The manuscript of survival – part 178

Let us first begin this missive by saying that as we give you these words, there are so many out there still struggling from the outcome of this last implant of energy, and we have to say that although you might well feel more than a little under the weather, you are all significantly stronger than you perhaps think at the moment. Let us explain.

As we were saying beforehand, this bout of uplifting energies would in all probability make you feel less so, as they would have a very harsh effect on your physical body, so we venture to guess that this will have manifested in so many ways in each and every one of you. And as always, being subjected to these distressing symptoms in your physical body will make it less easy to really get an insight into what the real effects on you are. So that is why we will be on hand to help you see this better. As always, the bigger the dosage the larger the symptoms, and so too this time, as the increments have certainly magnified since the last round of adjustments. Many of you will start to think ”will this never be over, and when will I be able to function as ”normal” over a longer period of time?”. Well, let us just say that although you have by no means completed this obstacle course just yet, you will certainly more than see the light at the end of the tunnel in a not too distant future. We hear the groans of despair already, so we hasten to assure you all that this time period we refer to here is actually much shorter than you mayhaps think. But again, we will as always refrain from giving you any exact dates, as this is never done because this is indeed a process that is constantly in flux.

In addition, you will have to be very patient with yourselves still, as your physical body will always seem to find a reason to complain whenever a new wave of ”correctional energy” to call it that slams into it. That is because the level of intensity is raised successively, and whenever you have adjusted to a new level, it is literally time to be adjusted yet again. Much like those people who volunteer to go through a seemingly endless cycle of operations in order to lengthen the bones of their legs because they want to literally attain new heights, so too will you be constantly bombared with new proceedures that will literally open the ”wound” as it were as soon as your physical body has ”healed” the old one. We use these quotation marks here to underscore the fact that we are not referring to literal wounds in this, we are only referring to the fact that your body needs to take this literally one step at the time, and as soon as it has managed to ingest this bout of ”growth hormones” to call it that, it will be ready, if rather unwilling, to ingest a new one.

We are aware that this cycle of growth feels very exhausting, but again, it is not harmful in any way, except maybe to your patience. So once again we ask you to connect to your inner sanctum, and you will find the courage and determination you need in order to reassure yourselves that you are not about to give up anytime soon. We stand beside you and marvel at the fact that your strength keep shining through no matter how exhausted your physical body becomes, and as such, you are certainly more than shining examples to us all. You are growing so fast now, it is not unnatural that the growing pains are increasing also, so rest assured that although you may feel ready for the scrapheap at the moment, you could not be in more ”mint condition” than you are now. After all, you have gone through a new cycle of total reneval once again, so even if you yourselves feel that something will have to give, it will not do so unless you literally give up on yourself. There is certainly no need to do that, but again, we do understand those unable to see their own glory in the midst of these furious storms crashing into you over and over again.

You are stronger than the strongest of trees who manage to outlast centuries of gale force winds, and your roots are even deeper, so you will not topple and fall no matter how hard the winds will be blowing in the time ahead. You will be left standing when those less able to connect will literally be ripped out from the soil, and that is only because they have voluntarily severed their own roots. You have not. In fact, you have literally sent down even deeper roots in such a way that you have ensured a safe grounding within this soil, and this will indeed hold you in good stead as the winds will only increase as the storm once again gathers off your shores.

So do not be afraid dear ones, even if you feel almost unable to stand up by now. You are in fact standing tall and strong, and we can see it, and we admire you all for this ongoing tenacity. So do not think you are but small saplings, unsure of your hold on this soil. You are mighty trees, and your roots and your crowns match perfectly. In other words, not only have you grown below and increased your own foundation, you have also stretched out much further above, so now you are literally embracing much more of Creation than ever before. We embrace you back, brothers and sisters, and we invite you all to keep growing, because you have not reached your limit yet.

32 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 178

  1. You nailed it for me. I’m 49 years old, but this last 2 months have walked and felt like I was 65 or more. I’m walking slower and limping, even. It has me concerned, and I think this is the Spirit’s way of saying, “time to get concerned about your physical health”. The wound is fear, the result is more weight than this body was designed to carry. So, I’ve recently quit smoking, now I feel a need to look into eating organic as much as possible, and become more active in general. Not gonna kill myself, just need to put my heart & brain in a new place…the body will follow. I feel that there is purpose to this on several levels, now. Thanks for the channelings…it is appreciated.

