repeated often enough, we need each other in order to be able to face the challenges we meet on this journey. My heart goes out to all of those still struggling alone and unsupported in all of this, and I cannot help but think that many must believe they are truly going mad or suffering from a serious illness. I am so thankful that I have always had someone by my side going through exactly the same as me, so I knew at least that there was someone whom I could talk to about all of this. And I am so glad that so many of you have found this blog and connected with me and with everyone else here. It certainly makes this journey so much easier!
      Love and light to you all!

      1. Aisha, Thank you so much for The Manuscript of Survival. I have been going through all this energy upgrading alone. It has made me quite angry and crazy at times having no one to talk to about it. Of all the messages I read, yours is always the one that says EXACTLY what I need to hear to get through and go on. Thank you so much for your excellent talents and service to us all!
        I do have one question, when you say these energies are tailored specifically for each of us, where are these energies coming from and “WHO” is actually tailoring them for me/us? Is there an explanation for that which I may have missed as I only have caught on to these messages in the past couple of months.
        LOVE TO YOU,

        1. Hello Michael! Welcome to this space, I am so glad that you have found some help here :–)! I have not been given any specific information on exactly “who” or “where”, apart from the fact that they have told me that there are representatives from different civilizations present around our planet, and that they all have designated areas of expertise. Some of them are responsible for the “reworking” of our physical bodies, and they do that in several different ways and in different “localities” if you will, both on this planet and in their ships.
          Love and light, Aisha

  6. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for this latest missive. This rollercoaster just seems to keep going on and on without any ending in sight. I am very tired but I will hold on. I hope it’s not much further, but I will do what I have to do to make it. Hang in there everybody! We can do it!

  7. It was so good to hear what has been happening to me. I feel so sleepy and achy. I still have to keep going and I am so grateful for the explaination. Yes, we are all getting closer and today more than ever I know I am included with all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Lots of love and light, Huglet.

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