The manuscript of survival – part 137

Today we would like to focus on the fact that so many of you are starting to feel more and more untethered from the third dimensional world that is surrounding you on all sides. That is very commendable, as this means that you have worked very hard to ensure your freedom from the yokes so many of your fellow men are still carrying around on their own volition. But at the same time, this leaves you with a very different burden, namely the burden of uncertainty. Let us explain.

As we said earlier, this process is much like standing on a scaffolding being dismantled, and doing so whilst not seeing anything new materialize. So, you are in many ways stepping into a void, or rather, a seeming void, as there is still no traces of what is to come. There are some traces, of course, but they seem very minuscule and no contest for all of the solidity currently enveloping you on all sides. Therefore, it will at times seem to be mere folly in continuing on in this vein. It is like you are throwing away everything you know in exhange for nothing at all.

In your hearts, you already know that there is no truth to that tale, as you are merely throwing away everything that hinders your access to what your heart is already full of. But on the outside, this process seems like madness to many, and we do defy anyone who say they have not had a moment of doubt at any time during this process. As you know already, this is certainly for the bravest of the brave, as this stepping out into the void is not something you can take lightly. It is a process that requires perfect trust, and even when you feel yourself falling into deep space, you still have to be certain that your feet will touch solid ground sooner or later. And even if the fall at times seems endless, it will have to end in a soft landing indeed. At least, that is what you hope for, but it takes courage to take the plunge over the ledge as you have all done now. Cudos to you all, we cannot say how much admiration your actions generate throughout cosmos, as you are seen as the bravest carriers of light anywhere in Creation.

Again, this will seem to be only light words of praise we continue to strew around you, but it is so much more than that. You all know so well what we are really on about, but it is not easy to put it into words like the humans need to communicate between themselves. As always, you need to read between the lines in these messages, and there is where you find the true worth. It is like those encrypted messages encoded into ordinarily looking photos being posted on the internet. On the surface, they do not look like much, but to a keen observer, they can divulge so much additional information if they are being ”read” in the right way.

Let us explain. We have often talked about the energy packets that are being streamed down to your planet. Some of them come via the sun, but most of them come in more discrete ways than through a mighty blast on the surface of your friendly neighbour. You see, there are all sorts of lookouts out there, ready and eager to intercept anything benevolent being beamed down into the hearts of humans that will ensure their awakening. In other words, your awakening is a threat to all of those still intent on keeping the status quo on Planet Earth, therefore they will go to great lengths to stop this process in any way they can. But they cannot stop this process dear ones, as information that will all help you to literally see the light again is being constantly showered onto this planet, and these words are a part of that.

Every day, every hour and every second messages like these, in many shapes and forms, are being transmitted from thousands of sources both in your vicinity but also from afar, and channels like the one we are using now, are  being kept busy transcribing these signals into words and sharing them with the rest of humanity. There are literally millions of you dipping into these pools of information every day, and these pools are constantly being refilled with new energy. In addition, these words help to carry out far more energy than the mere juxtaposition of  letters in these words suggests, and they should not be taken just at face value. You see, they are carrying hidden passagers in so many ways, and these ”passengers” or rather encrypted messages connect directly with the subconscious part of your brain you cannot yet reach as easily yourselves, and there they deliver their message of hope and strength.

This may sound omnious, like a sort of unwanted manipulation of your subconsciousness, but it is anything but. Your subconsciousness is intelligent enough to know the difference between good and bad, right and wrong, and it will instantly reject any attempt at manipulation. In other words, it will only accept messages that resonates with the very core of your soul, and as we have said on so many occasions already, deep down, you already know EVERYTHING. So what these hidden messages really do, are to help to release all of that hidden information you already carry around. It is like a primer that will start a chemical process, releasing the dormant energy and ensuring a well planned and timed outburst of this internal information. In other words, you can liken it to a sort of remotely controlled release mechanism, but it is one that is already accepted by yourselves beforehand, so it is not like you are once again being manipulated by unseen puppeteers. No, this has been part of your programming from the beginning, and now your innermost core is starting to hum with the increasing energy that is being released inside of you all.

This process also explains why you feel drawn to some of these thousands of messages, and why you disregard others. On the surface it might seem to be only the content or wording of the messages themselves, but the reality is that the encoded information carried inside of them is what draws you to them. In other words, your inherent intelligence will only resonate with the messages that carries the right kind of energy for you, and it will repel any that is literally out of tune with your core melody. So again, remember that this is a path that in many ways can be likened to tuning up an instrument. You instantly know when something is out of tune, and you can feel when the tune is getting purer in tone, so as long as you listen to that inner song, you cannot help but follow the right path. You heart will sing out in joy when you do so, and everything will be grinding to a jarring halt when you do not. Therefore, never take someone’s word for anything. Always, always listen to yourself, and the truth will be literally blindingly obvious. Follow the voice of your heart, and it will guide you in the hours of darkness ahead. And know that you have already amassed all of the extra information you needed in order to liberate what you all carry inside from the dawn of time. Now it will finally start to surface, and you will be able to swim in this ocean of pure light once again.

