The manuscript of survival – part 131

Todays message will in many ways follow in the footsteps of the previous ones, as we are still intent on being your cheerleaders as it were. Let us explain. For many, this process can be  likened to a trip on a rollercoaster, and a rollercoaster enveloped in darkness at that. As you all know so well by now, there is no way to predict just what will happen next. Will it be a day of joy and upliftment, or will you be plunged into a seemingly free fall without an end? This is indeed a process with so many ups and down, and the interval between these abrupt shifts varies too, so you never know when everything changes suddenly again. Up and down and sideways, to and fro, everything is like a restless energy moving you seemingly at random through your days and your nights. It might feel scary, as there seem to be no control or plan behind any of this. Well, let us just say that nothing could be further from the truth, as this is all mapped out in meticulous detail beforehand. But again, we follow a plan and a sense of time that differs mightily from the ones you are so used to, so everything will seem to be very, very chaotic at times. Just do not think that this feeling of chaos will go away anytime soon. In fact, it will seem to be increasing, as events will soon take a turn for the worse. Or rather, on the outside, or to an untrained eye, it will seem to be for the worse. But for us, and those amongst you already sufficiently aware to be able to discern between illusion and truth, all of these seemingly negative effects that will start to spin their waves all across your globe will be seen for what they really are. A purging of old and outdatet systems in preparation for the insertion of the new.

In other words, the dismantling process will be taken up a notch, and as such, much dismay will be spreading through a large proportion of your fellow humans. They will see only chaos, but you will see order where others fail to see anything but sure signs of collapse. This may sound confusing, but as we have stated on so many occasions by now, the old must be literally blown away in order for the new growth to take hold. And fear not, this does not entail bringing you all back to the primitive days when it was every man for himself, and where the power of aggression and fear ruled supreme. No, we are talking about something else than mere anarchy here. We are talking about a process that will be literally setting new and magical things into motion at the same times as the old ones are extinguished. You will not be left dangling in an empty void between these two states, but it will in many ways feel like that to so many of you. You see, there is no good way to describe all of this beforehand, as you have no way of understanding it just yet, but trust us when we say that you will be taken well care of throughout it all, as without you, this process cannot be completed. So it will do nothing good at all if you were literally frightened out of your wits and thereby rendered unable to finish the work you came here to do. Although you will at times feel very vulnerable and lonely, we will do our utmost to make sure that you will still be able to function, and messages like these will only be a small part of this helping hand so to speak that we are at all times holding out towards you.

We will repeat this message again and again, as it is indeed imperative that you do come to terms with the fact that although everything around you will seem to be collapsing, mayhaps including your own physical body and your mental state, never forget that you came here specifically equipped to be able to sustain the sort of pressure you are currently under, and more so. But as you are indeed sheltering inside the somewhat frail looking physical body of a human being, you will at times have a hard time believing in your own strength. There is no need to doubt yourselves, but it is very understandable if you do so, therefore we will in many ways be stepping up the contact over the borders as it were and help you to regain your memories. As we have already stated, you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and you are no less than indestructible, and now will be a good time to start tapping into that reservoar again. Do not fear that you will become trapped by your own frailty. It does not exist, only in your mind, and it is time to let go of the reins that the mind is trying to control you with.

We have said this on so many occasions, but now, you will all have the opportunity to start testing out this in a major way. You see, you will meet many obstacles in the upcoming days and weeks, so try to keep these words clear in your mind, or rather in your heart, and make an effort to see past all of the negativity that will cloud so many other people’s judgements. Again, you have been well trained to think that anything ”negative” that happens is cause for alarm, and maybe even some self-recrimination,  but that is only if you see it with the eyes and beliefs of yesterday. In the new way of things, you will see that as always, everything happens for a reason, and any form of collapse or dismantling is only a clear signal that a resurrection is about to take place. And no, not resurrection as refferred to in your holy books. We refer to a resurrection of a whole planet, not a single being or a single idea. So do not get trapped by the mounting fear from all of those unable to see the silver lining in the clouds that will soon start to envelop you all. You will be hold aloft not only by your own soaring spirit, but also by the support from all of your brethren, both in human shape but also of the more celestial kind.

So keep going ahead, even if your mind tries to tell you to run the other way. It cannot sway you, only if you let the voice from your heart be drowned by the mind’s incessant whining. You are made of far stronger stuff than that dear ones, and we know you will prevail, even if you at times feel a nagging doubt descending like a pallor over you. Remember what we have told you on so many occasions before: these challenges are in no way a sign of any wrongdoing or ”bad karma” on your part, far from it. All of these challenges are merely signposts along the way, and they are pointing out very clearly that you are advancing at a rapid pace indeed. At times the pace might seem to be a bit too much, but be that as it may. We are more than confident that you will take it all in your stride. Just remember to look back over your shoulder at times, and marvel at the long succession of signposts you have already passed. You have made it this far, dear friends, and there is nothing holding you back from attaining that final goal shimmering at the end of this obstacle course. You might get a bruised knee on the way, but nothing that will harm you too much. So keep going confidently ahead dear ones, even if the next part of this rollercoaster might be a bit more exciting than you mayhaps bargained for. Remember, we know the whole setup of this journey ahead of you, and even if we are not the ones travelling it, we know fully well that it is more than within your reach to do so. So have faith that even if you feel tossed about on this rollercoaster, it is not about to derail. Not now, nor ever, so lift your arms and scream and shout to signify that you are not at all overwhelmed by any of the twists and turns this ride will take. It is a thrilling one, is it not? After all, it is the ride of your lives dear ones, so make sure to enjoy it even if your mind tries to tell you to get off at the earliest possibility. You would not want to miss out on the best part, would you?

