The manuscript of survival – part 159

We have often times been accused of beating around the bush as it were, and that may be so, but let us just come clean and say what is on everybody’s mind at the moment. Do not think for a second that we are mere figments of your imagination, or some other’s imagination at that, and that you are all delusional and incapable of grasping the truth. It might feel like it to so many of you, as the times roll on and everything seems to be just scattered words of promises and nowhere near reality. Just open your eyes, and every morning you are confronted with the same dismal views of a corrupt elite and a world heading for destruction as the pristine environment is being confined to smaller and smaller pockets on your beautiful planet. Yes, that is the truth and the reality as you will call it, but it is only ONE reality, and not the one and only you have to be content with. You see, you are literally straddling several realities at the same time, and as you have already started to get a peek behind the veils in your so-called dreamtime, you have a hard time accepting the fact that the same dismal world come into view every time you open your eyes to another day. And it will not feel like another day in paradise, that much is sure, as you have all had to face the realities of this mismanaged world every second of your waking hours. That is, if you do not manage to literally tear yourselves away from this horror show and tune into the other channel, where freedom reigns and you can see how life permeates everything around you, and where the soul sings in a very, very different tune from the squawk it emits every time you have to immerse yourself in the ”reality” once again.

Well, nice words, but what do you really mean by that, we hear you ask. Let us get straight to the point. It is indeed imperative that you start to disassociate yourselves from the ”truth” out there and stop being a player in the drama that your overlords are putting on 24/7. By that, we mean that you have to stop taking in all of the bad news and horrendous stories being played out in front of you, and start to detach yourselves completely in every emotional sense. That will be difficult, we know, but remember that every time you fall into the trap of being angry, sad or disappointed by what all of your fellow men are doing to each other and to your planet, you are actually fuelling it by putting your energy right where it should not go. Namely into the heart of this ensuing drama, and thereby actually making it just that more powerful. You see, you have all passed a threshold where you as individuals play a much more powerful role, as you are now carriers of so much more energy than before, and as such, your mere presence can literally make all the difference in the world. We have touched upon this subject before, but not in this connotation, so it is indeed important that you understand just how powerful you all are, and start to heed that power lest you should accidentally invest it in the wrong place.

Again, this will be very difficult for you all, as you all in some way still perceive yourselves as members of the human family, and as such, you will feel a strong responsibility to invest all of your powers to do good for you all. In other words, you will feel the need to throw everything you have gained into the battle for this planet, and you will do so in the manner you have been trained to, namely to play according to the rules set up by those in control right now. But if you choose to follow that instinct, you will only play straight into their hands, and add your newfound strength into the drama that will hungrily gobble it all up and spew it right back at you all with new atrocities. So stop feeding the beast, and start taking back your powers.

In other words, it is time to withdraw from the battle. Not as battleworn and heartbroken defeatists, but as cunning warriors, intent on spending their energy where it will have beneficial effect instead of giving it away to their enemies. We will not keep you any longer with this message, as we know it will give you much to ponder. And of course, we will return to this subject shortly, as it is the most important one for now. Remember, do not continue adding fuel to the fire that is burning your world to cinders, but take it back and nurse it so that the flames will have to look elsewhere for something to consume. You are far to valuable to be mere fodder for this fire, as your flame will need to burn brightly on its own, lighting a way for all to follow in your footsteps. It will take some hard work on your behalf, as what we have just told you will go against much of what you have been taught to do, but this work is mayhaps the most important work we will ever ask you to take on. So start calling back your energy, and make sure that you know where it is headed before you decide to send it back out again.

20 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 159

  1. Lady Aisha, you are not on youtube any more … would you please tell me why?

    In eternal peace

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  3. Dear Aisha, many thanks again for this message right to the point. The power within is rising strong. Its important to devote some time everyday to feel it. If one is patient enough, one starts to feel it. It shows up with a sense of humility, connexion and peace. Then thoughts go naturally in the right direction. That works for me some time to time and regenerates my sense of living. And its very beautiful to see it confirmed in your messages.
    Blessings to you.

  4. wow, spot-on as usual! thank you so much for this message. this wisdom rings so true right now. i can feel it!

    peace love & light

  5. Dear Aisha and the Constant Companions, thank you so much for these words of encouragement. I was actually thinking those exact thoughts on my way home from work on Fri. They came just in time.
    Blessings to all
    All are one

  6. A truly uplifting message. Thank you so much Aisha. It is true. Nothing seems to change (and yet whole systems are collapsing). I think this message has given us the clearest guidance yet on how to navigate between the emerging and diverging realities. As I write I can hear sounds from a nearby taverna. Happiness, friendship and simple joys. Bless you for doing this work.

  7. Awesome advice and very timely. Super important to explain this to those who will and should listen.Finally seeing the illusion for what it really is.

