The invisible tsunami

Some mornings, I wake up fully expecting the world to have changed completely, especially after a night of intense energies. But then I turn on the news, and I realize that everything is exactly the same as the day before. Sometimes  I get disappointed or even angry, but other times I manage to remind myself to listen to the advice The constant companions keep repeating: “If you only look on the surface, everything will look the same, but if you look under the surface, you will see that so much is changing.”

Recently, I have heard many stories about people going through deep releases, usually helped by bodywork such as deep massage or therapeutic yoga. It is like their physical bodies suddenly decides to let go of some very, very deep and sometimes traumatic issues that they have carried with them for a long time, and by that releasing so much energy that has been trapped behind a wall of fear. I got this clear image of all of this released energy rippling out and joining forces with all of the other waves of energy washing over this planet, adding to their strength while simultaneously setting free those that had carried this energy trapped inside of them.

A friend of mine channelled a message that this planet was about to be flooded by a tsunami, but that it would be an “invisible tsunami”. Maybe all of these deep releases of trapped energy is part of this invisible tsunami? Just think about the effect all of this added energy will have on the rest of our world. We have all seen what the increased pressure can do to people around us, and as these energies are growing ever more powerful I think more and more people will either release their own pent up energy or literally drown trying to hold back the waters of change. And as more and more people are able to set free the energies that they have inside, we will all be one step closer to attaining “critical mass”, and then nothing can stop this tsunami of change washing away the last remains of the old world.

Yesterday, Aung San Suu Kyi was finally able to deliver her Nobel Lecture here in Oslo. A lecture she has been unable to give ever since she was rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. The reason for this is well known, as the military rulers of Burma considered her as such a threat that they held her captive in her own home for more than fifteen years and denied her the right to move freely in the remaining years. But now she can, and is that maybe also a sign of this “invisible tsunami”?

So at least for now, I am able to see through the endless stream of bad news we are being bombarded with, and I can feel into this strong current of freedom that is washing away the fear from so many peoples’ hearts. And step by step, heart by heart, we are coming closer to the day when we will finally reach that critical mass. I think we will not have to wait too long for that day to arrive.

12 thoughts on “The invisible tsunami

  1. Ellen, i sense that im from Orion too! thank you for acknowledging my feelings… i agree…. i sometimes wonder am i staying in more limitation than i need to be, especially after an energy blast last night that made life on earth feel completely messed up and out of control. but like you say, i have to remember that im not missing anything. the fact is that we have put in some serious mileage for the planet, and that we are magnificent/ infinite….. all the best to you 🙂

  2. Thank you Aisha, for your message, I needed this, and thank you Wilber for expressing exactly how I feel, “I have this ache in my heart, I want to go home, but I don’t know where home is”. Some days this waiting is unbearable. Some days I’m just OK and don’t resist. Some days my mind does the ” what’s wrong with me now” thing. Thank you all for being here. Love

  3. Good Morning Aisha,
    Thank you and all for sharing your insights as they are greatly appreciated. Your missives are like a life line and I am so glad you had the courage to speak out.

    I feel you frustration about wondering if you are doing something wrong but we cannot fail at what we came to do or be. I look at others around me and they have so much more energy than I have and their lives are going along. I think that wow, I must have really messed up because it SEEMS like I have so much to release. But that is the illusion trying to suck us back in to think we are less than when in reality we are magnificent beings of light. As I walk through my days it helps when I keep saying ” I am that I am, Ellen of sovereign domain.” I feel like I actually stand taller.

    I understand you longing to go home and feeling like you are behind enemy lines. I do know that my home is in the Orion Star System and have been lead to a book channeled from the High Council of Orion which has really been opening my eyes to the ways the illusion have entrenched mankind into the dark. Their dark seeds of control and misery are planted so deeply into our hearts but not to worry because they can and shall be weeded out with our persistence and determination.

    There is a method for releasing pain and trauma that we are not even aware of in the book I am reading. I am so thankful that I have been lead to this.

    Thank you for mentioning that the Nobel Institution is part of the dark. It helps confirm that I am not just paranoid about the dark’s strangle hold on humankind. You are so right to be careful about seeing the illusion’s purpose behind things that we would not even think are dark. The book I am reading is really helping me to see this.

    Blessings to all,
    We are all one!

