The manuscript of survival – part 171

The topic today will be more on the one we have touched upon earlier, namely the subject of time. As we have already stated, the day is coming soon when your concept of time will be torn asunder once and for all, and although this will be a liberation in more ways than one, it will also be a day of reckoning. Let us explain.

From day that onwards, mankind will have to face the fact that everything it has put its stakes upon has to come up for consideration. In other words, nothing will ever be the same. Just consider the fact that for thousands of years mankind has adhered to the ”fact” that they are the sole entity in the whole of Creation capable of acting in an advanced manner. In other words, apart from all of the other living creatures on your planet, there is nothing sentient at all in the universe, and as such, you have counted yourselves as the rulers of creation, as you are the most advanced beings you know of. Well, as the timelines collapses and you will find yourselves faced with the fact that not only time, but so much else, is very different from what you have surmised up until now, so also the fact that you are not alone in this whole vastness of being will become apparent. And it will not take you much time to also discover the fact that you are by comparison far, far less advanced than you mayhaps thinks at the moment. In fact, you will literally see with your own eyes that you lag far behind so many other civilizations out there, and you certainly have a lot to learn in order to try to pick up the distance between you. This will certainly seem to be more than a little daunting to you all, and it all starts wih the ability to embrace all of the implications of having multiple timelines to choose from will bring with it.

You see, the ability to be able to freely move between them will literally set free so much of your inherent energy, as the confines of this stricty limited one you have been shackled to has also ensured that you cannot access the information contained in all of that sea of possibilites we have talked about earlier. In other words, setting you free from that singular timeline will also enable you to literally drink from this ocean of time and information, as time does not stand alone as just a definition of movement and progress. Time also encompasses so much more, as it is not only a continuum of sequences, but also a holder of information. We know this will sound very confusing now, but we want you to start thinking about time as so much more than defined by numbers on a screen or the dial on a watch face. Time is a very fluid concept, and a very intelligent one as well as it is so much more than just the counting out of hours and seconds. It is also intelligence, in that it contains so much energy in itself, so going from a single timeline to multiple ones will also be like going from single, limited source of energy and over to a limitless supply. In other words, you will be able to open up to so much once that single timeline of yours reluctantly lets go of the hold it has on you, and then everything will literally open up in front of you. Because along with these limitless options of time comes clusters of information, and this information will literally set you free from all of the confines you have been under up until now.

It will set you free, but at the same time, it will also take away all of the foundations you have built your lives upon, and this will be literally earth shattering to so many. For what can you believe in when everything you know is shown for what it is, namely but a small fragment of all that exists? And how can you not be challenged by the fact that you as a human being is only a tiny fragment of the number of sentient beings in existence in this vast Creation? As we have said earlier, you are the lucky ones, as you have chosen to be exposed to these facts before the revelation so to speak, so you have started to get used to the idea that you are not alone in Creation, but for the rest of your fellow men, this revelation will be a shock that will be too much to take in, and the fallouts from this will be many indeed. Let us just finish off todays missive by saying that it is therefore important to start to stretch your minds as much as you can in the time ahead, and start to make room for not only so much more time, but also so much more information. It will more than challenge your capacities dear ones, but do not be afraid, for this is in fact only old news to you all. Remember, this is actually a case of re-membering, and as such, you already carry this information inside, but you have not yet been allowed to get access to it. But soon you will, and just as a muscle that has been left unused for too long a period, it will be somewhat uncomfortable and ungainly at first, but soon, you will be able to flex those muscles yet again, and you will start to put your faith in their strength and test out their abilities.

31 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 171

  1. yes it helps, thanks for sharing! looks like good info and ill be looking at this website today, so thanks again Bevy 🙂

  2. Hello Christie and thank you so much, my friend! I am a tad bit technically challenged and am not sure how to post a link here but the webpage is PAO stands for “Planetary Activation Organization” and I signed up for their regular emails that include wonderful information and updates, mainly from Sheldon Nidle, and occasionally others of interest who are in the know. There is always info on the Galactic Federation of Light. These communications give me insight and somewhat of a timeline on worldwide (and otherworldly) occurrences. It’s always so nice to receive these messages of peace and hope. Please let me know if this helps and if not I will research and get you and everyone more information if it is needed as I hope to be of service to anyone and everyone whom I can be.