    Thank you for this message.

  8. This is one of those missives that scores a direct hit on some inner most thoughts that I have had recently. How could the Constant Companions have known, thoughts that I have not readily shared with anyone? We know why, don’t we my dear brothers and sisters; because this is the real deal. I for one am going to tell my ego to shut up with all the self doubt once and for all. ” Cunning Warriors”, yes indeed we are, the likes of which this “Plague” that has infected Mother Earth and enslaved humanity has ever seen. I feel that our total and absolute Victory has already happen. Thank you again Aisha & Constant Companions. Love to you All.

  9. THANK YOU, AISHA AND OUR CONSTANT COMPANIONS, for continuing to share with us what we already know in the inner most chambers of our hearts!

    Part of what keeps me going is to remember who we really are and to seek out inspirational other souls:

    As encouragement for us all:



    Many of us reading these words are playing the temporary roles of humans “on planet” on Mother Earth. We are part of Love expressing Love. We have infinite family members “off planet”, such as the Constant Companions, whose words of encouragement rally us on, as we are always moving forward. SO, we are part of the FORWARD MOVEMENT.

    WE are part of the INFINITE FAMILY of INFINITE LOVE.

    May I suggest a few inspirational videos and websites for marinating in, to encourage us to continue our FORWARD MOVEMENT, which blesses us all throughout the Cosmos.

    Permaculture and other modalities of hands on ways to transform our lives and land and more.

    Greening the Desert series on Youtube, by Geoff Lawton.…0.0.IXCKS2NXrqo
    Sepp Holzer’s version of permaculture:…0.0.jeGwKAORhw4

    Gaia’s Garden, book by Toby Hemenway

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is a website/forum with more than eight thousand members who are aspiring to utilize these permaculture principles to heal us all and
    create EDIBLE FOOD FORESTS all over the planet.

    Paul Wheaton’s youtube channel and many other channels share LOADS of inspiration :


    Peak Moment tv has a youtube channel with all their videos:


    The Transition Initiative is growing all over the planet:


    Yes! Magazine is published by the Positive Futures Network:


    Lauren Gorgo also writes and shares information from our Off Planet family members about how we are being encouraged on our 5D adventures:


    For those who are interested in boosting their immune and neurological health and well-being, here is information for an amazing and INEXPENSIVE way to support our bodies for healing themselves.

    My body has been experiencing many physical and neurological health issues my entire life. I’ve been using LDN Therapy for only two months and things have changed in various ways. Since the doctor I was seeing would not prescribe, I simply purchased from an online pharmacy, and make my own liquid in a 50ml bottle with distilled water. (Instructions on how to do this can be found online.

    Well, I’ll be off for now. ANd I so look forward to the next installment of THe Manuscript for Survival.

    Many blessings to ALL!

  10. Dear Aisha & Constant Companions, Thank you for this wonderful missive. It is most wise to remove ourselves from all this. They are trying to draw us out and use our energy for their own dark purpose. I will deny them access. Love & Light to you all.

  11. Thank YOU !

    “to detach yourselves completely in every emotional sense”
    “It will take some hard work on your behalf”

    Yeah, it is difficult to get in between the raw sensed data (light, sound, taste, touch, smell) and the processing and the change the processing forever.

    The senses just effortless sense the various informations (light, sound, taste, touch, smell). At this point they are just raw data without any interpretation/feeling/emotion yet.

    Then the processing of the data is started and FILTERed through mind, ego, memory’s, thoughts, etc. and we may be thrown off balance / stay balanced / or bless it and sent love to all that is.

    Everybody has an unique FILTER. That’s why the same situation may be experienced completely different.

    Now we want to grow up from this “MY/I” game, seeing everything through this FILTERs only, we want to be free from them.

    Look INSIDE, OBSERVE / ANALYSE / QUESTION, try to find out at which point of the processing things get messed up.
    Once REALIZED, it can not be unknown any more. You may get distracted by the FILTERs, but not forever. Step by Step you gain more and more FREEDOM.

    Just came across this, have not completely read it yet, but the beginning sounds good:

    “Could you describe the experience of becoming translucent?
    The shift that initiates you into the translucent life is an awakening that is beyond thinking and feeling, and changing experiences. Most of the time, most of us are glued to thoughts and feelings, belief, desires, fears. And all we know is the content of what’s in the mind at that time. So we say, I am a vegetarian, I am a Democrat, I am afraid, I am angry. But we don’t really know in that moment who we are. Because who we really are is experiencing beliefs, experiencing thoughts, experiencing objects moving, sounds being heard. When we wake up to the one who is experiencing this moment, people describe that as absolutely peaceful. Not just loving, but love itself. ”

    Pure Perfect Unconditional -> Love & Light to ALL,

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