The manuscript of survival – part 172

As the times passes and the lessons and challenges only seem to mount in number and intensity, many will have a hard time keeping the focus. We understand this well, as you have all gone through so much alteration and altercations already, and you might feel less than disposed towards working ever harder. When will we have a much longed for break, you will think, and when will we be finished with all of this hard toil? We wish we could say that from this day forward, you will rest in bliss and harmony, but alas, that is not yet the case. We do not think this will come as a surprise to any of you, but still, we think you all need some extra encouragement at this point. Let us just say that you have more than overwhelmed us all by your tenacity and your willingness to give your heart and soul to this process, and the results from all of your hard work is astounding indeed. However, as these results so far may seem less than tangible to you all, and the only outcome so far seems to be exhaustion and fatigue, we think you need another dosage of peptalk from us all. Not to pull the wool over your eyes in any way, just to help you see above this sea of discomfort and unease that you seem to swim in at the moment.

As we were saying, many of you will have hard time seeing any results from all of your efforts, but we can see them, and they are glorious indeed. To you, they might seem small and insignificant, if visible at all, but to us, they signal the victory of a battle that was started a long time ago, and that has been fought in so many ways and on so many levels, but now is in its finishing stages. Let us explain.

You are all warriors, and in more ways than you mayhaps see yourselves as. You are warriors of the light, and you have joined forces with all of those other beings currently working and fighting so hard to raise the level of energies on your little planet, a planet that has been held captive in the lower vibrational ranges, in order for a few dark beings to keep you all back. They have been very successful in doing just that, but now, you have all, by your communal efforts, managed to raise the level of energy enough to ensure a total shift in the whole atmosphere if you will on your planet of abode. This has been a long and tough struggle, and for many, the battle scars are almost uncountable, but you can all wear those scars with pride, as they show that you have given it all in this fight for the reappearance of light on this little blue globe. And with it, you can also claim to be a part of the victorious army, an army composed of people just like you, all carrying their individual load in this great exodus towards the higher spheres. You have all given all that you carry inside of you to this battle, and as such, even the sides you consider to be your darkest parts have taken part in this epic battle. In other words, you have taken your duality and laid it across the great chasm that divided your world from the rest of creation, and by giving up your duality, you have in fact fused your world tight to the rest of us, and thereby managed to expunge your past.

In other words, you have all managed to make yourselves whole again, as you have managed to  connect the two halves you have been cut into previously and help them to connect back into a seamless whole. And with you, so also your whole world, as you are but a fragment of a whole, and once you as a fragment heals, so to the whole. We know this will throw many into confusion, but let us just say that you are so much more powerful than you have hitherto seen, and your actions so much more important too, as this is not only a personal journey for each and every one of you, it is also a journey for us all, as you by your actions are healing old wounds that have been painful to us all.

It will not seem like that to you at the moment, as you are still suffering trough the completion of this healing process, but trust us when we say that the pains from this coming back together as one-process will soon dissipate, and the feeling of wholeness will start to seep through in so many ways. So rejoice dear ones, you have become whole again, and with you, so have we all, and we salute you as the greatest warriors ever seen, because you have all gone across that great chasm inside and you have managed to close that rift where you were once torn asunder by those with ill will. They cannot control you any more, as they are powerless against your wholeness. And remember, by your actions, thousands upon thousands of other souls will find the courage to do the same. They have also stared into that abyss for ages, but now, they find that strength they have inside to take a leap into the unknown. Some will falter at the last instant, and they will not be able to trust their strength enough to give themselves the push they need to reach the other side. But for every one who literally make themselves fall short of their own strength, there are thousands who will be able to close that gap inside that they have feared for so many lifetimes, and they will be able to join you. And so the wounds will heal, and you will be complete, and so too us. For we are your brethren, just as you are ours, and together, we will celebrat the victory of re-union and singleness, and we will do so for eternity.

14 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 172

  1. Dearest beloved Aisha, Constant Companions & sisters and brothers, Thank you all for your continued Love and Light. Warriors we are indeed, protectors of the light, champions of the oppressed and downtrodden where ever they may be. We are valiant, fearing nothing we know that when our actions are in harmony with our beloved Creators intention, victory will always be the result because equilibrium must always replace disharmony. I am stronger than I have ever been, each of us stronger than we have ever been; guided by the firm, yet loving hands of our beloved Constant Companions and benevolent forces of the light. So here is to our exponentialy ever increasing strength and our ability to use it in wisdom and Love for the greater good of all creation. NAMASTE, I ackowledge and honor the divinity in each and everone of you.

  2. Thank you Dear Aisha & CC’s….I understand completely ‘Yin & Yang – Holding on to the Edge’ divided as it has been most of our lives, trying to balance the two, but we are now on the threshold for the 2 to become 1, & whole again as it once was eons ago…but our work will always continue as this is who we are ‘Sowing the Seeds of LOve’ across Mother-Earth…across the Universe !~ Blessings to you ALL my friends & especially today as it is an uniquely special focal pointed Heart Centered day in which the healing LOve we send out is received & magnified by the power of creation….so please let’s All make a big, lasting impression Expressing our LOving intentions today !!!~

    1. The 2 “Yin&Yang” are already 1, at the point where they connect.
      We only need to stay at that balanced connection point and not swing to extrem Yin nor extrem Yang.

      1. thanks for the message & input my friend ! I guess it’s all in the perspective we have as individuals, as I don’t see Yin & Yang as being 1 or connected, it indeed is a balancing & a dependancy of one to the another, but retains duality & as a state of being separate, much like the right & left hemispheres of the brain. I believe that as part of our evolution this defining line will dissolve & this new merging of the 2 will meld & transform our way of thinking in duality to a more knowledgeable peaceful level of awareness & understanding of all of creation where the defining truth of Oneness is found. That’s just how I see it, & I also appreciate all our individual view points, as it is all part of sharing, learning & growing….& all part of life’s diversity, it would certainly be quite boring if we all were identical don’t ya think ! Blessings my friend…~

      2. thanks for your viewpoint. I like diversity, it makes life fresh.
        YES, all our individual view points should coexist, without any right or wrong. As I am learning something new every day, my perception is anyway changing all the time.

        For me Yin&Yang are just names for ONE and the same energy which can be polarize in duality. One end of that polarized energy we named Yin, and the other Yang. The “Zero” point is for me the connection point, where there is no polarity, only unity. That’s maybe better explains my perspective.


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