The manuscript of survival – part 152

As of today, many will feel the opening of a whole new space inside of them, a space filled with tranquility even if the outside is anything but. Let us explain. These last few days of intense energies have once again transported you all to a new level of energetic vibration, and this has enabled you to be disconnected from even more of the old programming that was holding you down. Therefore, space has been cleared, and it will be filled with even more light than was possible only a short time ago.

It might not be apparent to you at first, as both your physical and your mental bodies in many way still lingers on in the old vibration, much like the lingering sensation from a limb that has been cut off but that the body still perceives to be there. In other words, you will have a gradual awakening to the fact that there are now things that have been eradicated from your being forever, and something entirely new has taken its place.

Feel free to explore this new space at your own sweet time dear ones, as there, you will find much to give you solace and joy in the times ahead as this is also a preparation for things to come. You see, you are being prepared for the next stage of this saga, and as you probably are more than well aware of by now, it willl indeed entail much outside drama. Therefore, we advice you to start venturing inside this new and bright space that has been cleared in you all, and get settled there so that you will be better able to weather out the storms in the turbulent times ahead. So start connecting with that inner sanctuary now, and it will give you much solace as we prepare to set the stage for the next act.

18 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 152

  1. thank you Aisha! reading this made me happy … out with the old, in with the new! i’m feeling it, i’ve been so exhausted for the last few days…

    hang in there everybody!

    peace love & light

  2. The recent cycle of eclipses catapulted me into a process of releasing at a profound level and I believe initiated the activation of DNA codes which assist the “lightening up” process. Meditation is profound, affirmations and requests for healing assistance are moving very rapidly. The process can be a roller-coaster. Some days can be excruciating, some days are entirely disorienting. Then one day you will expereince a leap and the joy is thrilling. The advances in clarity, knowingness and serenity are heartening. Liberation from reactivity and obsession with outcomes is the greatest gift spirit has bestowed upon me. Keep meditating people. Send love to all as much as you are able.

    For more on DNA check out

  3. Dear Aisha,

    Thank you 🙂

    To support the filling of the cleared space with light I started yesterday to chant:

    Om Namo Narayanaya

    “Considered a Vishnu mantra, it is meant to bring unconditional love, bliss and a connection to the divine light.”

    chanting helps me to build up a supporting energy field


  4. I am exactly in the space described. A whole new space has opened up within me, new light is beginning to fill it, solace and joy are washing over me. So much has been eradicated from my old coding over the years, and these last few days have taken me a quantum leap further in this recoding.

  5. Dear Aisha and CC. Yesterday was really rough, but this morning I woke up and could feel that space you speak of. So much debris was removed that it feels like I can actually breath again. Thank you and love.

  6. Well, disconnection is the precise term indeed. However I don’t feel the tranquility at all. Up till recently I’ve felt every bombardment of energies to the detail with a shortly after following ease and tranquility. This time though I feel completely beaten down, disconnected and simply awful. Just reading that this should prepare us for the next stage of pain makes me want to throw up. Seriously what in God’s name should one do? Don’t even have the strength to go inside.

    1. Hi Aubrey, take care of you. Rest, sleep, take a walk in nature, breathe, do whatever is nuturing and loving to yourself. The readjustment will take care of itself. Just be open to the changes and let the energies flow through you. Hold onto no-thing. I send you blessings that are mine to give. Jessica K

      1. Hi Jessica K, Thanks for your heartful advice that I much appreciate! May you also be blessed and feel love. I’m feeling a wee bit better but I guess my real problem is that I live an isolated life. So with no sharing my heart crumbles. Nonetheless thank you again. Feels good to know there are like-minded and -hearted people out there! Aubrey

    2. I believe it is essential for many of us to use protections. I mean geometric light body shield protections that you call forth and imagine in your mind – as well as the protections called forth from God-Goddess and or other Divine Beings, Ascended Masters or Archangels. The adjustments to higher vibrations can leave you vulnerable to energetic attack. These protections can be easily put in place with a 5 minutes meditation. For me, I definitely use them upon waking and right before bed – and when I feel a lag during the day. Not only do these images and affirmations provide protection but also attunement to the highest consciousness. I strongly suggest the use of prayers and invocations of protection-attunement if you are struggling. And if you are not struggling, why not add this to your process as an enhancement. Namaste.

    3. Dear Aubrey,
      When I first read your comment, I wanted to write some words of comfort to you, but all which arose in my mind did somehow not resonate.

      When reading “EMBRACING SACRED SOVEREIGNTY – The Divine Path of Calibration” (
      today, it resonated with me (I am just in the process of separation with my wife).

      Further this thoughts came up:

      It is difficult to be sovereign and in your full power, when you are fragmented.

      I then remembered a lesson from Salara An-Ra which I followed last year, there at one point defragmention was done:
      Say out loud ‘I recall my energy now!’
      ‘Let all energy I have given away or left behind return to me now!’
      Here the links for the transcript and the videos:

      Be Gentle with your heart and yourself.


  7. Yes, dear Companions! You came the right moment.
    I feel this disconnection – it’s simply PAINFUL!!!
    The one and only way is going within.
    Thank you, Aisha.

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