The manuscript of survival – part 173

Let us begin this missive by saying that the amplitude is once again increasing, and we gather that many of you have already felt this in your very bones. You see, this restructuring of your physical body is certainly being felt in those least flexible parts of you, namely the densest parts of your structure, and as such, you have mayhaps already suffered some rather painful alterations already. This will feel very unpleasant at times, and if these pains occur in parts of your cranium, they might very well be mistaken for something else. Do not fear these movements or shifts dear ones, they can in many ways be likened to the shifts of your continental plates, and as such, this grinding and sliding will be felt all over, but they will certainly not create the same kind of havoc the shifts in your planet’s continental plates incur. So rest assured that all is well, even if your body parts are trying to convince you otherwise.

As usual, this is only growing pain, in the most literal way, and even if the sharpness of the pain can seem to signal something else, this is not harmful at all. Rather, take it as another sign of stepping into your new self, both in a mental and physical way, and as always, the physical part of you is the one that needs more time to adjust. It is also the part that will protest the loudest, because it has been in so many ways ”trained” to avoid any changes at all. But now, it too must literally suffer the consequences of this constant flux of energies, and as such, it will again moan and groan, and we venture to guess that these protests have been louder than usual these last few days.

We will not give you any ”finishing date” on this process as usual, but we will again repeat the fact that the louder the response from your body, the more thorough this process usually is. In other words, do not feel down because of these ”adjustment pains”, but let them come and go, and think of it as another step taken towards that oft-mentioned finishing line. As we have said so many times now, as you approach that line, the pressure will certainly mount, and so too the effects on your physical body at times. Just breathe into it, and do not go into fear and think that anything is amiss. You are being reconstructed according to the original blueprint, and when you see the finished result, you will all agree that it was worth every painful moment along the way.

12 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 173

  1. Love and thanks to Aisha and CC…………would love a blast of life force too, Christie. Love to us all. I love you. J.

  2. Wow! Is this for the new cycle of awakeners? I have had these cranial headaches starting back in summer 2005! But it’s been far and few between these days. These last few days have been normal….the usual deep bone burning pain and dizzying fatigue amongst a whole list of other unpleasantness. Well, hopefully no one will have to endure as long as I have….seven years and counting!

    Thank you Aisha and the C’s!

    Much love and faith in the process!

  3. thank you! i was so glad to see another post! had a strong pulsing pain on the right side of my skull yesterday, that was almost unbearable. i thought, oh another ascension thing lol

    this is deep-dark time for me, and seems im on a marathon in my dark little void over here. surely not wanting to do any work that im ‘supposed to’. so i guess it’s not getting done.

    all the powerful beings of the universe and beyond, come rescue me!!! or just gimme a blast of vital life force!!!

    1. Hang in there my dear, sweet Christie! My Love to you, may your pain go away! Love & Light to you.

      1. oh thank you Wilbur, you are such a soul of beauty and your words always bring me back to my heart

  4. Thank you my dear Aisha & Constant Companions. I have indeed been experiencing significant physical manifestaions during the past few weeks. Thank you for the warning about more changes on the way. Love & Light to you all, my beautiful, sweet sisters & brothers.

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