The manuscript of survival – part 153

As we touched briefly upon yesterday, you have now passed through into a whole new level of energetic alignments, and this will help you to find your way through the muddiness that surrounds you on all sides at the moment. As you can clearly see from the news that is being thrown into your faces on a regular basis, the old establishment is being dismantled piece by piece. And even if they try to the best of their abilities to pretend otherwise, all those at the top know fully well that their time is indeed running out. You see them hurrying to and fro, holding meeting after meeting, trying to put another plug in the holes that keep appearing in their boat, but they will not be able to keep it afloat much longer. And as they go down, many others will choose to follow in their wake, as they will see so much they depended upon literally being obliterated. So not you, as you have already started to tap into the other truth, the one that has been hidden away from you for so long. For now the time is fast approaching when you will have to start to focus even more on this new world that you are about to create, as the old world as you all know it will start to sink under the surface and become even more like just a figment of your imagination. That is all we have for you today, but we will soon be back with more.

9 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 153

  1. Thank you Aisha and the Companions!!! Those words are music to my ears and heart!!!

    I like your ideas about tearing down the fences, burning all the flags and living as brothers and sisters. That resonates with me too! It will be beautiful!!

    Blessings to all
    All are one

  2. Thank you, Wilber, I watched the video and it is a great reminder, which leads me to understand we who are drawn to this web site and others have actually created these messages ourselves. Either that or we are being drawn into and supporting the creation or someone else’s reality, hummm. I would love to explore and experiment with this with more focus as I certainly do not want to support or further create our perceived reality of this world as it now functions. I would enjoy discussing this further. Thank you Aisha and CC for your constant support.

    1. Thank you for your response sister Rhonda. I have read ” Biocentrism” by Robert Lanza MD and several other videos and articles that keep hammering in my head that consciousness creates reality but for some reason I get distracted and take my eye off the ball as it were, but my dear benevolents (those folks that watch over us, Constant Companions) keep throwing the idea up to me and I really resonate with it. I’ve got to make this idea stick this time or the next time the Cosmos will give me a “slap up side my head” and I want to avoid that (because I should know better). I do not want to be directed by the reality foisted upon us by the present management. We need to create our own reality, each of us and if we are like minded, which I very sure we (On this website are) will end up in the same timeline. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all met somewhere and created a self sustaining community of like minded individuals? “People all over the World, join hands, come on , on the Love train, Love train” – by the O’Jays My love to you all.

      1. My thoughts exactly! I haven’t read Biocentrism but have read Bruce Liptons Biology of Belief and books by Gregg Braden and others in the video. I know of a man who has discovered how to build homes from earth ( ) and have even been through one of them. I would support this idea 100%. All I need to do is find the right place. I know a self sustaining community is possible and do able. As is a self sustaining entire world of conscious individuals. And that’s only the beginning! This is the first time I have felt real excitement over something in a long time. Guess its time to quit “waiting for something to happen” and “make it happen”. Love to you my brother, and much appreciation.

  3. Thank you my dear Aisha and thank you our beloved Constant Companions. Yesterday I was guided to a video that for me, reinforced an extremely important point or extremely important point is a gigantic understatement. “Consciousness creates reality” was the title of the video, I viewed it on David Icke’s website, it is however on youtube as well. I will attempt to provide a link. So consciousness creates reality. Energy forms into matter according to the desires of consciousness, who’s consciousness you might ask…the Creators or ours? It is both our consciousness and that of the Creator because we are ONE. We will never find the end of the Universe because as we explore, our expectations create. The very act of observation creates. The latter is a common belief even in our current paradigm of understood physics. I think that this is the key to the door that I have been trying to unlock for over half a century. Now I must find the lock and manipulate the key inside it. Maybe it’s a key to a starship? Who wants to help me find it and go on a journey of exploration? On this ship, we will all be the Captain, because we will be ONE. My Love to you All. PEACE.

    1. Perfect, sweet brother, perfect! Thank you so much.
      You have put it so perfectly into words. It’s so simple.
      High time for us all to find the door out, for THE TIME HAS COME.
      The key, dear Wilbur, is inside your heart.
      Don’t look outside of you.
      God always puts the answer inside of the problem.
      Isn’t that fascinating?
      LIFE is so beautiful! CREATION so amazing!
      The Golden Key is alone yours, you yourself will find it.
      Trust your Self and just do it.
      Look how perfectly you were guided till now.
      I KNOW you will find it, and I trust you, my brother, completely.
      That key is not alone for a starship, but for eternity of Creation.
      The key is your LOVE.

      1. Thank you for your kind words my dear theo. I really think that this consciousness creates reality is the the big enchilada . Maybe instead of a starship, we stay here on Earth and consciously create our own new world, one where Mother Earth is treated as she should be, a loving sentient being, our Mother, whom we all love and adore. No work, only play and creativity. Lets kick out all these violent, sociopaths, get rid of all the nuclear weapons, (all weapons) tear down all of the fences, burn all the flags and live forever as brother and sisters. I am so ready for it. I feel there is a split about to happen, maybe two or more timelines. I want to board the “Love Train, get on board, get on board, come on…” (now that beautiful old school song will be in my head for the rest of the day!) As the late great Don Cornelius use to say back in the day, ” Peace, Love and Soul”. My Love to you All. We are ONE.

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