The manuscript of survival – part 168

Let us first of all start this missive by saying that for now, the waves have quieted down somewhat, and we hope you have all gotten your heads above the water yet again. It was an intense influx this last one, and as we foretold, it certainly brought its surprises to so many of you. We hope you have all gotten your breath back, and that you have started to go into just what you have been processing these last few days. It is important not to lose sight of the main goal here, namely the outcome of this process, because it is indeed very easy to get caught up in the undertow of symptoms. Let us explain.

For many, these last few days have been almost nightmarish, as you have had to battle challenges in such a way you have been almost at your wits’ end at times. We are well aware that for some, this was almost too much, and we do not doubt in you that. Yes, it was forceful indeed, but again, remember that the end goal here is what is important, and now that the forces have quietened down a bit, we do hope you can manage to get a clear view of what has transpired in your life during all of this hullabaloo. We said it would be important on so many planes, and that is still true, even if some of you just feel utterly exhausted after this ordeal, and fail to see any improvement at all. Trust us when we say that this is not the case, as none of you have gone through this without literally being anointed with some sort of almost miraculous effect on your system. For some, this will be apparent already, beacuse you have gained a clarity of thought and intuition during this that you did not possess before. For others, the feeling of physical strength may have altered perceptively, and you will feel much stronger than before. That is, if your body has been able to sufficiently digest this last round. If not, you will probably feel even weaker than before, but that is only lingering after effects of the process, and as soon as that dissipates, you will feel your inner core literally much closer to the surface than before.

Again, this is a very individual process, and as such, the results and the length of this integration process will not be like in any of you. But again, it is important that you do try to get a clear picture of yourselves ”before” and ”after” this last bout of adjustments, because it can be difficult to maintain the focus when your whole being is being literally bombarded with so much force over such a long stretch of time. Again, it is important to stop and turn your head and look back, as only then can you be able to discern the distance you have already managed to travel. And let us just conclude by saying that after this important weekend, you have all literally made a quantum leap forwards.

So nurse those sore bodies, and rejoice in the fact that it was worth every ounce of  discomfort you had to go through, because now you all stand before us shining brighter than ever. Not long now before you will be revealed in all of your glory, and from that day on, nothing will ever be the same on this little planet you call home. At least for now, as when the veils finally come crashing down all around you, everything will be revealed, and you will finally see just where your real home is. And then, the full scope of your journey will be clear to see. You are all children of the stars, and you can claim you ancestry from places far removed from this temporary abode you currently reside in.

Remember that the time will come when all of these hard earned increased levels of energy will be but a memory, but for now, make sure to never forget just why you have to endure them. It is not to be suffering from physical and mental distress, it is to be able to come closer to that hour of revelation, when your past, present and future all will become clear. Then, you will not be able to see any of the hardship, you will just see the glory of who you really are. So do not let yourselves get lost in the pain and discomfort, lift your eyes and look at yourselves as you stand even taller after this. You have grown so much in only a matter of hours, and you will continue to grow at the same speed from this day forward. So let your body grumble a bit, after all, it is only the growing pains you are feeling. And don’t get lost in the grand new space you have all made yourselves inside, but do not forget to enter that magnificent hall either. It can easily be overlooked if you focus too much on your body’s grumbling and groaning. So open your eyes a little bit wider, and we think you will see so much more of your greatness than you could before this storm hit your shores.

10 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 168

  1. the information coming thru is so very clear and compassionate. I`m resonating with what is being said. A great help in allowing me to understand my present state of beingness. I am grateful.Blessings

  2. My dear, beloved Aisha, Constant Companions and sisters & brother, Oh happy day when those heavy veils of forgetting drop from around us to reveal all that we are. How wonderful it will feel to be able to finally reveal our real, total selves. I await this wonderous day with a joyous heart, full of anticipation. Oh my beloved Creator, I am thy humble servant, I long to create and expand thy magnificence. Come to us quickly, our dear sister and brother Arch Angels of the revealing and grant us again our full vision. Our Creator is Love & Light and I shall sing her praises for ever more. I am grateful. I am humble. I love you all. May Love & Light be with you All. Your brother, Wilbur Mercer.

  3. Thank you again Aisha and CCs for reminding us to focus on how far we have come rather than our pains and struggles. “Look for things to appreciate” and more things to appreciate will come to you. (Abraham-Hicks)

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