The manuscript of survival – part 181

Let us start off this missive by saying that although things may have felt more quiet than usual these last few days, they have been anything but, as there has been a massive preparation for things to come. In other words, do not be surprised if you all feel the gathering of another storm on the horizon. We know that this will not come as a surprise, as you are all well versed in the ebb and flow of this process by now, but still, there might be a few surprises this time around too.

Let us explain. So far, you have all been subject to individual doses of upgrading energies, and even if this will continue, you will also be witness to a massive injection of energy that will in some ways also touch those that up until now have been unaware that there is something afoot. In other words, not only those already awakened, but also those still slumbering happily away will now be subject to insertions of energy into their system. And this will show itself in many ways, as there are those out there already on the verge of waking up, but also those steadfastly refusing to do so. But now, all will be affected in some way by this, and even if the ”symptoms” to call them that will vary both in intensity and outcome, it will be manifesting in so many ways that it will not go unnoticed. Of course, much will look like the usual outbursts of human behaviour, whether it may be categorized as ”positive” or ”negative”, but after this next round, we think you will find that there will be an even wider gap between the two. In other words, you can expect to see things happening around you that will be magnified in so many ways, so acts of compassion and acts of hatred will be even more pronounced. It is literally like everyone will perceive things just that little bit stronger, so that these actions will be much more noticed than mayhaps before.

Do not expect the whole world to shake the sleep out of their eyes immediately, as this is of course a process that will not happen overnight. But do expect interesting things to happen around you, and also do expect interesting reactions to these happenings. You see, the time has come to shine that light just a little bit stronger, so your actions will also be more noticed, even by bystanders who have seemed to be almost blind and deaf to the world around them. But now, the wake up call will be heard by more ears than yours, so expect to be looked upon by new eyes as the days pass and the light starts to seep out from yours.

21 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 181

  1. Time to awaken! ‘Wake up, wake up, you sleepy heads!’ Nothing like a strong cup of espresso to get the blood flowing again…..
    Thank you Aisha/CC’s for the final boarding call. The train is about to leave the station! Bon Voyage!!

  2. Welcome back my beloved sister Aisha! I trust that your holiday was rejunative and full of joy. May your joy last forever. I have been once again guided back to what has been a great, sustaining refuge for me for many years and each time I read this holy work, I aquire more knowledge and insight, it flows into me like sweet nectar and brings me joy. I speak of The Bhagavad Gita and I came across the most ancient of Hindu mantrams “Om Tat Sat”. Om is the sacred syllable that is Brahman, the ultimate Godhead that permeates even the smallest particle. Tat is “That”, the supreme reality beyond what language can describe or thought can think. And “Sat” means both “that which is” and ” that which is good”. So the mantram Om Tat Sat affirms that only good realy exists and the opposite “asat” implies that evil is transient and therefore is not ultimately real. So in the end my beloved brother and sisters only Love & Light is real. Only goodness is real and all the rest is transient illusion. Namaste.

  3. Hi, sweet Aisha, how happy you are back!
    I found so amusing how you left giving us a riddle to solve.
    It was quite constructive, for so many ideas came in, from us all scrambling
    to find the answer.
    Wilbur suggested you should ask your guides, but I do not really believe
    you needed do so. I am pretty sure you knew the answer already, or at least
    sensed it – for the riddle was actually a teaching lesson for us as a group!

    Indeed you always remind us like a loving dear mother, we should take care
    of each other and help us in need.
    Indeed we reached such a time now, when all Celestials & Company of
    Heaven and all awakened humans increase their efforts enormously to
    bring about that powerful Unity of Consciousness, most needed for Ascension.
    And indeed I do feel that our precious little group is strong enough and powerful enough to develop that awareness of TOGETHERNESS.
    Of a Consciousness Unit.
    For together we can powerfully serve the LIGHT, thousandfold.

    In this sense I could see in your image an Individual Consciousness Cell,
    actually having earned its place in the great Ocean of Consciousness.
    It was YOUR message of belonging: “You are one of Us”.

    No, it was not a crop circle, since it was in the sky, and not in the corn.
    No, it was not another wave of energy, since it was a perfect circle.
    It was indeed an expression of Sacred Geometry.
    This is the absolute godly art, a Creator gives Life to his Creation.
    In Creation, everything is perfect, complete, and ONE.

    A circle in its perfection is always the expression of Infinity.
    And so the big circles might stand for the Great Infinite Consciousness.
    On a more personal note, they might express the amazing embrace of all
    Universe, in which we all and Gaia are right now.
    There are millions upon millions of Light ships in our atmosphere right now,
    with millions upon millions of brothers and sisters, all great Beings of Light, all
    came here to help us in need, all part of a ONE Great Infinite Consciousness.

    Per extension, I dare say that your Individual Consciousness Cell might
    represent not only you, but maybe also your little community, the one you
    formed around you through your assiduous work in Purity and Light. By
    gifting us all with the so precious teachings of the Constant Companions,
    we were growing in Love, Light and Understanding, so that we could
    maybe too be looked upon like a (sweet) Group Consciousness Unit.

    Loving you all so much –

  4. Aisha i do hope you got a good rest your going to need it ,this time now reminds me of a saying i learned a long time ago (adversity is the ladder we must ascend to achieve spiritual progress ) and so it will be in the days ahead but the days ahead will bring out the best and the worst of mankind be of Heart Love in service Tooter

  5. Lovely that you are backAisha. Hope the break rested all of you. The current will run strongly from now on I think. Bless you for your service.

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