The manuscript of survival – part 147

Let us being todays missive by probing a little bit further into the past, as the past is indeed an important place for you all. Not to get stuck in, as so many have chosen to do, but to use as a launching pad for the future. Let us explain. In order for mankind to realize that it needs to do some very important changes, it is always useful to open one’s eyes and take a good look around. And when we say ”around”, we imply both your physical surroundings but also your timeline. In other words, lift your focus from the tip of your feet and survey everything that is surrounding you on all sides. As you might be very familiar with this practice already, we venture to guess that what you saw when you did just that, enabled you to start tearing yourselves away from it all. In other words, those still sleepwalking in their daily lives are not the ones reading these words at the moment, because they have not even touched upon the idea that something is amiss and needs to be corrected, not only in their own life, but in the world around them. They cannot see that the direction your species has been travelling in for such a long time is indeed a direction that will literally take them over the cliff, and therefore they obligingly continue in the same vein, day after day, life after life. Whereas you, who have already pushed the sleep out of your eyes, you can see in all of its glaring clarity that very much is amiss. In fact, it is in many ways beyond repair, and therefore you have taken it into your hands to create a brand new reality, one that is taking you all towards a much better future than the road you were all travelling on up until recently.

It is very interesting, is it not, to take a look over your shoulder and see where you came from? The distance you have covered in a few short months and years is astounding, to say the least, and you all know in your heart of hearts that even if your life in many ways seems to resemble the old one, at least on a superficial level, you know you have travelled a gigantic distance away from the time you too were one of those weary and dispirited travellers that kept your eyes downcast and your nose pointing to the ground, lest you should be intimidated by what you saw all around you.

But you have lifted your eyes, dear ones, and in doing that, you literally broke the connection that held you tied down to this old trail of misery, and you have entered a new life, where everything may seem to be even more exhausting, but where you know that this is caused by your efforts of rebuilding not only yourselves, but also your planet. And this can in no way be likened to the exhaustion you felt whilst trapped inside that illusion you once lived in. You see, you are feeling the effects of you hard work now, and you will be rewarded accordingly, whilst before, you were only feeling the effects of being literally drained of all life while being alive. In other words, you have finally started to breathe freely, after being sucked dry from being inserted into a matrix that had only one purpose, namely that of feeding those at the top every last drop of vitality you had, and with it, every ounce of possibility of ever breaking free. But you managed to extract yourselves from these threads, and remember, that even if you do feel entangled in this old web of  lies, you are in fact free already. It is like the last tatters of a net still attached to your limbs, but the net has been cut free from its anchorage, and you can already move in your own chosen direction, instead of only following the pull and suction from that old river of misery.

We know that this freedom can be hard to fathom at times, because you have so many of these vestiges of the old still cluttering up your space, so it is indeed important to keep vigilant so as not to be lured by these remants into thinking that you are forever trapped. That might actually cause you to be inadvertently reattached to the old yoke, so we would like to take this opportunity to remind you all to survey your surroundings – and your whole life – very, very closely. We think you will find so much freedom to discover there, literally at your feet, if you manage to clear away the cobwebs that are obscuring it at the moment. This cobweb can take many shapes, as it can be in the form of old habits, connections or rules that you have yet to discover is no longer an actual part of your life anymore. They just look like they are, but it is indeed up to each and every one of you to take that broom and go at it. In other words, take some time to declutter whatever is obscuring your newfound freedom dear ones, and we think you will all see that you are so much more liberated than you can mayhaps envision at the moment. We have talked much about a thorough spring cleaning, and we know that you have all done much of this already, but the old systems are nothing if not stubborn, and they will try to hold on in any way they can. So do not hesitate dear ones, you still have some cleaning to do, but we do guarantee that the results will take many of you by surprise, and a very pleasant one at that. Remember, this is not about processing large amounts of heavy baggage, you have done that already, no, this is only about sweeping all of the detritus away once and for all. It will help to clear the air in more ways than one, and we do think you will get a kick out of it while you’re at it.

6 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 147

  1. Awesome, to say the least! May your receive my thanks and love Aisha and Constant Companions. It’s so inspiring and at the same time mindblowing to read such parallel information to my/our own lives here. Shivers and tears of joy! May you be rewarded one millions times over to that! Blessings, Aubrey Gibran Krishna

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