    Again, many blessings to you all and to Aisha who is of great service and a light to us all. What comfort I find here on these pages. Xoxoxo with love, Bevy

  3. Bevy~ welcome and please make yourself comfortable! i like what you shared about the sheldon nidle channeling.. would you mind to post a link? 🙂

  4. Hello sweet friends… Just tonight I received an email from PAO and Sheldon Nidle saying that ALL is about to proceed… And it sounded like they were talking about the big ball rolling into position to begin complete and total, undeniable proof positive for the entire planet, including all who have doubted or have been completely unaware or awakened. I have noticed more and more DAILY about such things as the fall of the world banks, Libor Scandal, etc., as well as tidbits regarding new Mayan findings, planetary anomalies, etc. So I know mass media is starting to cooperate. There are many posts regarding the Galactic Federation of Light and their timelines vs. Earth timelines, and the differences in the thought processes of what “arrest” and “containment” of the dark ones really means in the big scheme of things. I understand that we are very near the end of our cycle as Gaia is preparing herself as are we as the light beings we are becoming. I am new to this wonderful love filled site and was wondering if anyone else has received this current information. It is such a privilege to be with you all and sense the love of spirit and of heart and mind that is flowing through this entire site and all who I have read posting here. Aisha, I have so much gratitude for you and your preciousness, for providing this forum that has drawn so many beautiful ones to it. Gods blessings on all of you in this extraordinary and magnificent time we share as we bloom into the sacred flowers we have always been meant to be. What a joy to see and hear and feel you all! It literally brings tears to my eyes as my heart swells. Brothers and Sisters, I love you all and am so thankful to be able to share with you. Thank you so very, very much.



  5. I have felt so peaceful these last few days. Can’t keep the smile of my face. People look at me with a cross between fascination and shit I don’t even know how to describe how they look at me.

    I can feel it coming and I’am so excited. This life of suffering has been worth it.

  6. about an hour ago i started feeling worrisome and negative all of a sudden, then pretty shaky in my body. i looked at space weather and it said several sunspots emerging rapidly– go figure. it’s a whirlwind of an energy.. i bet you all are feeling it too?

    i vent a lot, i know, but my dad is at it again and i just need to talk it out (i have to live at home with my parents bc no money- but really it’s about healing what i need to before im ‘allowed’ on the energetic level, to move out)… he’s on a rampage tonight and he’s SO toxic. started yelling at me right as about the energies started, and i just calmly walked away. i guess i no longer feel the need to defend myself bc i know at all my levels, that HE is the one that is out of line. he’s always had ‘a problem’ with me and ceaselessly blames me for so much.

    he has been such a weight to carry in my life. so much i couldn’t do bc of ‘daddy.’ if i do this, ‘daddy’ will be so mad. have to be abnormally silent and still because of ‘daddy’. i am really ready to have him out of my life forever, and i don’t feel guilty about wanting this. i never did anything ‘to him’, he’s had ‘a problem’ with me since i was born. the first time he abused me, i was a year old, so what could he possibly think is my fault. so it’s not me, it’s him. but yet, he’s so convinced that ‘it’s me’. i seriously want to never be around his toxic rage again. i never deserved it in the first place and it’s taken me a lifetime to fully believe it. (a kid believes, ‘i must have done something really wrong for my parent to hate me this much’). i can see it from an aerial view now that his blame of me is just an illusion that is simply *untrue*. my aura and physical body are like, throwing up right now all the bad stuff from his abuse. it’s taken many rounds, and will probly take more :/ and to think that Earth was an optional project. In times like this, i think whyyyy did i choooose thissss? can’t i just… leave for a while??? thx to you all for being the witnesses to my new self, it really helps…. so we have vermont, germany, and arizona, and texas… this shouldn’t be too hard 😉

    1. you are right, Christie, this isn’t too hard. Stay in the Light and all that is good. And, there is much that is good. love and light sent your way.

