The manuscript of survival – part 155

As you have been told again and again, mankind is standing before a seeming abyss of change that will herald a whole new world for you all. Many have talked about this season of change, and many have almost given up hope that it will come. We are here to assure you that you have not waited in vain, and that you will all soon have more change than you mayhaps bargained for.

Let us explain. Your society is based upon some fundamental rules, and as you have all been raised for generations under these same rules, it is virtually impossible for you to bend your heads around the fact that these rules will one day be declared null and void. You see, as you have been so programmed to expect a certain outcome of every action that takes place, this process we are referring to will seem to be almost impossible to comprehend. In other words, we do not speak of a gradual change, where one instance will follow the next in a well defined order, we talk about an almost instantaneous merging of different planes that will literally turn everything upside down and inside out and render the landscape almost unrecognizable. Not in a literal way, as what we refer to are the ingrained habits and thought patterns of humans that will have to be erased in order for the new programming to take its place, and where you go from your limited way of reasoning and reacting to a limitless way of acting from the centre of your being instead of from that reptilian part of your brain that is currently in control of everything you do. When we use the word ”reptilian” we do not in any way refer to a sinister sort of creature, rather to the most basic and crude part of your mental capacity in charge of serving the most fundamental needs of your physical body. In other words, that part that will resort to anything out of the fear of dying, and that has been in control of most of mankind’s action for a very long time. But now, that primitive master will have to resign, as there is a new master waiting in the wings to take back the controls, namely the many faceted true you that have been hidden away under all of these layers of fear. And as these changes will start to burst forth, your souls’ shining head will raise above the murky waters of fear and chaos and calmy take over the reins.

It may not sound plausible that you will find calm in the midst of turmoil, as for many, handling the day to day business in a seemingly ever more disturbed world is almost impossible per se, but trust us when we say that when the going gets really tough, as they say, you will have no other option than to finally give in and pull out that inner core and start relying on that. You see, you are in many ways too timid now, not completely able to trust that inner spirit, but it will soon be more than obvious that this is indeed where your real strength lies, and you will find it almost impossible not to throw caution to the wind and finally take that decisive step, literally into your own sovereignty.

So as we were saying, the time for change is clear ahead, so fasten your seatbelts dear ones. Get ready to have the time of your lives, as the heat will start to shimmer all over this little planet and the thunder of change will roll all over you.

20 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 155

  1. How grateful i am to you, dear Aisha, for these perfectly true words…Indeed, many other sites are getting MAD and crazy this time…so my point is, please
    let us hold this little gem of a community in purity and respect, and tend it with
    care and LOVE…for it is very precious.

  2. Dear Aisha and the Constant Companions,

    I can not tell you enough how thankful I am of these words of encouragement . On Friday morning while I was driving to work yet another day, I was really beginning to doubt myself, will anything ever really happen and maybe I am the one being duped by the what the channels are telling us. Wouldn’t that be a sick joke? With each passing day it is more painful to navigate through “this” world while knowing the truth. When my morning break rolled around when I could access my cell phone it was literally a life line when I saw there was a new message. I gobbled up those words like bread crumbs for a starving person. The flicker of hope started to glow again in my heart.

    I felt the very same way and am thankful that we have this sacred meeting place where we can connect with kindred souls.

    Blessings to all
    All are one

    1. Dear Ellen! I do not know how many times I have asked myself the questions “is this for real, or am I just going mad?” and “how much longer will I be able to continue?” I think the only answer to this is that there must be a part of me that really, really knows that we are not delusional in any way, we know exactly where we are going, and we also know how and when we will get there, just like The CC keep reminding me. But I must confess that I have a hard time holding on to that part of me sometimes, and then the only thing that will help me to keep going is the fact that at least I know I am not alone in this. A friend of mine said that “if this means I am going mad, then at least I know I am going mad in the same way and at the same time as so many other wonderful people out there”. I agree, and I would rather live this “mad” life with all of you than try to go back to the so-called “normal life” that everyone else is living.

      It is so important that we continue to connect in all the ways we can. I get this image of a web of lifelines stretching across the globe, growing stronger and stronger day by day, giving us all more support as more and more people reach out to hold the hands of other lightworkers out there. We are all infinitely strong, but that is easy to forget when another day comes to an end and everything seems to be the same. We need each other more than ever, and it is so good to have this opportunity to reach out and feel your presence. Thank you Ellen, you are certainly an important part of this web of lifelines helping to hold us all together in every way.
      Love and light, Aisha

  3. I’ve noticed that the seasons have started to merge together, by way of my plants, either their blooming one month and seeding the next month telling me that change is definitely happening. If we only look to see them all around us. Even the insects are also telling me that change is on the way!. I feel very blessed to notice that Mother Nature’s way of letting us know that change is on the way! Very excited! Transformation to the New World!!

  4. Thank you for the encouraging words, so often I feel the nearness of change only to find it recede again just out of sight. I am ready and willing to let go of what is for the greater good. Be at Peace~M*

