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Once again we would like to take the opportunity to delve further into the magnificence that is you, as it is such a far cry form that fragile human being so many perceive themselves as. You might know already that you are indeed comprised of far sturdier stuff, indeed, you are but a twinkle on the canopy of heaven, but you are a twinkle, a glimmer, that will shine on forever.

Let us explain. For now, let us just forget the whole set up that you see in the mirror each and every day, namely the somewhat homely face and body of a being defined as a human, with all of the traits and all of the connotations this implies. Let us indeed concentrate on your essence, your spirit if you will, as that is something of such a mangitude it will literally make the whole lump, to call it that, of your human body seem like nothing but a mere speck of dust. And rightly so, for even if it is a construction of such complexity and marvel you can literally fill thousands of books on it, it is nothing compared to the magnificence that is the real you. For you are the cosmos, and the cosmos is you. You are literally the stardust that makes up all of creation, and you ARE all of creation. You are everything that exits, and you are so in the very core of your being. Nothing exists outside of you that does not exist inside, and vice versa. We know that this will make many a head spin, but sooner or later you will all come to the same conclusion, because deep down, you just KNOW. You know oh so fully well that you are all there is, no, not just that, you are ALL there is, and you are complete in each and every way, but as you have chosen to take residence inside such a frail and in many ways timid body and mind for this lesson, you have been obliged to let that knowledge go. Otherwise, you would not be able to learn the lessons you came here to find, and they were myriad indeed, but now the time has come for the completion of this cycle and the return to your true essence, your true magnifience. School is out, but that also means that a new class has started, this time the subject is indeed to re-member, not to learn anything new, so this time the curriculum will be well known, although somewhat obscure and difficult to grasp at first.

The training you have undergone whilst residing on this little planet has been rigorous indeed, and you have all delivered excellent results, but now the time has come to be reprogrammed once again to call it that, and bring you back to your roots. The roots run deep, but as they have been literally covered up with so much dirt, it takes a lot of digging on your behalf to reattach yourselves to these roots, but trust us when we say that you will be digging as fast as you can, for now you can feel the pull of the strength hidden deep beneath the surface you have been treading upon so blissfully unaware until now.

We will help you dig of course, or rather, we will help you to find the right place to dig, as your plot is not similar to your neighbours, so better not try to find your way by looking over your neighbour’s fence and see what he is up to. That will only lead you astray, as the treasure you seek is hidden somewhere only you can find it. We speak in metaphors of course, but we think you all know what we refer to, as you have already been well prepared to start your search and rescue operation by now. Again, what you are digging for is your freedom, and for some, they have already gotten their first tantalizing glimpse of what is hiding in the depths of their own backyard. For others, the process in itself will take a while longer, as they have mayhaps been occupied elsewhere, or have started to search in the far corner. But make no mistake, you will all find it, but not by brute force.

The treasure itself will give its location away to you easily, if you just silence the chatter from your mind and your ego, so the less you do, the better you will hear the signals homing you in on the target. It is like the signals emitted from someone buried under an avalanche. You can only pick it up and find the source if you tune in to the right channel. Remember to switch from sending out to receiving, as that is the only way to hear it. Again, we will repeat this, as so many of you are busy sending search parties out there into the ethers and beyond, when the only way to find that true signal is by sitting down and listen intently to what is happening inside. We will leave it at that today, because we think you are all eager to continue your search for that hidden treasure. Just remember to listen, and to listen well, and to ignore that ever present distractional noise being emitted from so many around you. They are only trying to divert your attention in any way they can, so it is up to you if you choose to follow the misleading trail they are setting up for you or not. Be careful sweet ones, it is indeed easy to get distracted in times like these, so keep your ears close to the ground, lest you miss out on that all-important signal from your own roots.


Todays missive will be charting more unknown waters, as we would like to delve exclusively on what is going on behind the curtain at the moment. In other words, we would like to give you all a sneak preview behind the veil, as you are at the moment at times almost certain that there is nothing but emptiness there. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, as behind that thin membrane obscuring everything from you a whole lot of activity is going on. You have mayhaps a hard time believing this, as there is no sound or movement discernible on your side, but believe us when we say that it is literally a beehive of activity on our side. Although you might feel that you are the ones hauling all of the load on your own backs at the moment, the burden is more equally distributed, even if it might seem to be more like a spectator sport from our point of view. And make no mistake, we love watching you all at your labour, because you are doing so much beautiful work on behalf of us all.

