The manuscript of survival – part 180

The topic of time is something we would like to discuss further, as this is mayhaps the most important factor that separates a so-called ”normal” human being from the awakened one. For as you slowly start to regain your footing in your old, higher levels of energy, you will also encounter the somewhat bewildering experience of time in flux. In other words, the time and space continuum will start to behave in very unexpected ways for you, and you will at times have a hard time keeping track of it all. You are used to a slow and steady rhythm of time, where everything seems to be slowly unfolding, and where the speed is constant. Not so any more, as you are literally being swept back and forth on the waves of a different timeline that does not move like as on a fixed track, but more like a river that finds its way along a very varied landscape. So at times, it will be like everything is creeping along almost unbearably slow, like water moving over an almost level ground, while at other times, it will be just like going over the precipice of a high cliff and then ending up churning around in a backwater. In other words, what was once a guaranteed stable factor of your life, will turn into perhaps the most volatile and changing one, and with it, many new challenges will follow.

As we have mentioned earlier, this is a subject that is difficult to comprehend for you all, as it has been something you did not even need to think about as it was such a rigid structure that you could literally navigate after it. But now, time will turn into something that will help you and challenge you in so many ways. We will leave it at that for now, but we will return to this subject in many upcoming messages. That is all for now, we leave.

22 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 180

  1. always write first and then read what others said. or i will gorteg how to slepp, happy. just saw solara in that foto and she was shining and more enjoyable than ever. what a woman what a soulerosa –and those also bewildering if you insist; i can make sense in all this, i will figure out, in the same time it is a fully engaged reality with itself through us, through all being equally. and there is that uncomfortable sensation sometimes when you break out of the 3 and move in the 5. registering your impressions upon the unfolding is the next step. words ; the first would be that reason to belief there is ya all

  2. how do you always know??? 🙂

    seriously, every day on this blog it’s like reading about how i felt the day before.

    thank you aisha and companions for the ongoing reassurance that i’m not alone, that this is not all in my head, and that all these weird new physiological manifestations have some purpose. your messages always offer so much understanding and nurturing and wisdom, and i can’t express my appreciation enough.

    best to you, and thank you

    love light & peace to us all!!

  3. thanks to you Jean, and all, for being here.. so much better to know we are going through this together 🙂

  4. Feeling and experiencing the same as those of you who posted above, disoriented. Thank you for being here with me. Love, J.

  5. what a clearing that happened tonight. can’t i switch timelines now??! what an earth journey this has been. god almighty i couldn’t have even imagined!

    what a weird dream this life is. i am seeing it like this very much lately.

    love 2 all who trek this path !!

  6. Whoa! Just last night a friend told me he’s having some 5D experiences. He said he sometimes sits quietly for “ten minutes” while 4 hours of clock time ticks away. Definitely not “normal”. 😉 I expect that this is just a simple example of what the Companions are referring to.

  7. On 2 occasions, once 2 weeks ago and again yesterday, while in a large store, I became very confused and almost dizzy as I would look at shelves filled with groceries and see something different than what I thought was there. For example, I was looking for peanut butter and knew that is what I was looking at but would, just for an instant see cans of fruit or something. I became so disorientated I finally just left. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and does it maybe have anything to do with is time factor?

    1. Me too Rhona, dizziness…go to get something, walk into the room where it’s at and then forget why I walked into the room. Dizziness with bouts of unexplained labile emotions going from crying to laughing in the course of ten minutes. All very uncharacteristic and without medical explaination. Hang in there, we love & support you!!

  8. My dreams seem to be more vivid these last several days, so much so that after I awaken it feels like I am in a living two different timelines, but yet the same. This morning when I was in a state of half-sleep, I heard myself think “We are here to awaken you. You are awakening.” It was me thinking this thought, yet it wasn’t. This is new to me.

  9. Dearest Aisha and Constant Companions, Thank you for this missive. Love & Light to all my sisters & brothers.

  10. right about time, and its so surprising how very slow and sudden it could be and leaping far beyond with bringing futures and pasts and the ever now of the real, that is the magic behind, and where our truth grows with earth, as well everything which “happens” and the mean so much to us. thanx for this reliable service aisha and with love,yo

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