The manuscript of survival – part 154

Today is a most auspicious day, as you once again pass through a celestial portal as it were. Let us explain. Today is the day when the sun passes over that invisible line that divides night from day, winter from summer, and for those living on the north side of this line, the days will once again start to shrink as you start to prepare for a new cycle. This heralds the onset of a new cycle indeed, not just for the natural beings you are all part of, but also for your world as you know it. You see, from now on, the clock is starting to tick ever faster, and you will see how things starts to pick up speed in so many ways. So even if you might lament the onset of the season of shorter and shorter days, know that it will also entail the onset of a whole new way of living, as you will gradually let go of all of the old and start to create the new. So take some time today to thank the sun for giving her energy to this process, and most of all, thank yourselves for the vital role you play in all of this. Without you, nothing could come about, as you are indeed the creators of tomorrow. That is all for today, we will leave you in peace to ponder these words and to find your tranquil place within. Make sure to rest there as you start to open up to the wonders that will come, as surely as the sun will once again return and give you the energy you all need in order to complete this journey.

20 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 154

  1. With your permission, dear Aisha, 2 great announcements about the impending 3 DAYS of DARKNESS on

    1)Targeted Messages

    Jun 20, 2012 – The Ancients of Days Speak

    Behold cometh the darkness upon your world
    The darkness that shall in the end cause the great shining of light

    For those that have found their light, shall come the opportunity to perceive great glory

    For those who made the final rejection shall come the loss of glory and for most, the lost of who they be, as they are returned to the great uncreated to become again remade in the light, but not as their former selves

    It is but the cycling of the universe. For old to new to old to new, to brighter even then the last new and so it shall be for those on earth.

    After the days of no light, planet will come forth in the beginning of its new glory. The mother has won her great battle.

    1. TELEPATHIC MESSAGES : RUBENS Last Updated: Jun 20, 2012 – 2:28:59 PM

      2) FINALITY
      By Siraya thru Rubens
      Jun 20, 2012 – 11:23:48 PM

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      Rubens: Hello Siraya

      Siraya: Good evening dear one

      I am here to give a message of finality to all of this; yes, it looked like the message given through Johan was just that but, such is not the case. We have offered many, many opportunities to the dark ones out of love and in their unnatural state, they have failed to understand the Grace and Mercy handed to them, not because they deserve it per say, but rather because Love is the governing Law throughout Creation as a whole.

      As said, previously, a date has already been set and nothing will change that at this point. I am here to remind the ones coming back to the planet to take a very careful and attentive look at their world as it stands now and understand that they will never again see it as is.

      It is time to bid their adieu to all that is and know that it is all for the highest purpose. We salute those who have been able to withstand the heat and fear generated by the unnatural ones and stood their ground until the end. Blessed are you indeed, dear children of the Highest.

      There is nothing more to say than that it is done for the last time and prepare for what is around the corner.

      Blessings upon you, our blessed-ones and good riddance to the malevolent ones.

      I am Siraya, Master Spirit of the SuperUniverse of Orvonton

      Rubens: Thank you.

      1. Thank you Theo. I hope that we do not have much longer to wait. I keep asking in meditation when? I am always told, very, very soon. It has been over a year of very, very soons. Frustrating! PEACE.

  2. Happy birthday dear Theo, and happy solstice everyone! I have just returned from my own little solstice ceremony in the forest near my home. It is 22:48 here, and the sun set four minutes ago, but the night will stay light as the sun rises in a few short hours. Thank you all for sharing this time with me!
    Love and light, Aisha.

    1. Thank you so much my dear Aisha, how kind of you!
      I was so very excited because of this crucial solstice…
      I feel the energies falling massively around us… and the Big Wave is still to come…

    2. Dearest Aisha, Your solstice ceremony sounds wonderful. I know I would just love Norway, it must be so beautiful. My Love to you and yours, Wilbur

  3. Thank you dear Aisha & CC’s….Happy Solstice Everyone ! I’ve recently been guided to some Amazing information that has answered many of my recent questions….the veil is most definitely getting thinner ! LOve & Light my friends !~

    1. Hi, Bev. Would you be able to share with us the
      the “amazing information” you speak of in your
      comment today? You say it has helped you so much.
      Perhaps it would be of use to seekers who are
      interested in knowing more — truth is so rare,
      and so needed! I enjoy all your comments. I’m
      new to this site, and have never posted until today.
      Thank you so much,
      Marg in Montana

  4. Yes indeed my dear Aisha & Constant Companions, today is the first day of summer and the beginning of a new moon. I am so thankful to you and our beautiful Sun, for all of your continued Love and support. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could get our nourishment directly from the Sun and not have to eat plants or animals in order to survive? Killing other living things in order to eat is very necessary for us but it strikes me as terribly barbaric. My Love to all of my sisters & brothers.

    1. I agree Wilbur…barbaric indeed ! I also believe that we were initially meant to be vegetarians as many of our poor health issues stem from a diet of too much meat & processed food. I recently watched a program on PBN with a nutritionist that supports this with fact & strongly promotes pro-biotics…it was quite interesting & truthful in what she had to say ! Have a great day my friend & Thank you for your reply to my recent comment a few days ago !!~

      1. Dear Bev, I have tried to be completely vegetarian several times and though I have cut down on my meat consumption greatly, my body seems to crave it once or twice a week. I believe that our conception of the plant kingdom is a rather ignorant one. I believe that plants are much more sophisticated than we believe. I believe plants are sentient beings as well, we just do not have the ability or the willingness to perceive their consciousness. So killing animals or plants to me is still killing. I have agonized over this issue and have made peace with the fact that in this incarnation, this is the way it must be.
        There is a metaphysics to food. It is how it is raised. If I eat meat, then I go to a local farmer and see how the animals are raised, are they raised with love, are they allowed to roam freely in pastures, are they grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free or completely organic? Much of what the western world eats is raised by sociopathic corporations. Animals are raised in crampt factories, often living in the excrement of the animals before them. What kind of energy has permeated that food? Very negative, I firmly believe. Probiotics are in raw milk, that is milk that is unpasturized. (there is great debate in the U.S. about raw milk, the fascist USDA has been hasstling dairy farmers about it) Pasturization kills all of the natural probiotics in milk and depletes the nutritional value of milk. Fortunately I live in Vermont, where I know my dairy farmer. I know that he has a herd of 100% Guernsey cows that produce golden hued milk and that they are grass fed, which makes the milk loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. His farm is 100% organic. For me the act of getting milk is a happy experience. I just show up at the farm, walk right into the milking parlor and get the milk from the tank myself. I put $6.00 in a broken coffee cup for a gallon of the best milk I have ever tasted and if I’m lucky enough to catch the farmer, we chat for a bit as I admire the stunning Vermont scenery surrounding his farm. (actually I think that all of the scenery in Vemont is stunning) I love this place and the energy here, I call it a cross between Hippy-dippy, extra crunchy granola and old time yankee)

        So if you can, eat organic. Eat local food and stay away from flouride and chlorine in your drinking supply. We must all get local and know where our food comes from. With love, Wilbur

  5. Thank you, my so very dear Constant Companions!
    Imagine, I have birthday today, and I feel like you sent me
    a most precious gift.
    I really feel special and amazingly privileged
    like I would be born anew,
    together with this wholly

    1. Happy Birthday ‘Theo’….I also had a birthday 4 days ago ! I bet many of us here are Gemini babies…seems to be the popular astrological sign for many that have awakened !

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