The manuscript of survival – part 167

First off, let us just start by saying that these last few hours have been so important for you all. The aftershocks of these heavy rounds of energy will still reverberate in many of you, but know that the hardest labour is over by now. For many, these last 24 hours have been amongst the most challenging yet, and we honor all those who have paid a high price for these upgradings, either they be mental or physical, or mayhaps both. Rest assured that even if you still feel almost dead to this world, things will soon start to ease off, and you will be able to breathe more freely again. And we do mean that in more ways than one.

You see, it is like you have been under steamroller that has squeezed you to within an inch of your life, not in the real sense, but in a figurative sense. The pressure has been so high, it has driven away any possible hindrances that has stood in your way for achieving that ultimate goal of total freedom. And when we say freedom, we also mean that in every connotation of the word. This will not be immediate apparent to you all, as you will still need quite some time to literally digest all of this, but it has been a very, very thorough process for you all, and a rather surprising one for many, as we venture to guess that some very unexpected issues surfaced for so many of you.

Know that this is all according to plan, and although much of it may still feel very unsettling and maybe even frightening for some, this is in fact only a signal of resurrection of your original core. In other words, all that is coming to the surface now, are things that have been hidden away, obscuring the real center of you all. Now they cannot cling to you any longer, and they will rise, like the bubbles to the surface we have described so many times already. So once again, give yourselves much praise for a job well done, and know that any lingering unpleasantness and unease will start to dissipate very soon.

23 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 167

  1. Dear CC, Dear Aisha, Dear All,

    I’m new and I haven’t been writing much yeat…

    The last four or five months (not to mention the last seven years…) have exposed so much confusion and revealed so much clarity…

    And Whew! What a relief it is! “Ah, this…” Another period of bliss… emptiness… ease… clarity… joy…

    So, thatnks again for all the support and appreciation I find here… There’s alot about this little community that simply feels right…

    Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz… !

    With Gratitude and Giggles,


  2. Thank you all! Your beautiful words make my heart sing and make even the most challenging of days filled with love and light! Blessings to you all, Aisha

  3. Dearest Aisha, thank you so much for everything that you are doing. Much love 🙂 Love reading you messages and always looking forward to them 🙂

  4. I can certainly agree that these last 48 hours have been challenging, probably the most challenging days I’ve had in this process. And yes, surprising issues did come up – and in a big, big way – and it was quite an ordeal, both physically and mentally. So even if The CC did warn us all, I was almost overwhelmed by the effects of this “sunstorm”. So yes, I agree with you Christie, lots of complaints about the process, but really, really grateful for the outcome. Glad we made it through, even if I do feel we deserve some “major bliss time” very soon!
    Love and light to you all, Aisha.

    1. we appreciate you so much Aisha 🙂 if you had a donate button, id love to donate to you 🙂

      1. Thank you for your generous words, Christie! You are all donating enough by taking your time to connect with the rest of us here in this space. I have been given the opportunity to do this work full time now because I was guided to make some choices earlier on in my life. I had no idea I was preparing for this! It is truly a privilege to be able to be a part of this community, and I am so glad that I can use my time doing such rewarding work.
        Love, Aisha

      2. we are so lucky then that you have been led to do this! i could imagine what a surprise to find yourself in contact with some Beings and becoming the sharer of your/ their messages. also at such an early time in our transformation to multi-dimensionality; where the energies are so funny and unpredictable. and might i add 😉 messages of such a high-vibration, that it may or may not be perceptible to others. it seems the right people have been led to you though 🙂 your channellings have been like no other in helping me through this time period. these messages have described to us our nearly-imperceptible circumstances, that are so hard to decipher from the human perspective. so invaluable, really truly 🙂 i imagine it takes a **verrry** special and highly-attuned individual to channel material of such an energy-based and subtle (yet grand) nature. i know that this site will continue to be a lovely place of sharing, relating, sometimes venting, and most of all one of gratitude towards you, our amazing guide– so that you can be excited to “go to work” everyday!! ❤ we love you! ❤

  5. death is a departure, birth a coordinate of arrival and all paths can be traversed… light and dark work together to allow our guidance… the surrender of the will is to lay one’s sword at the feet of one’s own dream… pure evil does not know it is evil and neither does good…

    1. Me thinks…
      Death is a birth in other reality.
      Light is the Essence of God, who truly guides us.
      Dark is only resistance to Light.
      Surrender to the Will of God is the Highest Possible Moment of Bliss
      in Creation.
      Dreams are the fabric of illusion. There is forever no loss in releasing them.
      Evil knows EXACTLY it is evil,
      the MIS-alignment with God sounds ‘Alarm!’ the very first second.
      So good rests in peace and serenity
      BECAUSE of being in complete alignment with God.

  6. I felt as if physical death was a real possibility. The past few days have been extremely tough. OK, I’m ready for some bliss now, please? Thank you Aisha. Thank you Constant Companions. Love & Light to you my beloved sisters and brothers.

  7. this message just makes me feel sooo calm. it has been intense, so many fiery, fierce, highly explosive energies flashing through me in such a short period of time. and yet i feel my non-physical team adjusting and easing things so that the explosions ive had to face (boundary-clearing with others), are as non-invasive to me as possible. like, when i see the “construction” of my reality, or the reality snips making up my recent experiences, i see the genius in the planning of it. it’s done in a way that both the energies i need to resolve, and physical results, get achieved as painlessly, and as meaningfully or visibly (to me) as possible. more than what i can put into words right now. i complain a ton about what ive had to endure, as we all should, but i also find myself thanking my non-phys team a lot lately; since without their intervention, it would have been much much worse lol.

  8. Earth shattering…. I felt like I was having a stroke this morning… No kidding… I got through it however… Lol. Bruce.

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