  7. Theo, and Jean, yes i understand the heavy feelings. loss of interest in 3d as you said, Jean. almost like i don’t want to take another step unless i can feel some LOVE blasted directly to me. we are with you, dear Theo and Jean and there is just so much love for you. it’s just that we are away in our own corners for now resolving our ‘stuff’ at the moment, instead of at a big celebration together. darn! but i do feel so much upliftment in interacting with you all! anyone else getting the inner message lately that we should always be receiving? not spinning our energies outside of ourselves but being in our beautiful, whole Selves… i can’t go into it right now im too depressed lol…

    Jessica, im so glad u shared what was going on with you, so glad we can relate and thank u for making me feel lighter and better! me too on the apathy and some freaking out that my life is at a seeming ‘standstill’- and even that is not enough to scare me into any action bc im just too honest with myself now, to say that i don’t want to do anything till it feels right. yet, feeling like i dont even know what to do at the moment, it just feels off. maybe go to a cafe, but that’s what i always do!! at least i feel SO much better and a relief as you said, since i know this is the ‘theme’ right now lol. i guess we are somehow makin’ it through.. even if we feel like a$$ to put it bluntly lol. if you try something new, i hope it’s wonderful!

    Wilbur, i enjoyed your ‘frequency range’ description, yep like the same song over n over again. ‘cheesy corp. lounge music’ omg what a belly laugh i had!! no artistic merit, youve got it brother, hahaha i love how u put it 🙂 zuchini sounds heavenly, it’s such a special vegetable lol! i wonder where everyone in our lil community here, lives… why can’t we use our super powers and meet?? i am in ‘corporate’ Dallas, TX (against my will) lolol Wilbur it’s so ‘corporate’ here it’s not even funny lol. i try to focus on the little things popping up that are more heart-centered here in dallas, but i need to throw a tantrum once in a while bc it sure isn’t fast enough change for me. where do u live wilbur? if anyone comes by dallas, definitely let me know!

    1. Wilbur, Christie, how WONDERFUL you are! I am muuuch better right now!
      I thank you so very much, my so very sweet dearest souls!
      I love zucchini and I eat lots of them.
      By the way, Wilbur, yes, our brothers the animals never did any contract with God, that we humans kill them and eat their cadavers. All these pandemics
      in the animal kingdom show just their protest.
      The way GAIA feeds us is indeed with vibrant fruits & vegetables.

      Your falling on the floor was an UPGRADE.
      Of course you are brilliantly healthy. You got a shock of white Godly Light.
      Please do never be afraid. In God there is nothing to fear.
      We changed gears. By now you should know – forget our doctors!

      I live in stuttgart, germany, dear Christie, but I see absolutely no reason why
      would we not be celebrating soon our Light & Freedom

      1. Thank you Christie and Theo for your kindness. I am in Vermont Christie and I feel blessed to live here, I find it so beautiful. The people are very cooil, kind of hippie dippie extra- crunchy ganola meets old time yankee . Me, I’m hippie-dippie, extra-crunchy granola! Ha :Ha! Stay ccol down there in the “big D”. Theo, I’ve never been to Germany, I bet it’s beautul. Love & Light

    2. Hello everyone… I live in Tucson AZ. It is now summer monsoon season and our desert temperatures have actually been cooler than many parts of the US. Hey, let’s have a party! We will need to do some time line – dimensional jumping to “see” each other. Isn’t this what the CC’s are telling us is possible?? how fun would that be? Wilbur, you bring the zucchini – OK?