You have mayhaps already come to the conclusion that your work, even if it feels very solitary at times, is indeed a toil taken on for the whole planet, and that is very correct. As we have delved into earlier, Mother Earth needs you as much as you need her, therefore your work is indeed essential to her – and to us – as well. But in order for your work to be a success, we will have to do our part of the bargain as well, and our job is to make sure that you get all of the tools and all of the assistance you need in order to fulfill your part. So let us just give you a few examples of the work we are doing on our side, maybe that can help assuage some of the anxiety on your side of the veil.

As we have delved into earlier, we are indeed a huge force to be reckoned with, and that pertains to every connotation of the word. We are almost like an army, but an army that has been set up to liberate, not to conquer. And what we have come to help liberate, is the force that has been kept away deep inside each and every one of you. So you see, even if this liberation campaign requires a lot of ground support to call it that, the true freedom fighters are yourselves, and you are indeed the bravest of the brave, because you came in knowing fully that you would be operating behind enemy lines as it were. So even if we can be of assistane in so many ways, you will be exposing yourselves to the fire from your opponents merely by the fact that you choose to open the door to your own freedom.

Let us return to the subject of our role in this powerplay or show of force. As we were saying, we make up a mighty army, armed will literally all of the knowledge in the multiverse, and we have all of the power in the multiverse at our disposal as well. As you might know well by now, we, unlike you, have maintained that all-important connection to All there is, therefore we can call upon help from literally every corner of creation, and we do so fully in compliance with All there is, as this is not an isolated skirmish located to a small part of creation. Therefore there is much vested interest in the outcome of this battle of wills, as the results obtained here will ring out all across the web of filaments crisscrossing your universe and beyond.

You see, we are here to help restore balance in a place where much imbalance has been created, and this imbalance has been tainting so much else, and in order to restore this imbalance, you the ground forces, have now been formally reconnected to the outside world yet again, and therefore our task of assistance can be and will be more visible than before.

We have come from many parts of creation, and we all bring special talents and have different designated tasks in this. Some have come as specialists in treating your physical bodies, as this is the weakest link so to speak in your defense. As you know so well by now, this physical body you inhabit was originally designed to withstand so much more than the current edition of it, so since you will all have to be restored back to your former glory to call it that, it is essential that this is done in the most advantageous way. Many of you will have some lingering memories from visiting one of these healing chambers to call them that, who have been set up all around your planet, and some of you also have memories of encountering some of the medical staff working there. Remember that although some of these procedures might be perceived as uncomfortable and maybe even unsettling, all that is done to you whilst you are visiting one of these facilities is done with your wellbeing in mind, and you must remember that what we do is to restore your strength, we are not taking anything away from you. Or rather, what is removed, are things that have been programmed into your system in order to ensure a short lifespan. These can be manifested in so many ways, from a controlled onset of a debilitating illness to a mental trigger that will undermine your will to live, so there is a long list of procedures that you will be put through in order to correct all of these malfunctions that you have been set up with from your controllers. Remember, you all have different programmings, therefore every procedure is carefully tailored to serve your needs. Some need extensive work done, some have a lighter load that they carry, so each and every one of you will have a very different case history to call it that at the end of this processing.

In addition, we have set up a whole host of deprogramming centers, where you are taken to be ”re-minded” of your own capabilities. In other words, a training ground where you get to recapture all of your ”lost” abilities. Remember, you all carry the seeds of your greatness inside, but it has been well hidden for thousands of years. Therefore, you need our help to gain access and indeed regain your own faith in your abilities to use these talents yet again. Hence, the recurring dreams for some of you of learning how to fly, moving objects at will, time travelling and other things that seems to be ”out of this world” as you might call it. We venture to guess that for so many of you, these dreams are hard to let go of once you reenter your awakened state, and that the temptation to reenter your dreamstate is strong indeed. Do not fear dear ones, as the novelty of these first fledging attempts of remastering your old skills will wear off, you will discover that these things will start to seep more and more into your consciousness while awake, so in the near future, you will not have to go to sleep to experience these seemingly impossible endeavors. But that is still a little bit off into the future, as you are nowhere near completing this ”crash course” in re-entering your original state of being, so again patience is called for. Hopefully, these nightly encounters and endeavors will linger more frequently in your mind from now on, thereby assuaging some of this longing.