  4. Dear Aisha, Thank you for this mornings message & all of your messages. As I hope you are aware, they are so desperately needed by all of us during this extremely difficult mission. I used to fear failing my mission and being stuck in this quagmire upon 3D Earth, sucked into the negativity to be cursed like Sysiphus. Thanks to you and the beautiful, benevolent Constant Companions I know that there is no way that I can fail and the complete and utter victory of the forces of light has already happened. Mother Earth is beautiful and I love her but I have this ache in my heart, I want to go home, but I have no idea where home is. I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer. Sometimes it feels as if I have parachuted behind enemy lines and that is why your missives are so important, they are like letters from home. Bless you. My love to you all Wilbur.

  5. Yes, yes, Aisha, I felt lots of joy too, when I saw Suu Kyi in Europe, finally free to speak. I love the roses in her hair. She surely has a strong aura.

    We need still to be cautious, for the Nobel Institution belongs to the dark.
    Suu Kyi’s liberation is just the surface, as you say, for another plan that is well hid behind. It’s all about money, as always. There are millions of pounds
    of GOLD bullions hidden in Burma, stolen by the dark from the Great Treasury initiated long ago by St. Germaine alone for the Humans of Earth.
    The military regime was under dark control too.

    It seems, the Celestials made it impossible for them to touch the Gold, so they try now with Suu Kyi.

    On the second thought, it might well be for Suu Kyi to have awaken to TRUTH and be playing a positive role. Many of the minions/slaves of the dark changed sides, hearing & responding to the Calls of the Father.
    And since she’s a woman, with a high intuition and wisdom, maybe she’ll play a good role in implementing the Divine Feminine Energy that is planed to bring the beautiful balance to New Earth.

    Yes, the “Invisible Tsunami” is that massive WAVE of LOVE
    sent to Earth & Mankind from the ONE SOURCE of ALL CREATION.
    This is that tremendous Light Energy bombarding us every day and transmuting all dark energy into CRYSTALLINE LIGHT – including our bodies, our DNA, all elements & all Kingdoms of Earth herself.
    It is our Father’s call HOME.

    In love…

  6. Stefan, i found something similar recently by a healer named Jenna Forrest (she’s on utube), she was saying to simply allow your emotions to be as sensations in your body. just experience them and they will leave. i found it pretty helpful 🙂

    Aisha, i catch your drift on what you describe, and am glad to hear your insights and feelings. know that there are those of us who feel ya on this… yes the news and things i hear make me feel stuck forever in this horrible reality, then i remember that they are probably posing in a way (the media) to make things appear as if it is still “business as usual”, even tho they know they are falling apart at the seams. i can relate to the upset/ frustration tho, bc here we are on the very edge, with nothing to do but be on the edge. i feel like its so much easier for others. they have stuff coming up and may lose it or come undone, but it seems like baby stuff for me bc ive been through that times infinity it seems. it seems things are so much simpler for everyone else, and my everyday feelings/ experiences/ challenges/ upgrades are so complex. but the kicker is that, those having a simpler experience think that i am the one who has it easy, yeah right!! the general long duration of my process, makes me ask, am i missing something? should i be doing something? is there something i can do to speed up my healing? or the funniest one, should i try to be happy? maybe if the world’s vibrations were tolerable for me, id have a chance at that one. ah well…

    i do feel the energy shifts as extremely fast cycles now. they’re like intense wash cycles, one after another. so that invisible tsunami you describe, and the deep release behind it, well, i definitely feel the deep sadness and trauma in the air, unlike before. personally i am doing very deep release, but yet i know there is still some “stuck” and lingering around me. which frustrates me sometimes bc i feel like ive been doing this for way too long. well…. i hope it’s “done” quickly as well. my love to you aisha and everyone else!

  7. Yesterday, I “found” a way to release (or transform ?) some of my stuck energy.
    Watching slowly (view a part stop, reflect,…) “Awake by Roland, Catharina”, I got the point where they talked about Emotions. They said when a feeling arises and you attach a story to it, it becomes an emotion. Emotions lead to suffering.

    The key to overcome this is to just stay with the feeling without attaching any story to it.

    I tried it with same anger which came my way and after just focusing on the feeling of that anger, to even intensify it, to become “mad”, muscle tension, sound etc. for just a couple of minutes, it gave my such a feeling of relief afterwards it was amazing.

    May the “invisible tsunami” wash over us,

    1. Love your reminder to not attach a story to emotions. Forgot about that and yes it works well to release stuck energy. It also reminds me that if the same emotion comes up over and over for me, then I need to own that emotion/vibration. The outside event is not the cause of my emotion, but a catalyst to help me move through my own stuff. Then I evolve and many times the outer situation improves too or sometimes even resolves. Win/Win. Thanks!

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