The manuscript of survival – part 151

As we have often times described, mankind is a species constantly seeking redemption in some way. Let us explain. For eons, you have been searching high and low for an answer to the question that has been pressing so hard on a many a heart and mind through the ages, who are you, and why are you here. Well, we have given the answer to this many times already, but let us just add some pointers to the topic. The world as you know it is only for show, set up in order to make you strive ever harder to find something that will help you see your own magnificence, and in this, this experience has been a rewarding one for some, and an exhausting one for so many. You see, the original plan, as we have so often described, called for a gradual evolvement of mankind from something very primitive indeed and then gently but surely a lift towards attaining the real insight you all came here to find. Namely that you are indeed children of the stars, filled with the same light that shimmers in the heavens above, full of the same intelligence that energizes the whole of creation. As we have touched upon earlier, this quest for the light is a quest that will literally make the center of your being start to shine as you gradually shed layer after layer of forgetfullness that have been superimposed on your glittering core, in order to make you realize your own greatness. But alas, as you all know so well by now, these layers of forgetfullness were then semented to you in a process put about by those creatures that suddenly appeared out of nowhere as it where, and decided to take you all hostages in their own little power play.

But now, their rules do not any longer apply, and you have all been set free to restart this process of uncovering the real you. For some, this has resulted in astounding results already, and you can see the first glimmers of this brightly lit core you all carry inside. But for the majority of mankind, they have chosen to stay under this cover of darkness that has been laid upon them by outside forces. Remember, this is a voluntary process, and even if the rules of the game so to speak have been changed back to the original plan, many, many of your fellow men and women will not or can not tear themselves away from the old charade, and they will continue to play out this game in a very convincing way. Hence, the escalation of events that will already be apparent on so many planes all around you. And as you all know so well by now, the inside turmoil that is becoming more and more apparent in so many of your fellow men is certainly not shy in making itself known on the outside. So much anger and frustration is now being vented, and this will only increase in the weeks ahead as the pressure mounts in every aspect on your little planet.

You see, this split beteween those who have chosen to literally embrace the old, or rather, who carry too much fear to let go of the grip these old confines have on them, and those that have let go of all of the old and crippling deadweight that was literally breaking them down, is only widening, and for those of you who have chosen to open your eyes to the truth, the sight will soon become almost too much to bear.  So remember, that this rift will only widen, and what you will be seeing on the other side of this rift will not only make you shudder in realization, it will also make you even more convinced that the further you can separate yourselves from this madness, the better your own prospects will be. You see, it is important to understand that you are not here to take part in the drama that is already starting to unfold. You are only here to be able to witness this downfall of the old and corrupted systems. For you are not here to salvage the remains of this, you are here to create something very, very different, and that is why you are feeling the separation from the so-called ”reality” stronger and stronger these days. For what is there to salvage from something that has been deliberatly set up to make humanity into slaves? The only thing you can salvage, is yourselves, and that is exactly what you have all done already by deliberately tearing yourselves free from the shackles that so many others voluntarily continue to carry.

And remember, your only obligation is to do just that, namely to set yourself free. You are in no way responsible for the liberation of any other person in this world, even if they are your next of kin or have a very, very special place in your heart. For they in turn are only responsible for their own actions, and if they do choose to stay on in the mess that they are playing their own little part in, that is indeed their choice, and they are entitled to hold on to that decision. Literally to their dying day.

This is a subject that will have many in a quandary in the times ahead, for it is not easy to be a witness to this display of fear and pain that will have so many in their grip as things starts to escalate seemingly out of control, so it is indeed a subject we will return to again and again. Although the very thought will have many feeling more than a little callous, it is also a subject that is imperative to have clearly in your focus, as you will all be touched by the fallout from this process in one way or the other as these events unfold. Remember, it is not easy to let go of the instinct you all have to reach out a hand to someone going under, but now, you must realize when it is the right thing to do and when it is the wrong thing to do. You are all sovereign beings, and you all carry full responsibility for the choices you all make. So too is the case of every individual soul that inhabits this planet, so it is their choice if they choose to stay a victim

As we were saying, you might have a hard time staying out of the chaos that will ensue, so our best advice is to always keep in mind that your only mission is to show the way by showing your light, not act as a life saviour by throwing yourselves into the fray trying to extricate your loved ones from the chaos if they have chosen to immerse themselves in it. That way, you will only succeed in getting swamped by these conflicting energies that will start to wash all over this planet, and you will have a hard time staying afloat yourselves. So keep your head clear and focus on your path, and know that this it what will save not only you but also so many others, as they will be able to follow in your footsteps if and when they choose to do so. That is all we have for you today dear friends, but we will soon be back with more of our uplifting messages.

21 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 151

  1. I made an email note to myself “Save 151.” Today (Dec 17, 2012) I opened it to find out what it was I wanted to save. As usual, synchronicity is at work. Part 151 is perfectly appropriate following the Newtown, CT elementary school shooting. It is also appropriate for my own personal life because I have a 25 year old daughter who seems to thrive on chaos. The hard part is that she lives with us and the conflicting energies are pretty strong. Thank you. Wishing all living beings love & peace.

  2. Thank you Aisha for the wonderful message from the Constant Companions! I could not wait until I read this one.

  3. Dear Aisha, your coming back was so much waited for ! I am Jean-Francois from France, and I read your messages avidly. They resonate in my deep core and especially this message which is so true for me personnaly. But in general, I can confirm your messages are deeply true and spiritual and your little voice sings the spiritual truth with a perfect tune . I feel it. I know deep inside your voice is authentic and true. We are perfect, eternal and divine Beings embarked in duality to find first hand the treasures we have inside. We are the little candles crossing throught darkness to experiment first hand our light, as Neal Donald Walsh would say. We are One and Pure for all eternity. Blessings to you.

