The manuscript of survival – part 157

You have been taken on a quite a ride these last few days dear ones, and you have ended up in a place far removed from Kansas, to use a line you might all be familiar with.

Let us explain. As the days goes by, more and more of your internal programming is rapidly being shiftet, from the old and degenerative one to the new and life-sustaining one that will help you to transcend the lifespan of a so-called ”normal human being”. As we have touched upon so many times earlier, this deprogramming and reprogramming process is a thorough one indeed, and it needs to be done in increments, as there is only so much a frail human body can take in one sitting. Or rather, there used to be only so much it could take, but the level of hardiness in you all has risen to such heights, you are now at the receiving end of so much intense energy, it would literally render you helpless if it had been administered earlier on in the process.

Still, it will affect you in so many ways, as we always tailor the doses close to the absolute max you can withstand, therefore you will have some ”side effects” every time you are uploaded with new codes. So to this time, and that is not strange, as this last round was of such an intensity it had many of you literally out cold for a few hours. This will always feel dramatic and mayhaps disquieting to some, but as always we reassure you that even if you feel very out of sorts because of this, it will do you no harm. In fact, it is quite the opposite, as these incoming energies literally blast away the last remnants of stagnant energies that may still be lurking somewhere deep inside of you. In addition, they all carry important information that will be very valuable to you in these upcoming days, and even if this information might not be easy to perceive in your daily life as it were, it will in so many ways seep through and permeate your whole life.

So, to sum it all up: remember to take all of these super intense periods of hard core energy with a smile, as they are actually propelling you one big step upwards the ladder towards attaining your true glory, and even if they leave you moaning and groaning a bit from the residual fallout, it is only a sign of progress.

Again, we will also remind you that as each and every one of you is individually treated, none of you will experience exactly the same symptoms throughout all of this. Therefore, do not berate yourselves if you did not ”feel” anything at all. It does not mean that anything is amiss, or that you have been left out. It only means that your process is evolving at its own pace, so rest assured that you will all be brought closer to that same final goal, even if the road taking you there might differ from your neighbours’.

16 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 157

  1. Hey, I still live in Kansas! And still on the cosmic roller coaster as well!!

    Love to you all,

  2. thanks, it makes more sense now! i felt way too activated during the last blast (last night). it’s like i couldn’t come down from it till it decided to be over. i guess it was more like downloads and info coming through, about my future work, but way too ungrounded to feel comfortable. ive had this before, plenty of times, but what’s different now is that there’s actually a little bit of physical manifestation. all of a sudden things have arranged themselves so that ill be giving my first healing session tomorrow (and i was having some synchronistic clues beforehand…). im very excited n joyful at the idea of doing it! it will be a hydrotherapy, energy healing, and massage session, with angelic energies too, and it’s like i “just know” what to do at this point! still i admit my confidence isnt the best bc there’s no one to affirm me in my direction, but yet i don’t care 🙂 my next session will be a personal core energies reading via astrology, mixed with intuitive consulting… these are some of the things ive been interested in forever, like guilty pleasures for me, and i really don’t even know how they came together in these combinations. now it’s finally peaking through, like the analogy of the little flower peaking through the sidewalk crack. glad to see a little forward movement in the physical… best to all 🙂

    1. Congratulations Christy! You are right on point. Your mission is clear. All best wishes! Adam

    2. Hi Christie,
      Kudos to you!!!!! Sounds like you are really making progress. I am very happy for you. Did you say that you sense you are from Orion? If so there is a book channeled from the Orion High Council which I resonate with so much. It is called Truth Codes, Chronicles from Orion by Karen Doonan. Another question, have you seen a lot of spiders?
      Blessings to all
      All are one

  3. Dear Aisha and Constant Companions,

    Thank you very much for this latest message. It explains why I was out cold for several hours this past Sat afternoon.

    Blessings to all
    All are one

  4. Thank you all for your replies above to let me know I am not alone in these same thoughts and feelings. I love you. J.

  5. Yes, definitely a rollercoaster. And many of us are processing the emotional pain of others as well as our own. Apparently this is the soul’s choice. I had a good run of about a week of feeling sublime satisfaction in acclimating to higher resonance and pervasive calm. This morning however, I am thrown back on the rocks – processing intense emotions of guilt, sorrow, regret and remorse. Releasing more ballast I guess. Familiar territory. I know it will pass. But deep in my heart of hearts there is the desire to be done with the harrowing 3D world of duality, the illusion of separation of Source and the experiences of negativity and shadow. Yes, I understand that this 3D experience gives each soul great opportunities to develop discernment which is fundamental to evolution and the return home. Today I am just tired and wrung out. So, I will be gentle with myself and others. I will take comfort in a bath and eat lightly. I will meditate and yes, I will cry. And yes, I will express my gratitiude to Almighty God and all those unseen guides for the love and support that is being poured forth, keeping me safe and secure in my home.

    Thank you Aisha and CC for this community and the gift of your encouragement. Namaste. Adam

  6. Thank you Aisha for your constant efforts in giving us good and inspiring information during these times. I do have one question though about what you have written above. I consider myself to have been having all these ascension symptoms for several years now (I think I am a first-wave starseed), and certainly my days of feeling totally wiped out generally correlate with the various channellings about there being another surge of energy on any given day. However, with all the low-frequency debris that is apparently being blasted out of my system doesn’t it follow that I should be starting to feel lighter in myself? I get all the lows and ascension symptoms but I don’t honestly feel any different in myself than I did five years ago.

    1. Dear Jack! This is as always a very individual process, and even if we all go through the same periods of intense clearings and downloads we all experience them in some unique way. I can only answer from my personal experience, and for me, much have changed these last few months. Yes, the “down” periods are as intense, or rather more intense, than before, but the shifts from intense exhaustion to a feeling of lightness/ strength goes so much faster now. To me, it is like no matter how hard my physical body is struggling, I can still feel the connection to that powerful core we all have inside much stronger than before, and I shift from literally total exhaustion one day to almost overflowing with energy the next. But I must confess I also ask myself the question “how many more of these rounds will we have to go through, and when will we be finished with this upgrading and clearing?” Thankfully, at least now I feel like I manage to get my head above the water and draw in some fresh air before the next wave hits me and drags me down again. So I guess we will just have to keep at it, and help each other to endure these endless cycles and remind ourselves that they are all a sign of progress, even if they do not feel like it most of the time.
      Love, Aisha

  7. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. The day before yesterday, there was a point in the late afternoon that I felt as if I had all the energy sucked right out of me. It was so severe that I had to lay down for a bit. So it is nice to know the reason for this incident. have had the opportunity to meditate more the past few days and that has been wonderful. My love to you all.

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