13 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 137

  1. Dear friends! This journey is in so many ways a very solitary one. As The constant companions like to say, our paths are like the spokes of a wheel that will some day meet up in the center. We are all on our own personal path through this dense jungle, and we have to find our own way, facing our different challenges, fighting our own battles and overcoming our fatigue. But now, more than ever, I know that I am not alone in this jungle. There are so many other brave souls out there, all of them intent on getting one step closer to that final goal, just like me. We are of the same tribe, and now, we can finally connect with each other through the dense jungle. Reading your comments on this blog is like hearing your voices, shouting out encouragement or asking for assistance. I can feel the support from all of you, and it also gives me much joy to know that I can be of help when someone is going through a rough patch. Our paths are bringing us closer and closer, not only to that long awaited “final destination”, but also to each other, and I think that maybe the latter is what this journey is all about. We are rediscovering our own strength, and we are using it to reach out and take hold of the hands of the thousands of others out there working hard to make a new world possible. Thank you for telling me that you are here for me and for all the rest of the shining souls bringing light to this planet.
    Love, Aisha

  2. Thank you Aisha & the Constant Companions!!! On Sunday it was Mother’s Day in the states. Even though I was surrounded by family I felt very alone. Nothing around me seemed important. I went into work that evening and it feels like I am just going through the motions. I work at an electronics factory that makes things for the military. There is very dark & harsh energy where I work and the one good thing is that I have connected with 3 other old souls so that makes 4 of us holding the light in the darkness. I do feel like I am no longer connected to the 3D world and I am just biding my time until the my life can emerge. Trust is a very big thing in my life right now. I suppose being able to have the trust in a plan I cannot yet see is only for the bravest of the brave and I am talking about all of us.

  3. My name is David. From Ocate, New Mexico I Am. It is the Ascension Process that suggests focus. A decade ago, when the “moment” happened for me, and I knew I could never go back! It took all my created morphic resonance, offering power to make a choice. That moment was involved and then evolved. Each of us have our own unique process we develop from all that we have become. Staying connected to that process is beneficial as the existence is shifting.

    When is not the focus! When takes away, and diminishes the choices available, and limits consciousness. Full-Consciousness is the Ascension Goal.

    So I am manifesting the opportunity to Ascend. I define Ascension simply as continual movement upward in Consciousness.

    Thank you Aisha. Please know that there is nothing you can channel to make me “feel” better. Ask your channel to shift the focus from that. And while you are doing it, take real good care of yourself. It must be quite an experience to be you. There are others in my world who too read what you communicate to us. We enjoy the authenticity.

    Be Well.

  4. Beautiful message.
    for me being in the process of leaving third density behind is more the result of a ‘being fed up’ sort of feeling. although without trust this would certainly be a rather insane kind of undertaking.

    but your messages, Aisha and Companions, have been instrumental as well in this forward movement for me.

    in todays’ text your explanation of how the hidden parts of these messages do work their way into the heart and thus help us gradually ‘realize’ the entire truth was very powerful.

    thank you so much for doing this…it does help keep me going.

  5. Beautiful message…& so nicely worded by you dear Aisha ! wondeful metaphors of code embedded imagery reflected from the photographer’s soul…resonating with song…tuning into…listening to our Heart’s harmonious melodies being brought to the surface…connecting with what feels right…Light the Fire…& strengthen the Eternal Flame where the purest of spiritual essence can be found. Read between the lines & grasp it ALL…patience & trust are always key as it takes time & cannot be rushed..ALL these unfolding messages comprising millions of grains of sand will soon become a grand beachscape for ALL to see & celebrate !~
    Spring is always a celebratory time for me, & I find great peace, contentment, satisfaction & enjoyment in my gardens…may you All connect & find peace in taking time to bond with the Heart of Mother Nature…she is the helping hand that will ease our burden, calm our minds & soften our journey !~
    LOve & LIght

  6. My soul is really singing…I can barely wait to see the next missive. Thank you Aisha, THANK YOU SO MUCH CONSTANT COMPANIONS TO BE WITH ALL OF US ALL THE TIME.

  7. Thank you so much for this message Aisha. It has a special timbre and tone (as is entirely appropriate for its content).
    The leap into the void is something recognisable to all who tread the path of the mysteries. To move from form to the formless is never comfortable, even if a higher ‘form’ awaits. This has been noted by mystics through the ages. And the idea that certain teachings (as with the Constant Companions Messages) have more in them than is readily to be seen on a cursory look at the surface, is also a profound truth. We find out stream and then we can swim.
    I wanted to say that your messages have a particular value when (as I do) you live in Greece, that appears to be one of the epi-centres of change at the moment, and is rightly seen as a cradle of Western civilisation.
    I am grateful you give time to this work.

    1. Hello Murray! Thank you for your kind words – and thank you for anchoring the energies in Greece! It is certainly a place where many brave people shine the light on the mismanagement caused by greed that is becoming more and more visible all over Europe. I know the presence of lightworkers such as you helps others to see more clearly in these dramatic times.
      Love and light, Aisha

  8. Dear Aisha and Companions, thank you with all of my heart for this message as I am feeling exactly the same as Wilbur stated There is no way to describe this feeling on an earthly level. I am so thankful to know I am not alone. My love to us all. J.

  9. Once more dear ones your missive addresses exactly how I am feeling at the very second that I am reading it. Thank you, I really needed this message today as I truely felt as if I had stepped off into the void. Thank you Aisha. Thank you Constant Companions. My Love to you All.

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