  5. Lots of wonderful information & feeling in today’s message from the CC’s & in the replies from Wilbur, Marg, Aisha, Jean & Adam…our little group is certainly expanding & evolving which is always the intent of spirit, Spiritual growth is never a cake walk, & indeed has it’s ups & downs dear friends !
    Dear Wilbur –
    I thank you so very much for the wonderfully written & informative reply you added in the 154 message ! You by far have excelled in your quest for natural perfect food !…& as you experience these down moments, always remember what you said about the beauty of the land you reside in, as it is the wealth & healing qualities of ALL that nature provides, that is always there for you to help re-align & uplift your spirit…it is simply the law of nature…time for a one on one walk with nature today my friend…it will help you inmensely & know that there is constant source of support from your spiritual family from many realms as well as here on this electronic page of 3D today ! I also as I’m sure so many others receive the message ‘very soon’…& the wait can often trigger questioning in our faith & belief, but we must be steadfast in ‘patience’ as everything will certainly unfold as it is meant to, no sooner, no later & nothing will change that, so the great amount of energies we often use in over anticipation & distrust are much wasted, when we could be more focused on the next step of our spiritual path.
    Dear Marg –
    Thanks so much for your reply & a ‘Big Welcome’ to you our new friend ! In regards to the Amazing information it is most difficult, complicated & involved to give you a perfect answer as you must realize there is no perfect answer from me, or anyone or thing in the 3D plane, as our journeys of spiritual learning are uniquely different & information that is guided to me, may not necessarily be Amazing to you, but I will attach the site at the bottom, if you wish to check it out & hope that it does help you ! I’ve always been a spiritual person, but something deeply profound happened to me a few years ago & since then I receive thought messages on a regular basis, as well as physical 3D visions & there are 2 numbers that constantly come into play & surround me everyday. 1st ,I am told that these are clues from Spirit in re-enforcing my learning, keep going & 2nd these numbers have significant meaning to my spiritual identity & where I fit into the encompassing realm of Source Spirit energy. Sometimes it is most difficult to grasp & take it All in, as I continue to live a very 3D life, with All the mundane tasks & issues & a very busy life in which multi-tasking is necessary, so there isn’t a whole lot of time for spiritual learning or the computer ! I am told have been awakened earlier than I was supposed of been. One of my tasks was to connect with a twin flame that holds great power that can influence the awakening of many souls, in which time is now limited, so much needs to be done…although my re-connection with him was shakey & at the time seemed quite unsuccessful, & I constantly questioned how crazy it All was…I was continuely re-assured that it had been imperatively necessary & indeed has been more successful than I am aware of. My spiritual family’s great work is the awakening of souls, & this twin flame holds the potiency of great wielding power that he still is not completely aware of, but he is growing ! I know it sounds bizarre & it is very complicated, but as you increase in your spiritual developement bizarre things begin to happen, just as Aisha is truely aware of I’m sure !! I hope this is of some help to you my dear friend & be patient, make the learning as fun as you can, & commune with nature as often as you can…think of her as the black-board in which the teacher’s messages appear !! LOve, Appreciate & Respect her Always ! She is the physical provider of All & her creation sustains All life !!!

    ~ LOve ~ Light ~ Life ~

  6. That pesky reptilian brain. Indeed. Since the cycle of eclipses I have experienced periods of emotional mental and spiritual resonance that are characterized by greater calm and a virtual absence of concern over outcomes. I experienced a strong uplift for 3-4 days right after the Venus eclipse of the Sun in which I was quite blissed out. This was an experience unlike any I ever had and I felt merged with, or closer to, my soul. I wasn’t much good for left brain activity at that point but could have cared less. I did experience a different sensory perception related to visual depth perception which was quite interesting. Since then, the resonance has dropped back a bit and I understood the need to integrate and orient myself to operating in my life from this altered state of consciousness. The baseline of emotional and mental state of being is now elevated to a higher degree of calm. The one thing that seems to need attention is the ability to consciously choose to detach from concerns about outcomes – which is reptilian in its need to assure security and safety. It comes up on a daily basis; not with the intensity of obsessive worry that was characteristic of the past for me, but the voice of worry does continue to seek attention. Two good half hour meditations a day help me immensely and are essential to maintaining and attuning to the elevated state of calm. Quick 3 minute breath meditations are helpful to dissolve the voice of worry in light and love when it comes up during the day. Blessings to you Aisha and the CC. I am so very grateful for your Presence and support. Namaste.

  7. Dear Wilbur, you definitely are not alone this morning. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone either. Holding to what Aisha just shared with all of my being “I am with you always.”
    Keeping it together by holding all of your hands. Yes, we care as Marge said;we care for each other J.

  8. Dear Wilbur! Know that you are not alone, and certainly not lost. It is a struggle at times keeping it together, and we must help each other when we feel that this journey is longer and more exhausting than we ever bargained for. I send love and light your way my friend, and I know that there are so many others out there doing the same.

  9. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions, this message was sorely needed as this morning I began to question all of my beliefs. I felt as if I am not making any headway on the spiritual front, which to me is the only front. I feel lost. My love to you All.

    1. Wilbur, feeling lost is probably a feeling most of
      us have had for a long, long time. Know that
      YOU ARE FOUND. So much love is sent your way,
      always. I, too, feel lost, and found, at the same
      time! Lost in this often sad and scary world, and
      found in the profound love of Spirit, and those in
      Spirit, especially, who live to comfort us. So many
      of us on earth at this time feel lost — let us
      put out our arms to receive the love of those around
      us, on earth and in spirit. We may be alone, and
      feel alone, but we are not, and never have been.
      I woke one dark night, long ago, and heard a voice say
      to me, three times:
      “I am with you always,
      I am with you always,
      I am with you always.”
      It was so hard to believe, but I knew who was
      saying this to me and it has proved to be true.
      Was always true. Happened back in 2001.
      Be comforted. Wilbur, wherever you are.
      We care. I care. All who love, and there
      are many, care.
      With love
      from across the miles,
      Marg in Montana

      1. Thank you Marge, Aisha and Jean, I feel much better now and please know that I feel all of your love and support. Please know that you always have my love and support too. Marge, I’m in Vermont and years back I was fortunate enough to visit your beautiful state and will always have a place in my heart for the big sky country. My love to you all. Wilbur

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