Let us start todays missive by saying that from now on, you will all feel the energies working you over in a very insistent way. We say this only to prepare you for some rather heavy bombardments up ahead, and so that you can try to relax into these tumultuous times instead of going into fear because you think that something is amiss in your physical body. By now you are no strangers to these inoculations to call them that, and you have mayhaps already noticed that they have in many ways taken on a different temperature or flavour, and in a few hours, a new voice will join this chorus of insistent changemakers bathing not only you but your whole planet in a very benevolent, if rather unpleasant, barrage of high intensity voltage. You see, the planets in your heaven are once again preparing to make an elaborate display up above, and this will in many ways signal both the advent of something new and herald the end of something old. In other words, think upon this as a sort of portal that once you have passed over the threshold of this, there is indeed no turning back. Your planet will take its first step into the new tomorrow, and even if the old will put on an impressive show to try to convience you otherwise, they are slowly but surely letting go of the grip they have had on you for eons. Their time is running out, and after tonight, the sand in the hourglass will start to run even faster.

We have talked about the speeding up process before, and now, it will once again be like shifting into an even higher gear as you are all being propelled forwards by these new energetic particles slamming into you. It is like millions of little hands are pushing you at the back, telling you to go faster, faster, and not to try to slow down and hold out against this energetic forward momentum. Many of you have tried that, as you feel the need to slow down and digest all that is happening at the moment, but let us just say that this is not a good idea. Remember, it is only your mind that feels the need to analyze and mull things over, but the mind is an old and slow thing, not adapted to this new speed of light that will literally lift you up and propel you at lightning speed towards your new tomorrow. Your heart know this well, and it is literally singing with joy as you feel the speed ever increasing. It is not frightened by speed, it revels in it, as it is so used to this way of evolving from back home, where you are unfettered by a slow mind that has been trapping you all to the ground down on earth. Now the heart can feel freedom lifting it once again, therefore let your heart show you the way, and dismiss the mind’s insistent voice to ”slow down, take it easy, do not lose control here.”

Your mind is wrong. Just lift your feet and let yourselves be swept along in the rapids of this ever moving river of change. The speed will not kill you or harm you in any way. Only fighting against the currents can be detrimental to you, as then the force of these particles will increase exponentially and literally tear you away from your frightened grasp on the old embankment. Do not let this happen to you, and know that ”keeping control” is the last thing you must try for at the moment. Control is the old ego trying to stem the river of change, and control is what will assure a very unpleasant submergence under the surface of this river if you try to hold on to what you know, instead of letting yourselves be transported by these currents into your future dwelling. So let loose and enjoy the ride. And trust that even if you have no idea what is ahead on this rapidly swelling river, trust that you will be held aloft through even the most turbulent of passages, and you will arrive safely at the most beautiful landing.

Do not fear if you feel yourselves going under in these churning waters, as only those paralyzed by fear will drown in their own sorrows. The rest of you will only get a quick and invigorating baptism along the way, so just shake the waters from your eyes and keep going dear ones. And remember, do not grasp after anything sticking out from the shores in order to stop this wild ride. It might feel tempting to slow down the pace, but again, it will only serve to drag you under the surface for a prolonged period of time, if not forever. So stay afloat, and head for the middle of the river, then this ride will be less bumpy than if you try to keep close to the shore. You are safer in the middle, as that is where the current will transport you more swiftly along than along the embankments, where the detritus collects and you might get caught up in an eddy. We are watching you all the way, and we know that you are indeed excellent swimmers, so we have no worries about you making it to the designated landing place downstream. So just pull up those feet and let the waters bring you safely there. Your mind will simply have to let go of the control, and the energies will do the rest. See you there, sweet ones! Not long now till you feel the current taking a strong leap forwards and hurtling you along into the future.