On the road again…

Hello dear friends! I just wanted you to know that I am about to go away for a week or so. I do not know if there will be any new messages to post while I am away, as I have been told to leave my computer at home and prepare for some other tasks. I will leave this space open, so if you have posted comments on these pages earlier, you are free to use this blog to connect with each other in the days ahead. I think they will be interesting, to say the least … I wish you all the best for this upcoming period, and I will be back with a new message as soon as The constant companions have something to share with us all. Love and light, Aisha.

21 thoughts on “On the road again…

  1. I am back again after an intense, but wonderful week of reconnecting with an old friend and connecting with some new ones. And as always, many reminders that nothing happens by chance. It is so amazing when an impulse to walk in through a door looking for something turns into a surprise meeting with a person that will give you an important key to understanding yourself or this whole process we are in so much better than before. As The constant companions say, you are never given the answer, you are only given the means to find the answer yourself, and this week has been filled with so many blessings of this kind. I hope you all have experienced something similar this last week. It certainly seems that the universe likes to keep us all busy, whether we are on a “vacation” or not :–)
    Love, Aisha

  2. I will be on Retreat this coming week. A powerful time to have the opportunity for regular prayer and meditation. I will not be able to access any messages for that time. I wish all our little community well, and look forward to hearing once more from you Aisha. We seem now to be right on the threshold of considerable change and will look back at this time as the moment before the light came on for sure!

  3. Thank you for all of your heartwarming words! I am on my way to the airport now, as the Venus transit is coming to its close. You are all so special to me, and I take you with me on this trip. Take care, and remember to reach out to each other in the days ahead. Love, Aisha.

  4. Have a safe trip and I will miss your messages. Sometimes they are the only thing that keeps me hanging on. Blessings, Ellen

  5. Have a nice journey. I will miss you too much. Hear lots of Lightworkers
    getting new tasks right now. Wonder what will be mine…
    Please do write us as soon as the CC inspire you, thank you…

  6. Thank you Aisha and CCs. I will miss your daily messages while you are away and I will eagerly await your return. Safe travels. Peace and love be with you.

    1. Hi, sweet brother Wilbur,
      I ought you an answer, and this seems to be a good time.
      My computer is also working now.
      It was the lifting of the veil, and I was stating, “It is WE lifting it”!
      And you were thanking me so lovingly.
      It is that the Godly Concept of Creation is just LEARNING and GROWING.
      And God the Creator learns through us.
      In just WAITING for the veil to be removed – there is no learning.
      It is passivity.
      So the Celestials give us hints on what is now imperative to do
      – for they actually see the bigger picture –
      but the WORK should be ours. WE have to do it.
      Otherwise, where is the lesson?
      “Man has to always do the first step”, Jesus said.
      And in that WE ARE THE CREATORS we are meant to be –
      and it makes sense to me.
      With love…

      1. By the way, I’m a dancer,
        and your post about dancing together in JOY
        was just beautiful.

      2. Thank you so very much dear Theo for your kindness. I have recently been guided to the works of the great Albert Camus and Absurdism. The latter has lead me to an epiphany that in our present condition, we search to find meaning to our lives and are left with an appreciation of the absurd after finding no meaning. My epiphany was that our lives are a blank canvas, we are the artists and we must paint the meaning upon life’s canvas. With much Love Wilbur

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