The manuscript of survival – part 132

Today will mark the passage into a new part of this transformational process, as you will all be exposed to a new level of ”radiation” to call it that. Let us explain. As you have probably understood well by now, you are brought up in vibration notch by notch, and although this process has been going on for many years for some of you, now the time has come to really start speeding you along in this evolutionary process. The reason for this is a simple one, as you first had to be exposed to the lower levels in order for your physical body to be able to readjust itself after each new period of treatments. But now, you have all become sufficiently hardened to be able to withstand the massive doses you are about to receive, and these doses will have far reaching consequences indeed. Let us just say that all of these preliminary rounds have in many ways been only testruns for what is to come, and now, after extensive testing and calibration, you have all been deemed as ready to go to the next level. So you see, even if you do feel ready to fall to pieces at the moment, you are in fact far, far stronger than you have ever been, and it is only the limitations of your mind that will hold you back from literally trusting yourself and leaning on your own full powers with all of your weight. But now the time has come to really test you and stretch your limits beyond what you could ever think was possible. This may sound frightening, but again, we would never, ever expose you to anything that could be harmful to you in any way.

This does not mean that it will not be perceived as less than comfortable in many ways, but still, it is literally not more than you can bear. What your mind has to say about this, is quite another matter, so as usual, the mental part of this process will be the most challenging one. You see, you will have a hard time coming to the conclusion that all of this hard work being done on your body is in fact healthy for you, to use a word you are all familiar with. That is because your body is only used to the everyday wear and tear it is regularly exposed to, and anything that goes beyond these limits will seem to be very harmful to you. Well, in this case, the opposite is true, as your body has been conditioned to weather out any storm at the moment, and storm is what this will feel like in many ways, and of a magnitude that you have not experienced before. This does not mean that it will be a relentless barrage of energy that will leave you unable to function at all in this upcoming period, but you will all experience periods that will be extremely intense, and that might make some of you prone to going into fear. Please try to keep it together and go back to these messages, as we will reassure you all the way throughout this ordeal that you are in safe hands. As always, if you listen well to your body, it will tell you the difference between the distress signals it will send out intermittently in these upcoming days, and you will be better equipped to sort out all of the false alarm bells that might go off at any time throughout this next downloading  period.

We tell you this because it is important to start to trust your own judgement, and to know when the mind is only trying to generate more fear in order to stop you in your tracks. That is understandable, because the forces coming in now will play havoc with all of the old and cemented patterns that abound on your planet. Not only in your mind, but also in your body, as it has been set up with a few little inhibitors in order to keep you down as it were. In other words, these new energypatterns coming in will also break loose anything that is not good for you, including these implanted false mechanisms, and they will certainly not go peacefully. We do not refer to any sort of artificial devices here, but rather to a part of the reprogramming you received many lifetimes ago that has been put in deliberately in order to  limit your strength and to shorten the lifespan of a human body. Now the time has come to start the deactivation of all of this, therefore the physical symptoms during this next period might differ from the ones you have experienced up until now.

Remember, do not let that lure you into the trap to think that something might be amiss, as a change in patterns usually engenders that response in a human mind. Instead, take it as a confirmation that you have just passed one more of those signposts we have mentioned earlier, and that it is all a signal that you have taken a significant step closer towards finalizing this transformational process. So hang in there as they say, and know that even if the rollercoaster will seem to be hurtling ever faster along an unseen track, know that you are not falling down into an abyss, even if your mind tries to tell you otherwise in these next few days.