  4. How glad you are back!
    What a most wonderful little community you have here!
    Please give my LOVE to the Companions.
    This message sounds serious indeed. Looks like we got to the bone.
    Love you Aisha.

  5. goodness aisha you were soooo missed as well as your words from the constant companions 🙂

  6. yes, being faced with some difficult choices that involve the suffering of others. it has always been pretty difficult for me to detach and let others on their own path if i sensed they were in a state of suffering. i think i have gotten the hang of letting go, then something more comes along that makes me face even deeper how far my detachment will and should go. this has always been hard for me; i am an empath and i feel others stuff as if it’s my own, despite having worked on this for so long. maybe i need to balance myself with more self-love. a few times i had the insight that i am so close to my spirit bc i choose it, and i do not let anyone carry me for too long bc i trust in my spirit and my path, and that i have all that i need when i need it. others do not always have this attitude and so i jump in for them bc i see the pain of their not knowing that they are always safe in their spirit. but they can also choose to have this attitude, to keep getting closer and closer to their spirit instead of losing emotional and physical control at the fact of their own suffering. it’s like i have always expected this for myself, always have said ok im suffering but there’s a reason and ill go on. but i did not expect this or even notice this in others. so now im at a place where i can let it go for the most part, for humans, but then came in the question of animals. gimme a vacation!!! lol. it is all unfolding as it needs to, and i feel so much more trust in this knowing. appreciation to aisha and the CC’s and to all and their sharings ❤

  7. Thank so much Aisha & Companions! So many parallel energies, views and advice that are so helpful! From the bottom and all of my heart thank you!

  8. Aisha, I wish to express my gratitude for your willingness to bring us the support of the Constant Companions. Many of us have come to rely on these messages to carry us through difficult times and when frustrations reach such high levels. The message today of our own sovereignty seems most critical at this time because we are being faced with difficult choices. Some of this choices seem to involve great levels of callousness. But to be reminded that each of us must choose what is appropriate for and specific to our own soul is indeed uplifting. It is the very core of unconditional love. Love allows for all choices and recognizes the illusion of judgement. May all of us remember that we are being guided. Insight surrounds us like a soft blanket waiting to infuse us with warmth and comfort. If we first love ourselves (perhaps the most difficult love of all), we can understand this friction at the core of love. Without friction creating difficulty choice, there is no meaning and there is no love. I pray that all of us see every day that all things are exactly as they should be. It is not possible for me to be reminded of this too often. If I may speak for more than just myself, I would say that in your lonely moments, Aisha, all of our hearts surround and embrace you. We are one.

  9. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy, Aisha & the Constant Companions are back! We missed you! A great missive, (as always), thank you so very much. Please know that I love all of you very much. PEACE.

  10. We stand like Janus, looking both forwards and backwards. And we can of course, support all around us in prayer, that the very best should come to them, in accord with the choices of their Sovereign Souls.

  11. Welcome back Dear Friend !~ Hope it was an enjoyable time for you ! Another fine, thought provoking message from the CC’s…I always find it interesting that many times words & phrases come up in these messages that perfectly connect with something I am doing or thinking…..”looking for direct answers to questions, but the way is in acknowledging the clues & nudges so we must stay on our path of discovery to figure it out on our own”….”the developing of our own God-Spark, the gift of choice to do this or not, & so much more…staying in the darkness of fear or seeking the truth in Light”…….”the right thing to do” (I must of said this at least 50 times this past week in a mission I had with a neighbourhood feral cat & her kittens !!) It is difficult to isolate oneself from this escalating surrounding madness, & although we may hold ourselves back from jumping in, it still is indeed extremely difficult to avoid the influencing pain & anger that rises inside & reacting to the horrible callousness of others….so many many crimes against innocent creatures & endless abuse to Mother-Earth ! (I recently watched a show on Animal planet where a new aquatic human species has been discovered, but through oil spills, pollution, destructive sonar technology & the control of our gov’t forces, it is being hidden & many are being killed along with 1000’s of whales & other mammals…the Truth to the world of today can most certainly sicken a compassionate heart & question why & how will this All end !!!) My wish is that these new energies with union in us, will indeed cease this turmoil of madness & heal, strengthen & protect into the arriving New World where Nature is the glorious reigning Queen once more !! Have a Great Day….& look forward to you sharing with us these new insights you have recently obtained….LOve & Light !~

    1. It is so hard some times dear Bev, I too get so angry at all of the injustices of this absurd world / shared reality. Sometimes gallows humor helps me. Sometimes some of the things going on in the world are so unbelieveably horrible, so totally beyond comprehension, that all you can do is laugh, because the other alternative is to cry. I am trying to embrace this absurdity and attempting to condition myself to create that which I wish to experience, but for me it is easier said than done. I am making great progress however. I guess we just hang in there and know that we are very much loved and protected. With love, Wilbur.

    2. Bev, i can relate to some of your feelings; i think i may have had a similar situation to you with cats and kittens, that forced me to let go of fears of death and the deterioration of the physical body. not my best area 😉 and wilbur, i too have a difficult time with the injustices and sufferings of the world. sometimes to the point where i feel very down and heavy about it. my love to you all, we are somehow getting through these intense clearings and will come out squeaky-clean 🙂

  12. I’ve missed the constant companions while they’ve been on vacation 🙂 !! So happy to see a new message in my in-box this morning. I love these beings!! Thanks, Aisha…your channelings have truly changed my life. I will make every effort to heed their loving counsel. And they always bring comfort and clarity to my heart.

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