The manuscript of survival – part 182

For eons, mankind have been walking in the shadows, many of their own making, but now, finally, some of you have noticed that the light is shining just over the edge of the crater you have been wallowing in for so long. And you have therefore taken it upon yourselves to climb out of that dark crater and approach the light. By doing so, you have also made the light shine even stronger, and as such, your actions have brought the light to so many other people’s notice. In other words, what was once a dismal and dark abyss for many, has now started to stand out more clearly because of that light you took down into it whilst climbing out, so now, more and more of your fellow men are also starting to notice the difference between the two states.

Let us explain. We have often times mentioned the fact that you are not only heaving yourselves out of the morass you have been stuck in for so long, you are also, by your very actions, compelling others to join you. We know that this is not a new subject for any of you, but it bears repeating as you have a way of letting it slip from your memory. And when it does, two things happen. First of all, you seem to lose the focus on your own path, and think that you are lost on this ledge going from the dark and up into the light. In addition, some of you get a strong inkling to feel that you are somehow responsible for pulling many others with you up that path upwards towards the light, and as a result, you literally hurl yourselves off from the ledge and back into the deep dark hole you just crawled out of. Both things are very counterproductive, to say the least, and none of them are a true part of your quest.

Let us explain again what your true path is, namely to strive for the light and to anchor it in any way you can, thereby securing the light a much firmer foothold on your little planet. And as such, you have already made a formidable job of it, and even if you still insist on looking back into the darkness and avoid this ever brightening light that you stand in, you have come so far there is no turning back now. In other words, even if your feet seem to be tangled in the web of yesteryear, the rest of your soul is already out and breathing the fresh air of tomorrow. And when you do, wafts of this fresh air will also touch the lungs of those still stuck down in the old mire. As we said, by your mere actions of self-release will you set free so many others, but you will effectively entangle yourself back into that old snare if you think you have to stay behind and push others up from their chosen spot to reside.

You are to be the wayshowers, as we have already said on so many occasion, and now, that will come true in so many ways. As you know well by now, you are all heading for a period of time when the darkness will seem to outgrow its own size. Or to put it in other words, when the negativity will seem to swallow up most of what you hold for granted. It will do so in order to make itself seem more powerful than it really is, as this darkness has already lost the ground it has fought so hard to purloin. It has lost its ground, and it will never ever be able to regain it, but as it slips even further out of its grasp, it will certainly make a great show of trying to prove otherwise. So your light will be sorely needed dear ones, as you have already amassed sufficiently of this life-giving substance to breathe freely even when the rest of your fellow men feel like the last breath of freedom is being sucked out from their lungs.

And remember, just by breathing freely will you help others draw breath, you will not be asked to give your light away into the mouths and bodies of others. This is a warning, as there are many out there still feeling beholden to others, and still under the illusion that if they do not give their light away to others, all will be doomed. That is not the case, as only those choosing to stay under the surface will remain there. All of those wanting to come up for air will do so, and when they see you, they know that the air in that space is viable for them all. We speak in riddles as always, but the message is clear. Your only responsibility is to stay calm and focused, and to keep breathing in the light and thereby breathing it out again. Then, and only then, can others follow in your footsteps. They cannot do so if you readily plunge yourselves down into the deep to push others up to the surface. Then you will only drown in their drama and sorrow, and with you, so too will so many others. So stay where you are, and do what you do so brilliantly, namely embodying the Source in all of its might, and you will continue to be a pillar of strength in a crumbling world

33 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 182

  1. when the moment is right.. the light appears
    cracked open a few years ago… the light that pours from me
    can not be contained…
    when I question it even for a second.. the Universe comes to show me once again that all is well
    thank you for these words today
    all is well… I see the truth
    and it feels actually pretty marvellous
    shining in my day… wherever I go

  2. The light fills my being. It’s beautiful. It’s so full of love and so full of life. The real hurdles was my mind. My ego didn’t want to let go and instead wanted me to continue to worry about the things going on in my life. I see now that had I let it my mind would have never stopped latching itself to anything and everything it could.
    I see a lighter more loving me emerging, my soul shows my mind the way and I feel much relief.
    All the love in the universe fills my heart as I find myself overcome with gratitude for this wondrous magnificent creation we experience.
    Now I see!

  3. This message really got my attention. I find that I am trying to pull others up with me but they refuse to come and try to drag me down back into negative thinking and actions (like arguing and fighting). I feel in my personal situation that my significant other is trying to control me by making me feel guilty for not “helping” him with his life, i.e., job, money, etc. He tries to make me feel guilty that he has no job because I won’t let him use my car – it’s all my fault apparently. I honestly feel like i’m being suffocated sometimes with all the negativity he exhumes when he’s depressed. I do all I can to “help” him but i know it’s not my job to do that. He has to help himself. It gets so frustrating and feels like i’m walking on egg shells in order to avoid an argument. It is very difficult to get past this because we live together and i don’t know how much i can take. I refuse to be controlled and I guess if he can’t get that then we are through. I just wanted to vent to like-minded people and would welcome any comments. 🙂

    1. Time to move on dear one. I was in a similar situation not too long ago. I kept thinking I could hold on a little longer and tough it out. Then one day I realized that my entire life revolved around this person. You are in a never ending hamster wheel – you will never be able to do enough for your significant other. Leave now and allow this person to stand on their own. You are like the training wheels for them – love them enough to walk away and love yourself enough to walk away. You are not here to “save” this person. It is not your job.