11 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 132

  1. Thank you, Ellen, you are a shining light to us all. I am impressed that you did not allow someone to “implant” a false belief in your beautiful divine self. For eons this has been done to us and many have taken deep root. With the assistance of the energies this week, may we all shine the light on any “false implants” within and disolve them. We all deal with something. Thank you Ellen for standing and saying NO MORE. Love

  2. Dear Ellen….you are a brave and beautiful soul. I am so glad you are here as part of our journey. Bless you and love you, J.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these valuable messages…an eventful week indeed…Super Moon…incoming solar energy waves…massive coronal hole forming…& so much more….I always find it curious that so much globally & universally is going on while the mass of society goes about their day without knowing & feeling any of it…part of the mystery puzzle that I’m sure will soon provide an answer….I always Appreciate reading your manuscripts….LOve & Light

  4. Thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions!!! In one of the earlier missives they said the multidimensional reality will start to leak into our senses. I did not go to work today because I was not feeling well so I slept very late. When I woke up of course I was not wearing my glasses but I noticed something in the the corner to my right. Even though it was a bit fuzzy I could not mistake the movement of a spider about the size of a baseball which scurried from the corner to the window on the side of the wall. Then I saw a shadow of the spider on the blind of the window above me and that was all thank goodness. Then I saw a geometric designs on the ceiling. The design was not frightening but I do think you would understand that the big spider scared the hell out of me. I started talking to myself, saying that these things that we will be seeing were there all the time and we just did not see them. The CC said that nothing will happen that will hurt us so I had to keep calm but I was thinking this would sound like a crazy person’s rantings.

    I do not know if any of you have had emotional/mental problems but I have been taking anti-depressants since my early twenties because I have a chemical imbalance which is prevalent in my family. It is not situational depression although I do struggle harder in a difficult life situation but I believe that has also made me stronger and given me depth. I am 58 yrs old and I have worked very hard to to get past the stigma and the not feeling good enough or that I have a major flaw in me. Several months ago on Crimson Circle Adamus asked for volunteers to work with him the same way we are working with the Constant Companions. He said that we will hear and see things and if we are on any type of antidepressants or other sort of drug we cannot participate. I felt not good enough again. He said that he wanted others to hold the energy for those who would be working with him because it will be intense at times. So I received the agreement in the mail to be a supporter and because I take anti-depressants I cannot even be a supporter/holder.

    I felt like once again I was not excepted because I was different. It really made me sad for quite some time. I mean how can a spiritual group refuse my help when my spirituality is where I find my solace. I thought maybe the reason was because they wanted to make sure the person was stable but let me tell you there are some people not on meds who have not addressed their issues or may be in denial of any issues at all, who are very unstable indeed.

    I had to come to the realization that no person or group can dictate to me what is right for me. I have to trust that I am right where I need to be at all times and I am on my own personal journey which is unique. AND nobody can stop me from doing the work myself if need be. Maybe I am here to help transmute that imbalance. One woman told me that I will not be able to evolve like those people who do not take antidepressants but here I am and I have had a plenitude of rich, spiritual, gifted experiences and have felt the bliss of union with my spirit essence. I have learned that when ever something happens whether it seems bad or good to me, it is the perfect time for this to happen. So it was the perfect time to not work with the Crimson Circle because I was already working with the Constant Companions (dream a yr ago) who are doing the same thing.


    1. that’s such a sad but most beautiful story…& I know it took alot for you to share this…you are Unique & Appreciated…more than you know…there is only ‘One’ you…& that makes you extra-special ! Be Strong…as many will try to defeat you…listen to your Heart & let it Sing out in celebrating your wonderful Spirit !!~ LOve & Light ….Bev

    2. Thank you Ellen, for being who you are, and for reaching out to us like this! You are truly the bravest of the brave, and I feel so honored to know that we share this journey. As The constant companions say, we all have to travel our own individual path towards that place where we all meet up, like the spokes of a wheel. You have found the strength to do so even when your path is more challenging than others, and I admire you for not listening to all of those around you trying to hold you back. You are a shining example to us all, dear friend.
      Love, Aisha

  5. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions. This website is really a true blessing. It gives me just you what I need in those days. April did not went by without having this massive headaches every day and even now they seem to increase. But we hang on !!

  6. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions. My body just feels extremely tired and worn out at the moment, this missive explains it.

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