Another important subject is of course your ancestry, so we have made sure to have representatives from each and every civilization that has members living as human beings on hand. You see, it has been important to make you feel at home once again, so even if it might feel lonely down on Earth, you will all start to have a much freer access to likeminded spirits. In other words, communicating with others that harken from the same ”place” that you do will certainly help to strengthen your resolve, and this work is also intensifying now. We know that for many, so much of these encounters are still going on behind closed doors as it were, in other words, you will not have any clear recollection of them once you return to an awakened state after a nightly sojourn to your ”relatives”. That will in some ways be taken as a confirmation that they are not able to secure this contact, but please do not think that anything is amiss if you are amongst those seemingly ”un-contacted”. Trust us when we say that not one of you have been left out in the cold, and that there is a very good reason if you cannot recollect any of these meetings.

Again, everything we do is with your best interest at heart, so when you are ready to remember, trust us, you will. And please, to not berate yourself if these memories still elude you as it is not because you are doing anything wrong. This process cannot be speeded up more than it currently is, therefore you will always get exactly what you need at exactly the right time. We are well aware that this will inevitably lead to frustration, but be that as it is. All in good time, as they say.

As we were saying, you have all been working more than hard lately, and although the bad news is that your workload will not lighten anytime soon, let us just say that the assistance you get on your way will continue to strengthen. We can already hear the groans of desperation emanating from all of those already staggering under a seemingly impossible burden, but let us just hasten to add that you will in no way be burdened by something you cannot carry. This will sound like puffs of hot air to some, but let us just remind you that you have still not tapped into that never ending reservoar you all carry inside, so let this be a small reminder that this journey is all about finding that power within. You can and you will take another step forwards, even if you feel about ready to fall flat on your face, because we have every faith in all of you that you can manage to rouse yourselves enough to be able to push through this haze of confusion and exhaustion and see yourselves for what you really are: creatures of such a magnficence you can literally burn through any thickness of dampening energy that is trying to hold you back.

And never forget, now the biggest part of this sticky goo trying to hamper your progress is seeping out from your old ego trying to convince you once again of your inability to raise yourself up from the mud and strive forwards with confidence. In other words, most of the resistance you encounter will come from the inside, not from outside forces, so this is in every way a battle of wills. Never think that you are unable to conquer and win back yourselves dear ones, because you are so incredibly more powerful than the outside layers of yourself are currently signalling. Deep inside, you are more powerful than the mightiest of mankind’s power generators, and although your physical body is apt to lag behind in this amazing progress you are making, it too is more than capable of housing this powerhouse of yours so you will be able to utilize all of your strength from the moment you really start to tap into it. Therefore, do not despair even if you do feel more than burdened down at the moment. Realize that it is all a puny show of strength from the forces trying to make you turn a blind eye to your own magnificence and slink back into the slimy sea of discontent and disempowerment so many of your fellow men are bobbing around in. You, on the other hand, have been destined to recharge and reboot that dormant powerhouse again and wrestle yourself free from these in som many ways self-imposed thoughts of inadequacy.

Stay upright dear ones, even if the ground seems like the best place to be at the moment, because you really belong up in the clear air, breathing freely and flexing your new found muscles in any way you can. Again, the pressure will not lift anytime soon, but you will start to push back with so much force you had no idea you even had it in you. And we are on your side sweet ones, giving you a hand and refilling your flasks whenever you are in need of some extra supplies to keep you going. We will not abandon you, not now nor ever, and hopefully, you will not abandon yourselves. You are more than strong enough to fight your own battle, never ever doubt that, but it is indeed a privilege for us to be allowed to take part in your fight. And we are truly honored to call ourselves your allies. After all, you fight this battle on behalf of us all, and you do so in the best possible way. We salute you all brave soldiers! You feel battle weary at the moment, but you will soon find that your real strength will start to make itself known to you in so many ways, and then the thought of laying down your arms and surrender will never ever enter your mind again.

Tomorrow will seem like so far away, at least the tomorrow you have all been waiting for so fervently, as this much heralded day seems to be ever fading into a very distant future. We know this may seem like a rather tiresome subject for some of you, but we will be insistent on focusing on this for now, as the waiting time seems to be stretching on interminably. We know this subject is one that pops up in many a conversation at the moment, and that patience is indeed wearing more than thin in so many places, but please believe us when we say that the major part of this ordeal is indeed behind you. That will not be much of a consolation to all of those sitting in the midst of turmoil at the moment, but we will continue on in our mission to motivate you all to keep up the good work. You see, you are very, very close to that seemingly intangible goal, but as the last stretch in so many ways will be the most challenging one, the goal may seem to recede too far to be attainable. That is also the case here, as to many, the final stretch does include the final cleaning operation. And that final cleaning operation entails going deep, deeper than you ever would have thought to be possible, and what you find there, is the most profoundly hidden scars you carry. These scars have been hidden away for a very good reason, as they are the ones that have hurt you the most, but now they will be and must be cleansed and healed once and for all.

