The manuscript of survival – part 130

Mankind has for so long forgotten their roots, or rather, been made to forget them, but now as the veils are slowly lifting one by one, the rush of remembrance will take you all by storm. Not all at once, and not as a simultaneous explosion of powers all over your little planet, but in increments, as each and every individual who has set their heart to ”open” will receive the message they have been waiting for for such a long time. Rejoice sweet ones, as your ears, your eyes and your heart will soon tell your mind to finally shut up and sit down and listen to the real truth, not the one it has for so long been pushing as the only thing to believe. That day is not far off, and for some, it has come already, and believe us when we say that we are more than happy to finally be able to literally meet you all again face to face.

Do not for a second think that these words imply some sort of mass meeting, where we descend in our golden chariots accompanied by heavenly music, only to pick up a chosen few and whisk them off the surface of your planet and disappear into a heavenly abode. That is merely words conjured by those who do not KNOW, by people set on making up their own little fantasies, where some are ”the chosen ones” and the rest the huddled masses not ”good enough” to ascend.

No, what we refer to, is a one-on-one meeting that will take place when YOU are ready, and it will not be a meeting around the sofa table as it were. No, we are of course referring to a meeting in far loftier reaches than in that third dimensional ”reality” surrounding you on all sides, so as you can see, this will not be a meeting that will be reported on your news. In other words, do not expect to see a flying saucer of any kind landing on your lawn anytime soon, but in stead, expect to be set up with some very interesting encounters in the time ahead. They might be brief, but they will leave a lasting impression on you all. Maybe not in the fashion you might expect, and we think you may have hard describing the details to others, not least to yourself after these meetings have taken place, but from that day – or rather night – forward, your life will never be the same again. Because then you just KNOW, and then everything else will take second place in your life. You will know the real truth, and then this charade being played out in front of your eyes every day will be even more surreal. Because then you will see through it all, and you will see that there is no solidity in anything you see around you. It is nothing but a flimsy construcion, set up to trick the eye and trick the mind into believing in nothing. Well sweet souls, soon you will start to know, and that is a far cry from believing in something and hoping for something with all of your heart.

Then you will find calm in even the most violent of storms, as you know only too well that nothing can harm you ever again, because you are of a material so indestructible, nothing can eradicate it ever again. You are what the stars are made of dear ones, and just like the stars, you will never disappear from the firmament. You will continue to glow as bright as the morning, even after the lights have dimmed in many of your compatriots, and that is the message we want to give you today.

Never fear for your sanity, even if these meetings will challenge you in many ways, as you have been built of the strongest and sturdiest material around. You are light through and through, and that can never be taken out, no matter how hard the wind will blow in these upcoming weeks. Just open your heart, and we stand ready with open arms to receive you back into the community you have been separated from for so long. Just remember, you do not leave your own world behind as you are welcomed back into ours. You will bring your part of our world back to your own, and as such you will literally be bringing a little piece of heaven down to Earth. And piece by piece, spark by spark, through your efforts, this planet will once again shine with its true beauty.

5 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 130

  1. Thank you Aisha and Companions. Thank you brothers and sisters on this path with me to help me not feel so alone. Love, Jean

  2. I love the feeling as the truths you post resonate through my being.
    With great anticipation I look forward to our reunion.I can feel it just right there -just a moment away.
    Thank You Aisha-love you forever

  3. My dear benevolents, here I am in my human form. As I slumber on this Earth, I walk with you in the stunning brightness of another dimension. I can never remember our time together when I awaken, but I know that I have been home and with the one’s that I love most. My human heart longs for you, to return to where I have never left. I am anxiously awaiting the day when the veil is finally lifted. Love & Light to you all. Thank you for all of your love and support.

    1. my heart knows this is true, thank you! a friend of mine who is not even totally convinced of the shift, i think from being so weary… she told me a dream she had this week. the world had ended, it was the year 3000 or so, and we relocated onto a blue planet where no one had any “origin” and we were in angelic form with huge wings. we were able to time travel by taking these elevators to view anything we want, but we would never be going anywhere like back to earth bc that experience was over. we would telepathically communicate, and only love existed between us. she was also one of the angelic beings with huge wings, in her dream, and she knew when she woke from her dream that everything was so beautiful and perfect in the upper realms even tho life presently seems so convoluted to her. she also said she saw part of the new world on earth in this dream, and nature was absolutely abundant and pristine. no one had any “origin” here either… i think by that maybe it means that we have erased all separation, all programming and dross, so that we are just our pure essence, all our genetic coding and such is gone… maybe…. love to you all, i am “dreaming” of these worlds too. thank you all for sharing yourselves.

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