      1. Hi Jessica, I here Tucson is a beautiful place, I’ve never been down that far. I used to live in Bullhead City. I’d love to surf time or jump dimensions and meet you and all of my sweet, beautiful sisters & brothers. I hope you get the rain you usually do Jessica as most of the country has been so dry. We just got some rain last night and it looks as if we might get a soaking today too, our garden can use it. Much love & Light to you.

  8. Thank you Aisha & thank you Constant Companions. I am ready. It’s time to change the frequency range to one we haven’t previously been able to see. I would love to meet new beings. Please come and visit me soon. I am SO bored with this present frequency range, it’s like listening to the same song over & over again….enough already…. Cheesy corporate generated lounge musak, with no artistic merit ENOUGH !.please! I’ve been hearing “soon” for the past two years. Please drop the veil once and for all. Come down here and see me face to face. The summer harvesr is in and I have some zucchini for you. LOL! Christie, I think I feel as you do. Hang in there my dear,sweet sister! Know that I am sending my love to you and all my beloved sister & brothers. Hey Christie, how are you guys fixed for zucchini? Ha, Ha!

    1. Tired, dearest Wilbur & dearest All, heavy and sad. So SAD like I would carry ALL this big wide world’s sadness on my shoulders alone…guess it is Gaia…

      1. Dear, sweet theo, Don’t be sad, we all Love you and share your burden. I think we’ve been hit with a huge wave as just a couple of hours ago all of the energy was just zapped out of me. Two or so weeks ago, my wife found me unconscious on the floor. Long story short after multiple tests I am in excellent health, so what happened to me is a medical mystery. Hang in there theo, my love to you.

  9. Yes, Christie, feeling the apathy and total loss of interest in 3/d. Thank you all for being here to not be alone. I love you, J.

  10. Bye bye Status Quo! I can already imagine myself when these revelations come. Seeing those faces of vastly more advanced beings thinking to themselves “did they really let these guys loose?” Must be a draining day. If even days exist anymore then… Hehe!

  11. Hi Aisha,
    Thanks to you and the Constant Companions for this delightful message!!! I will certainly be a new way or should I say we will “remember” how to be this way. And it sounds like this will happen to everyone which will freak out many people. The chaos would certainly reach a new level with that and I would imagine that many souls would opt to leave the planet.

    Blessings to all
    All or one

  12. here’s the angel message for anyone interested…. ive found myself to ride the exact waves he describes as happening to us, each time he posts his messages……

  13. cool, can’t wait to surf time!

    did anyone else feel a ton of apathy yesterday? i got so drained and contracted in my whole being, surrounding the strong feeling that i needed to bust out of my rut and do something new, and couldn’t find interest or desire for my current reality. then i see an angel message someone posted on utube, and what i described was the exact energy wave we were riding (at least some of us)… the angels say to try something new, play, find a new direction, etc. But what to do, is my question… if anyone else felt this blast yesterday, i wonder if you guys also have recognized these times of deep apathy as the times we get some specific kind of download snapping us out of the direction we’ve been going in, to something new. almost like we go on ‘shut down’ to get stuff ‘deleted’ having more to do with ‘where/ how am i investing my energy’ rather than so much of a ‘healing’ session, is how ive experienced it. or maybe it’s just more of a dramatic healing… this has happened much less in 2012 for me. when it comes up, it’s hard to ignore, these times of apathy sure cast their mark, as some kind of dramatic ‘cut-off’ period. eesh!

    1. hi Christie, yes! I have had deep apathy, especially last week. Actually, I have had previous bouts of apathy for the last several months!!! I worried about myself and judged myself for not being able to have a “plan” as regards to “what to do with my life!” I felt I needed to be more productive. (What exactly I was supposed to do, however, has so far eluded me.) And, then your post come like an anwer to my prayers for relief. I really like the angels suggestion to “try something new and fun.” Play, adventure, new direction – this slight adjustment in my perception released all my feelings of being a loser. I now feel lighter, energetic, interested, alive. Thank you also for posting the video. I really resonated with these ideas. Thank you. And thank you Aisha and CC’s.

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