A short update

We have come today to give you a short update on the proceedings. As you are well aware by now, the days ahead will be challenging indeed, but we think you will be able to take it all in your stride, or rather lying down. You see, many of these mentioned proceedings will take place during the nighttime, and as such, they might not be as apparent at first. But you will certainly know that something has happened, as these proceedings will leave a clear message in so many ways. In other words, these callers will leave their calling card, and we think you will all be greatful for their visit. That is all we have for you today dear ones.

7 thoughts on “A short update

  1. Thanks for the update…the visits can sometimes be quite intense…No Fear…believe in your destiny & that it is unfolding as it is meant to be. The awakening process is coming to fruitition…the trappings are being removed to soon reveil the Universal Truth ! We are ALL connected within the Life Stream of Creation…intwined with ALL that is ! LOve & Light….~

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