  2. We are getting pummeled once again! One M class flare and so far six C class flares in the last 20 hours! Here we go…..breathe…..let go……and open your hearts! Much love to you all!

  3. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support…I guess I just needed someone to tell me they understood what I was going through! Most days, I feel centered and maintain a positive outlook, but then there are those other days where I become stressed and begin to doubt my own progress. I feel the lesson to be learned (for me anyway) is that it’s ok to ask for help/guidance, I have to remember that NONE of US are ALONE in this…WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. Even just typing those words felt GOOD!! Much love to us all ❤

    1. Your Awesome Rebecca!! You are loved! Thank you for expressing so well the way I have a hard time doing. You said it beautifully!

  4. Thank you so much aisha … After Fridays channeling and feeling so physically challenged over the weekend … Needed some further confirmation to make more sense of what is going on and as usual you provided just that. Really appreciate you xxx

  5. Thank you for all being here. Rebecca, I relate to so much of what you are feeling. Holding all of our hands with much love, J.

  6. Great! Hello Aisha, I thought about what the CC’s were saying all day. Then kept reading the comments. I wasn’t sure I knew what I was feeling. It did feel like a VERY different type of energy….more so than I have ever felt……definitely felt ready for the ‘scrapheap’ that morning!! The effects of it are gradually filtering in. It was quite strong for me also. I almost feel an unusual sense of peace and calm……even ok with my body screaming ‘bloody murder’!

    I was then thinking to ask how you were. I am very happy that I did!
    Reading the body of work over the past few days I was awe struck at the depth, insight, and how it is so beautifully presented! This ‘style’ (if you can call it that) resonates with me deeply. Definitely word encoded. I have nothing but the deepest respect for you and your talents. Thank you for sharing!

    Yes, the puzzle has been slowly pulling together and is becoming quite the possibility more and more(in regards to all the profound things yet to take place). This is where it gets exciting! I understand the stress you must feel in presenting this work….I am happy to hear you are finding your ground! Again, an amazing body of work…!

    This is the first time I have communicated with anyone in the ‘light’ community. I never felt comfortable and have always been shy. But I am now reaching out to connect and I do believe also that this is most important at this time! You have a wonderful group here and seems quite diverse which is great!

    Well we’ll see whats around the next bend in the road. Meanwhile stay healthy and connected! And know down deep that you are most dearly loved!! ~Neekla

  7. …and how’s Aisha doing with all these heightened energies?

    Much love and gratitude for your guidance, for shining brightly the way forward!

    1. Hello dear Neekla, and thank you for thinking of me :–) It is really difficult to put into words just how these last days have been. In addition to really intense physical symptoms, so much has come up and been released or activated. I must say that this last period has been the most intensely transforming period in my life, and even if I was prepared for quite a ride, as always the Universe had a few surprises up its sleeve. And this time, they certainly had a lot on the agenda! It is truly amazing to see how so many pieces seem to be falling into place, pieces I didn’t even know existed at all. Things are becoming clearer, and the doubt and impatience have certainly diminished a lot these last few days. It has been wonderful to see how you all have been connecting and supporting each other, and I thank you for that. The connection we all share is growing stronger, and it is perhaps the most important part of this journey, especially now, as we seem to be approaching some sort of climax. Everything is picking up speed, and the changes become more and more profound, so I must say I have high expectations for the times ahead. My body might not agree with me on this, but I am more than ready to take the next step on this journey. What a ride it is, and how glad I am to be doing it in the company of so many other shining souls!
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. Bless you Aisha, you are doing it so wonderful!
        There is indeed lots of confusion & intrusion everywhere.
        So grateful to you and CC for the purity of the messages.
        Wishing you Light and Strength –

  8. Thank you Aisha and the CC!!! I did not feel as exhausted this time as last. Many revelations are coming to me as to the next steps of my journey unfolding 🙂

    All are one

  9. Thank you Aisha and CC for your inspiring words. I have been following numerous channelings in recent times, but this one seems to resonate with me the most. I must admit that I feel as though I’ve reached a ‘wall’ of sorts; I just want to know WHO I am and WHY I’m here and, for some reason, I can’t seem to connect with my higher self to find the answers to these questions. As a result, I’ve become frustrated and have begun to doubt everything. I feel abandoned by my guides, as they have not answered my pleas for clarification thus far. I’m feeling rather lost at the moment.

