We have often times been accused of beating around the bush as it were, and that may be so, but let us just come clean and say what is on everybody’s mind at the moment. Do not think for a second that we are mere figments of your imagination, or some other’s imagination at that, and that you are all delusional and incapable of grasping the truth. It might feel like it to so many of you, as the times roll on and everything seems to be just scattered words of promises and nowhere near reality. Just open your eyes, and every morning you are confronted with the same dismal views of a corrupt elite and a world heading for destruction as the pristine environment is being confined to smaller and smaller pockets on your beautiful planet. Yes, that is the truth and the reality as you will call it, but it is only ONE reality, and not the one and only you have to be content with. You see, you are literally straddling several realities at the same time, and as you have already started to get a peek behind the veils in your so-called dreamtime, you have a hard time accepting the fact that the same dismal world come into view every time you open your eyes to another day. And it will not feel like another day in paradise, that much is sure, as you have all had to face the realities of this mismanaged world every second of your waking hours. That is, if you do not manage to literally tear yourselves away from this horror show and tune into the other channel, where freedom reigns and you can see how life permeates everything around you, and where the soul sings in a very, very different tune from the squawk it emits every time you have to immerse yourself in the ”reality” once again.

Well, nice words, but what do you really mean by that, we hear you ask. Let us get straight to the point. It is indeed imperative that you start to disassociate yourselves from the ”truth” out there and stop being a player in the drama that your overlords are putting on 24/7. By that, we mean that you have to stop taking in all of the bad news and horrendous stories being played out in front of you, and start to detach yourselves completely in every emotional sense. That will be difficult, we know, but remember that every time you fall into the trap of being angry, sad or disappointed by what all of your fellow men are doing to each other and to your planet, you are actually fuelling it by putting your energy right where it should not go. Namely into the heart of this ensuing drama, and thereby actually making it just that more powerful. You see, you have all passed a threshold where you as individuals play a much more powerful role, as you are now carriers of so much more energy than before, and as such, your mere presence can literally make all the difference in the world. We have touched upon this subject before, but not in this connotation, so it is indeed important that you understand just how powerful you all are, and start to heed that power lest you should accidentally invest it in the wrong place.

Again, this will be very difficult for you all, as you all in some way still perceive yourselves as members of the human family, and as such, you will feel a strong responsibility to invest all of your powers to do good for you all. In other words, you will feel the need to throw everything you have gained into the battle for this planet, and you will do so in the manner you have been trained to, namely to play according to the rules set up by those in control right now. But if you choose to follow that instinct, you will only play straight into their hands, and add your newfound strength into the drama that will hungrily gobble it all up and spew it right back at you all with new atrocities. So stop feeding the beast, and start taking back your powers.

In other words, it is time to withdraw from the battle. Not as battleworn and heartbroken defeatists, but as cunning warriors, intent on spending their energy where it will have beneficial effect instead of giving it away to their enemies. We will not keep you any longer with this message, as we know it will give you much to ponder. And of course, we will return to this subject shortly, as it is the most important one for now. Remember, do not continue adding fuel to the fire that is burning your world to cinders, but take it back and nurse it so that the flames will have to look elsewhere for something to consume. You are far to valuable to be mere fodder for this fire, as your flame will need to burn brightly on its own, lighting a way for all to follow in your footsteps. It will take some hard work on your behalf, as what we have just told you will go against much of what you have been taught to do, but this work is mayhaps the most important work we will ever ask you to take on. So start calling back your energy, and make sure that you know where it is headed before you decide to send it back out again.