The manuscript of survival – part 170

Let us just begin this missive by saying that you have all started to master old skills by now, and although your mind has yet to grasp this, you have entered the halls of old wisdom and started to tap into the rich deposits of knowledge that resides there. Not much of this will be apparent during your waking hours just yet, but it will start to seep through into your consciousness as the doors will start to open more and more between the different states you currently inhabit. Because you have already taken that step behind the veil, and you are already immersed in that sea of possibilities we have already referred to, but as we have said, it takes some time to adjust being in this state of flux, and as such, you will be exposed to all of this newness in increments. Therefore, consider this as a period of trial and error, much like when you start out learning to ride a bicycle, so you are not riding unsupervised, and you have your training wheels still attached.

As we were saying, for those unable – or rather unwilling – to start to open up to these lessons beforehand, the shock will be great the day they suddenly find themselves astraddle a bike riding at top speed, without any previous knowledge of ever learning to ride such a contraption. Needless to say, this will cause many a hard tumble, and more than a bruised knee here and there. But you have already stepped up to the challenge and enrolled in this class for higher learning, and bit by bit, you will find the confidence needed to ride this new bike at top speed, unsupervised and without those training wheels.

We use this analogy of the bike to point out that this is a playful process indeed, as this is meant to be a joyful, if somewhat challenging and exhausting ride. So hop on your bikes dear ones, and never mind if you get a bruised knee or two while you struggle to find your balance. It does not matter, so long as you don’t let a bruised ego stop you from climbing back on and try another round every time you find yourself nose down on the ground.

17 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 170

  1. Love your clarity, i know how rare you feel in this “culture”. yours and with you, Yos Yama Tany Joseph Saldemar Opensala 🙂 this is how Chinese sign with their lineages and perfect rising to you, to us.

  2. lol just the other night I had a dream of me riding sports bikes. Love these synchronizations.

    1. Well this side of the veil is getting a little bit like as in the other side. More free and with intentions or prayers finding myself surrounded as described in them. As I get more used to the idea reality can be bended or changed as wanted to, maybe further along the line will get introduced more of possible timelines and outcomes of our dreams and desires. I guess vizualisation could help further along the way. Still, little confined with my thought patterns. Life really was all along like in those silly childbooks and fantasies. And forgot it for the most part of my life. Learning to gain it back. It’s just about to gain that happy feeling as kids have. Things went much more smooth and fluid back then.

  3. hmmm, anyone fallen off a real bike lately? My shoulder is still sore from a tumble 12 months ago, so I’m not quite so excited by the analogy. Apparently the Companions haven’t been constantly with me. 😉

    But I loved the message in Part 169, describing the key part of The Shift as moving to a place of multiple timelines. I sure don’t grasp the reality of that, but it rings true as something we’re going to encounter soon. And it makes sense that it could cause some stumbling. An acquaintance has described moving into a Oneness experience so strongly that he had trouble distinguishing his body from the surroundings. He literally found it difficult to walk. If you find yourself in that state, don’t get on a bicycle! But also, don’t be afraid. My friend adjusted, because it is a natural state, and we will, too.

  4. It’s funny she speaks of bicycles, as I just picked up an adult tricycle abandoned in the alley and I’m going to ask my friend to help me fix it up (flat tires!) I can’t wait to get out and ride!

  5. Just think of it when you were a kid….nothing deterred you and everything was new and exciting!

    Thank you CC / Aisha for these precious gems of wisdom!

  6. Dear Aisha , i try have good moment for meditation ,
    but it is no simple connect to this energy ,
    i try have my silence , for connect my self ,
    for connect my divine .
    you can tell me any suggestion ??
    i send you all light … Marco

  7. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. How did you know that cycling was one of my most favorite things to do in the whole wide world? Love & Light to you All. Let’s ride!!!

    1. Just do your best my dear brother and don’t be afraid to ask for help as soon as you need it. Love & Light to you

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