    1. Rebecca, i can relate.. every time i have that burning question as to my soul identity, i uh, usually forget that it was on my mind bc another tornado sweeps over my life lol… i wish i could know exactly who/ what i am and have it be a completely grounded knowing. i think it would definitely make me feel more present on Earth, and not like a dangling piece of consciousness that comes from some far-off vague place. and me going MIA from Earth from these bouts of energy blasts, does not help my situation either. my existence in this earth realm has always felt so vague and disembodied. and i wish i could read others’ soul identities as well, would not *knowing* feel so much more complete if we did? 🙂

      i think you can get readings done to know who you are as a soul. ill post the link to this woman who i believe can do those readings; ive watched her videos for a while and definitely feel that she’s honest and ‘of the light’, and knows what she’s doing.

      do you have the feeling that you are a certain “race” when you hear about them? for example, some of the races incarnate on earth are, angelic humans, starseeds from different stars of *this* universe (such as from Orion or Plaiedes), you can be from another universe entirely, and the Indigo race from the 6th dimension (of another universe), and now incarnating more are Crystal and Rainbow children. There are more races than this, i think. I am pretty sure that i am Indigo; but i need to go deeper to really know what that means, in order to be satisfied. overall, i think i understand that, your place of origin’s genetics combine with human genetics, so even your physical makeup is different than those who are entirely human. i picture these other ‘realms’ that we came from, as planets that we were on for a while before we came to earth, and if they were vibing very high, then they will be more fluid of a realm where we were more energy than form (or our form was very malleable). like in the times of Lemuria, when the earth was so high-vibe that the lemurians were very flexible in their form, and could fly around (before dark control set in and the dense energies made it impossible for us to function in fluid bodies). i also think that whatever place we came from before, there was much variation in the energies or consciousness upon each planet as compared to others, and what the function of that planet was as a whole, and abilities that we couldve acquired from there also have a wide range of variation. Earth is one of the most difficult places, so ive heard lol.. anyone else who feels that they are of a certain “race”/ lineage, i think it’d be interesting to share 🙂

    2. Dearest Rebecca, Hang in there! We all send you our love & support. Please ALWAYS KNOW that you are so very much loved and protected. Think of this as another mantra, “I am loved and protected” and repeat it in times of need. I have also noticed a change in the connection to my higher self, initially I felt not as connected. I have now realized that there is no need to yell when the person you want to talk to is practically on top of you. The latter just came to me as I was writting this. As for weight gain, I have lost 76 pounds since January 1st. I am. literally the strongest I have ever been. i. Know that I was guided through this and am being prepared for something. I am so grateful. It’s so wonderful to finally be comfortable in my own skin. As for me, I have always felt a longing connection with the Plieades. Love & light to you and all my beloved sisters & brothers.

  10. Within the last 2 months my body has “expanded.” I feel like I am encased in a bubble. I have gained 8 lbs!!! Would this be part of the process??? Help!!!

    1. Jessica, ive had a few bouts of weight gain over the years, it was 5-10 lbs each time and i really did not like it lol, but it came off pretty soon after i gained it (most of the time in 3 weeks, but within 3 months max altho ive heard others saying theyve had longer periods of weight gain..). i would guess it’s an energy-based weight gain thing, like we needed that extra help from the fat to help us process what we needed to for that time. so i wouldnt worry too much 😉 i do remember though that those times of weight gain i had were very intense clearing times- i was sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and was so drained, and very disoriented, and also very little things getting done in my life. and i think i’d attribute it to the depth of the processing i was undergoing.. but it always normalized for me.. so id just say to do all that your body wants with food, sleep, etc and it will likely jump back to normal when u least expect it 🙂

  11. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions for this missive and all your continued love, light and support. Love to all my beautiful sisters and brothers.

  12. There has been some interesting things going on last nights. Got some incoherent communications going on at the night and had a chance tho feel my chakras even I didn’t see them. They felt stronger somehow. Had my “feet” straightened and saw some things from the past, fleeting memories or something. Something surely is kicking in.

    1. wow cool, sounds amazing… i love when stuff like this happens.. things are for sure ramping up 🙂

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