The manuscript of survival – part 135

Todays missive will be a short one, but an important one. Now the second round of energy updates is in full swing, and many of you have felt the brunt of this already. Your body may have a hard time adjusting to these new levels of energy, but it will not take long before it is ready for the next one. That is fortuitous, as this next round will be even more intense than the first two, so you see, there is a pattern here with steadily increasing levels of magnitude. You will have a short period of adjustment between them, but they willl not last long, so you best use them for all they’re worth as you will soon be laid low with another of these very important upgradings.

We are so proud of your accomplishments, and we do applaud you all for volunteering to go through this ordeal. It is not an easy one, and it is about to be even that little bit more challenging. This is mayhaps not the message you hankered for at the moment, but again, remember that all of these upheavals, both internally and externally, must be seen as positive signs of evolving. So keep up the good work sweet souls, you are indeed the bravest of the brave, soon to becom the strongest of them all. That is all for today, we leave.

14 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 135

  1. Simply so tired I just crash for a short nap and then I am just fine… I know i am changing quite a bit… The drama is disappearing out of my life… Life is getting very clear… I am waiting patiently for my life to change into something quite different… Bruce.

  2. I feel like I’m in a washing machine that goes from aggitate to spin every few minutes. And there’s a knife stuck in the right side of my head. It started about noon today. Thank you Jessica, breathe. Thank you Aisha, for giving us a place to share. Love

  3. anyone else feel like they’ve been emotionally and mentally thrown to the ground. I feel like I’m dealing with a part of myself I already worked through. And now its like i’m in the middle of it again but then all of a sudden i’m pulled out like I’m watching myself and being told you are no longer that person do not react like you use to because you are no longer that person…(i must be going nuts) but it all feels correct…sigh and once again it hits me

    1. yes, yes, yes! the only relief I get is when I breathe and come back to my center. I have been using HeartMath, a bio-feedback system to assist me and it has helped alot. my body aches all over and my mind feels like I can’t process thoughts,.

  4. Are we having fun yet??:) I am reminded of the scene in Contact where Jody Foster is strapped into the time machine and it is vibrating like crazy taking her through the dimensions. Good to know there is a happy ending to all this! Yeeha!

  5. I just started to feel the energies and I am exhausted and my body shakes but my head shakes faster then any other part of my body which is how it happens. Take care everyone.

  6. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions, I do appreciate the beforehand knowlege. I find that once the symptoms emerge, quickly ask the benevolent energies that lovingly watch over us and guide us for relief. My prayers/requests have always been answered and the symptoms melt away. Love to you All.

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