      1. Jessica – you reply to this msg came at just the right time!!! What you say is absolutely true – now i know what to do – let him stand on his own – he says i don’t care and is laying guilt trips today and now i know that i love him enough to walk away – it’ll be rough since we live together but i’ve already told him i can’t have any more drama in my house for my daughter and broke up with him – now it’s just getting him out which isnt an easy task since he has no car or job. My house is getting foreclosed on so i have no rent to be paid and don’t have to live there – so i’m looking elsewhere to rent and may stay with a friend till i find something 🙂

  4. Thank you Aisha and the constant companions for your constant encouragement 🙂

    So once again I can really relate to everything that you have said here, but in my case it does raise an additional question. I believe that I will be one of the wayshowers that you talk about – I have felt for many years that I have much work to do after the 2012 time period. My question is – once we attain this elevated status do our fears and phobias just completely disappear, or is that still part of a gradual process? I know that the process of accelerated spiritual evolution doesn’t just happen and then stop, but for many years afterwards we will continue to purify ourselves. My reason for asking is that I am one of those who can be described as hyper-sensitive, in that I find the energy down here on planet Earth very difficult to cope with. I have suffered from social phobia for most of my life and have tried hypnosis, EFT, medication, meditation, many forms of healing and so on – but nothing will make any dent in it (once I do manage to get talking though you would never believe it as I can be the chattiest person in the room). I understand what you say about staring back into the darkness, but I worry that with so much coming up in the fairly near term now that I will still be unable to get out there and do whatever it is I am supposed to do. I feel so much larger in the spiritual sense than I do as a human, but as a human I feel totally incapacitated and it is so limiting and frustrating.

    1. Dear Jack! You are not the only one struggling with this sense of being almost two different personas, and trying hard to be as strong on the “outside” as you feel inside. It is not easy trying to navigate in the so-called “normal” world, because it can literally bring us to the knees just being around so much low vibrations. I also have periods where I have to avoid being in places where I know the energy is bad for me. But I do not think you have to worry about not being able to do what you came here to do. As you said, you can feel your own spiritual strength, and that is all the strength you will need.

      Maybe you will find some help from The manuscript part 145, here are some quotes from it:
      “As we have already touched upon on so many occasions, this planet has been designated as a starting point, a place where a soul can go back to the very beginning of evolution and start that long road towards perfection, or rather an all-encompassing presence, as ”perfection” is a very biased word for you humans. You see, you tend to look upon perfection as something that is utterly flawless, and therefore an unattainable state for most, while we look upon perfection as a description of anyone getting to know the very core of themselves. Therefore, in your world, perfection has been used as a sort of hindrance, a too high a fence that no one has felt capable of scaling, and therefore it has left so many of you feeling worthless or not good enough. Well, let us just say that there is no fence, as you are indeed already perfect just as you really are, but for so many, that road to self discovery has been and is still fraught with too many self-imposed hurdles, and therefore this training ground has indeed been more challenging than it was orginally intended.

      You see, once that fear has lost its vice like grip on you, these truths will indeed become self-evident to you all, and then you can finally say ”I have mastered the art of self discovery, and I have completed the journey towards myself.” And what you will find, is magic indeed, as it will open up the floodgates and let in all that has been hidden away from you from the first moment you entered into the state of inhabiting a human body. You will no longer look upon yourselves and see shortcomings, you will look upon yourselves and see perfection, and you will see perfection in every flaw that you carry, both on the inside and on the outside, because you will realize that ”flaws” are only marks of perfection, as it is nothing negative at all, only a way to make an individual out of each and every one of you. You are not exact replicas of one and another, you are all perfect images of YOU, and there is no one in the whole of creation that is like you at all.

      That does not mean that there will be no more work, however, as you will be called upon to use your newfound skills in so many ways, but rest assured that you will do so with joy in your heart. Because then you will not be holding yourselves back by thinking that you are falling short of the mark in any way, and then you can free all of the energy you have been holding back by doubting yourselves, and this energy alone is enough to fuel a whole revolution in your world. ”

      Love, Aisha

      1. Thank you for your response Aisha – I keep rereading your reply because it lifts me up and calls me forward. I have too long been plagued by self-doubt and I want this sefl-doubt to be totally lifted from me now. I have always felt I was not good enough. I would like to see where I fit in and where the uniqueness of me can shine.

  5. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for your wisdom, love & Light. Perhaps now is as good a time as any to “seek refuge in the attitude of detachment, and amass the wealth of spiritual awareness”- B.G. 2:49

    Love and light to all my beautiful, beloved sisters and brothers. Namaste.

  6. Wow! Such profound yet simple advice! True wisdom at it’s best and clear as the expansive blue sky! This is going to be a mighty challenge but when your dealing with the Greatest Light Beings ever to walk this earth All at the same time and with the many talents and special gifts brought from home……we will succeed beautifully! No doubt in my mind!
    Thank you as always Aisha for so lovingly bringing through the CC’s and this very important message. Brilliant!

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