13 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 131

  1. Thank you, Ellen, Aisha, Jean, Linda, Gabriella, Wilber and Jessica, kind of nice to have the names of the ones I am holding hands with. I know these uncomfortable periods are only a purging, and “this too shall pass”. They can get intense tho! The sun will also be completing its pole reversal this month only instead of having 2 poles it will have 4 this time. A positive at each pole and 2 negitives at the equator. If anyone wants to read the article on this I’ll see if I can find it . Fasten your seat belts and put your trays in their up right position. Blessings to you all.

  2. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and insights on this! I think we all can use a little extra support in the time ahead, and it really helps me a lot to know that we are all in this together as a group. This rollercoaster is really picking up speed now, but I am not about to get off anytime soon!
    I feel a little bit like a child before Christmas, the sense that something big is just around the corner is getting stronger by the day. So, even if I do get a bit bruised here and there in the process, I just know it will be more than OK in the end.

    The systems are certainly showing signs of stress already. Only this last week, this has happened in Norway: the phone and internet was down for several hours on the west coast, four major hospitals could not access their electronic patient records so they had to cancel all operations, and yesterday 8 out of 10 ATMs in the whole country were out of order, internet banking was inaccessible in the four major banks and any credit cards issued by the same banks could not be used anywhere. “Do not take anything for granted” as The constant companions said recently…

    The sun is certainly gearing up for more action too. This is from “One of the largest sunspot groups in years rotated over the sun’s northeastern limb this weekend. With a least four dark cores larger than Earth, AR1476 sprawls more than 100,000 km from end to end.
    “AR1476 is firecrackler,” says Amateur astronomer Alan Friedman.
    Indeed, the active region is crackling with impulsive M-class solar flares. Based on the sunspot’s complex ‘beta-gamma’ magnetic field, NOAA forecasters estimate a 70% chance of more M-flares during the next 24 hours. There is also a 5% chance of powerful X-flares.”

    In other words: get ready for another interesting week on this rollercoaster!
    Love, Aisha

  3. Ellen your comment about regenerate and not to decay…I’ve been getting that answer for years…thank you so much for posting it

  4. Rhonda, you asked how I was told to meld my spirit with my physical body and this is what I was told. She told me to set the intention that I am melding my spirit with my body, close my eyes, visualize that I am melding the two and breathe deeply. It is very simple and I can do it as often and as long as I want. Our physical body has a quantum field of intelligence around it with which we can learn to communicate. Eons ago we lost that connection and began to look to the outside to know what is happening on the inside. Our bodies were made to regenerate not to decay. I give my body permission to balance itself and I do not tell it how this should happen and sometimes things will be worse before they get better but I must trust, trust, trust that all is well. I feel comforted with the thought that we are very important to what is going on at this time so naturally we will be kept safe, no matter what. Chaos will rage around us but we must not be afraid and in that trust we will be safe.


  5. Loved your post Ellen. I will also check out Kryon’s latest. In Adamus’ channeled message yesterday, he spoke of a massive wave of energy coming in starting on May 10, and lasting for about a week. He said it will push much earth energy to the surface that will be cleared or transmuted, and that the result of this will mean some difficulty for many of us, mostly in the form of discomfort and physical issues, but not anything terrible. He rarely “warns” like this, and The Constant Compansions also rarely do this. Coming from both of these trusted sources, I sense we are indeed going to see much drama in the external world very soon. But as the Companions say, we will be kept safe, even if it gets quite rocky. And Adamus pretty much said this as well.

    Thank you Aisha for being the conduit for this supportive guidance.

  6. Thank you, Ellen, for sharing that. I will go to the web sit you suggested. I so appreciate the encouragement. Some days I do pretty good and some days I don’t, that’s the roller coaster. I’d love to hear more about how to meld the spirit with the body. Its time. Love

  7. Thank you Aisha and Constant Companions for your very needed support. Love to you All.

  8. Thank you Aisha and Companions for helping us to have some understanding of this process some of us are experiencing on the roller coaster in the dark. I am so thankful for those of us holding hands through this swiriling……to be able to share with each other knowing we are not alone. Love, J.

  9. Thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions!! Yes Rhonda, I am ready to jump ship as well but I keep hanging on 🙂 We are the strongest of the strong as Little Grandmother says and there were many, many more souls who wanted to come to Earth at this time but could not. If you would like to hear more info on us old souls you could listen to Kryon’s last free audio message on their site We represent our celestial and other orders and we would not be here if we were not the best at what we do..however, I do not know what I do yet…lol

    About a year ago I had a dream that I was talking to a dark haired woman who was in a very spiritually evolved group. She told me that I had done good work and now it is time to work on my body. She told me how to meld my spirit with my body and months later on the Crimson Circle he said the exact same thing. She also told me that I will be working with this group now as well. I wonder if she was speaking about all of us.

  10. Plunged into a free fall without end? Yes that is how today feels. Total chaos and a feeling of being dismantled? That pretty much sums up what it feels like in my head, that is what I can feel of it with a 2 ton elephant sitting on top of it. We will meet many obstacles in the up coming days and weeks? I can hardly wait! Did I volunteer for this?? Am asking anyone who may be so fortunate as to have gotten their memory back. Well, as you can tell this is a rough day, and you, as always, have summed it up pretty good. Hope the rest of ya are hanging in there, cause I sure wanted to jump ship this morning. Thank you Aisha, bless you. My grandmother once told me “when you reach the end of your rope make a knot and hang on”.
    Love to you all

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