The manuscript of survival – part 166

The nuances of the incoming energies will vary much this time around, therefore, your perception of them will also vary greatly. In other words, this will in many ways be a very ”multicoloured” experience, and for those willing to enter this new portal with all of their senses wide open, it will be an interesting experience indeed. This does not imply that it will be uninteresting for any of you, far from it, but this time around, really focusing in on what goes on around you energywise will certainly pay off. It might become very intense and dramatic to some, or very blissfull to others.

Again, this is in so many ways a very individual path you are all travelling on, and this sequence of energy patterns will certainly make that very obvious. So once again, expect the unexpected, and do not think that you are doing anything wrong no matter what transpires in the next few hours and days. You are all on the right path, and for some, this will mean an even more blissful experience, while for others, it will entail some rather unpleasant physical and mental fallout.

Do not despair if you fall in the latter category. It does not mean that you are going about this in a negative way, or that it is some sort of punishment. It is only a part of your personal process, and it will only ensure that you get the best possible effect from this energetic surge. In fact, you will probably be amongst those that will experience perhaps the most interesting outcome from all of this, as the negativity that may arise during this process is something that has been staying with you for a long, long time and will finally be removed from your system once and for all.

So stay focused dear ones, and do not let yourselves be thrown off track no matter how you experience these downloads. Just know that no matter how it hits you in the next few hours, it will literally do you all a world of good.

19 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 166

  1. Thanks for the comfort and advice guys. I feel a lot better now. Everything is so bright and vivid and I can see energy more clearly then ever. Peaceful vibrations seam to be flooding me now. Peace guys.

  2. the last few downloads have been bringing to my power like never before. all of a sudden i see who’s been hiding lol… it’s been a lot of clearing of the rageful physical abuse of me incurred by my father. and now i just don’t give a shit about what he thinks about me. he is a dark man, and tries to impose shame on me, did my whole life, telling me that i am the dark one. funny how abuse works. i had a mental-hospital-like breakdown in which i screamed at him for everything he’s done to me, last month. it was beautiful. bc it was the truth. my car is now covered in bumper stickers, by me, that say the truth of how i feel about this world. they are soooo controversial but i love it and it’s me. things about being vegetarian, recycling, free the children from school (my fav), ‘let’s live off the grid’, etc. This is ME! my clothes are controversial, my speech and everything else about me is “controversial”; hey, controversial is only controversial when we been living in a world of deep darkness. then the light is “controversial” bc it’s a threat. HA. my moon sign is aquarius and this is what has been coming out like a monsoon.

    much of this is about coming into my feminine power. im calling out every motherfucker who messes with my personal space, tries to sexually objectify me, and tries to impose anything at all on me. i have responded more dramatically to offenders, in the last few weeks– than i ever have in my whole life (i live in dallas, tx where the distorted sexual energies here are immense). it’s actually hilarious to see ppl’s reactions. and for those who read this thinking this is “not spiritual”… um, yeah it is. i am hating or opposing the IDEA/ DISTORTIONS the person puts on me; not hating the person. big difference. one incurs war, violence, hatred. the other just allows you to heal and move on so long as you don’t carry it inside you. and you don’t, when you speak your truth at all times. i had a dream last week or so, about a bunch of lions roaming free on land. lions everywhere, beautiful, majestic, powerful. they were all female lions too. this means i am really coming into my power, that’s what lions symbolize in dreams (unless they are attacking you.)

    im just really glad i got here. it’s like a land or territory i knew was within me, but didn’t know HOW to be here. the abuse i had was immense, i had major soul fragmentation from it, and a chunk of me fleed from this physical world. i can see that much of me is back now. and if anyone so much as questions my self-authority, they will be swallowed so quick by a rageful, merciless, hurricane of truth and power. something my dad can attest to. hahaha. YES!

  3. For Chris and Jenny Zing … check out for LBP (Light Body Process) Georgi Stankov also promotes manuscript of survival messages on his site. This may help you both!

  4. Hi Aisha,

    Thanks for the information to explain why we are feeling like we do. I do have a question about the last missive. You said that our light will soon start to shine through and then we will be able to see the other shining souls. Someone mentioned that they had a vision that we will glow. Is that what the Constant Companions meant. I had read the Elven race did have a white aura around them and were called the shinning ones. If we do start to glow then it would be impossible for any of us to remain unknown.

    Blessings to all,
    All are one,

  5. Intuition is a beautiful thing. More valueable than any external advice or device. Tune in. It’s free!

  6. Like JennyZing, figuring things out took awhile when symptoms started up some 5-6 years ago. One thing that told me this was caused by energies was following daily the solar flux and geomagnetics thru NASA website. The patterns were undeniable.

    Chris, I feel for you! I have been with these symptoms for 5 years 24/7 !!!
    The burning pain is the worse. Nervous system overload….burned a fuse?
    My body is toast! I have been on prescription pain meds and nerve relaxers for 41/2 years! Otherwise I would have jumped out the window looooong time ago!

    Isn’t this fun?

    I am not my body. I am not my body. I am not my body.

    Thank you Aisha/C’s for bringing forth these ‘heads-up’!
    I am very grateful!

  7. Thank you for the message today, Aisha and Companions. And thank you all for being here with me.Love, Jean
    Chris know you are loved and you are not alone. J.

  8. I have been in intense pain over the past week, my body feels like it is on fire, my head feels like it is full of burning ashes. I’am finding this very difficult, extremely negative at the moment, can’t sleep, can’t see straight and everything around me is glowing and moving especially if I focus my eyes. I find it hard to breathe and my throat is sore as hell.

    I feel like a demon at the moment and for some reason as I type this I’am laughing lol. To top it all of meat tastes bad to me now and I’am also quitting smoking both tobacco and pot cold turkey after 4 years of daily use because my body told me to at this moment.

    I’am kind of interested as to why I chose such a difficult experience, It felt like I hit rock bottom and I’am kind of scared I will be going lower yet. I know everything is alright and it is how I planned but in the moment when all you feel is pain it is difficult to keep positive thoughts.

  9. Can I assume these downloads occur to all, whether or not they are aware? I know so many who would poo-poo these thoughts, yet I can’t believe they would be left out simply through ignorance. I am thinking of how I felt yesterday, and how many times I’ve felt this before without knowing the reason; this reassures me that even before I was aware of the shift I was receiving downloads, so the same would be for others unaware.

  10. Oh man just had my vacation started. Gotta go test my superman-skills out there. I really would like some teleportation/timetravel hehe but I guess it’s still a no-go. Free pizza maybe? That would do!

  11. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. I hope that my senses are wide open and I am hoping for bliss. I like bliss, actually I love bliss. I could use at least a couple thousand years or so of bliss, just for starters. Love & Light to you all, my beloved sisters and brothers.

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