This will resonate with many, but others will shake their heads in disbelief, and rightly so, as this is indeed a path for individuals, not for the great masses, and you all have to pass through your very own history in order to get to the end of this. It may sound exhausting, and in many aspects it is, and therefore the whole process in itself cannot be likened to anything but toil of the hardest order. Therefore, the end goal will have faded away for so many, as that literally enlightened state of living seems more than far away at the moment. Just remember, all the things you are working so hard to jettison now are the ones that have held you back from this literally lighter state, therefore this process of clearing not only yourselves but also so much of your environment of cumbersome baggage is all important, but it is also apt to make you more than ready to throw in the towel at times.

Please believe us when we say the the end is indeed so near, and this speeding up and intensifying of it all is actually signalling this very clearly to you all. However, the physical and emotional fallout from this intensifying process will make many a brave soul falter in their steps, but we do implore you not to fall for the temptation to fall back again. You have completed almost the entire process by now, so do not give up when the finishing line is almost within sight. We are well aware that for many, nothing could seem to be further away, as things are indeed falling apart right, left and center at the moment, but again, that is indeed a sure sign of success. That may sound like a misrepresentation of the situation, and rightly so, as you have all been well trained to try to keep everything under control. But now you can not and will not have any control whatsoever as to what will happen around you, because everything and everyone will be swept up in these monumental changes that will literally wipe the slate clean in so many ways. Remember the rest of your compatriots are busy accruing more and more heavy baggage by the day, so they will fare much, much worse in this upcoming storm of purification, so although it certainly may not feel like it at the moment, you are all perfectly poised to weather any storm now as you have already managed to jettison the majority of your added weight. You are already sufficently lighter to be able to float successfully on the surface of whatever it is that will come in with the high tides, but for those still clinging on to the old, they will not be able to keep their heads above these frothing waters of change.

So count yourselves lucky that you decided to take on this challenge of that very, very thorough inventory of all that you have accumulated through the lives you have spent living on this little planet, as this careful inventory has enabled you to rid yourselves of that crippling entourage of emotional and physical baggage that would have ensured a final setback to all of your dreams. You have made yourselves able to reclaim that dream, and you are so close to starting to live that dream, even if your body and soul seems almost too exhausted to be able to do so. But again, soon the skies will clear and you will literally feel all of that heavy weight lifting off you for that final time, but in the meantime, make sure to look in the rear-view mirror, then mayhaps you might be a tad surprised to see the distance you have fought so hard to conquer. It is not a puny stretch dear ones, it is literally a giant leap of faith, and it has already brought you more than tantalizingly close to your final goal. So bear with us, and most of all, bear with yourselves, as you are about to take the last steps that will bring you safely ashore and into the brilliant lights of that much awaited tomorrow.

Do not despair sweet ones, even if you think you do not see any of the oft mentioned changes you have been waiting for for so long. You see, you can in so many ways be blind to your own magnificence, and this in turn will make you lose faith in yourself. You think you do not make any progress, and that everything is as dense – or maybe even denser – as it has been for such a long time, and this way, you end up with a heavy heart indeed. Well, lighten up sweet ones, you cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of change you have already accomplished.

Please understand us when we say that this is in no way meant as any criticism, we just want to help you see yourselves more clearly than the perhaps overly murky image you have of yourselves. Your mind can and will play many a trick on you, and it is not unheard of that it can manifest so much cobwebs that it literally hides away the brilliance of your soul, and this has turned away many a weary soul. It is hard to keep your focus on the brightness inside at times such as these, when the density of your surroundings keeps pressing you further and further into a corner. At least, that is exactly what this process feels like to so many of you. You are as if suspended between a rock and a hard place, and the grinding and grounding of all of these outside and inside forces can wear down many a brave soul. Just remember, this whole process, even if it makes you feel far, far older than your physical age is in so many ways, is indeed the same process that will turn a grain of sand into an ageless, bright and shiny pearl inside the seemingly unassuming outer layer of a humble mollusc.

In other words, this process in itself with all of its challenges both of the emotional and yes, very physical kind, can make many a brave heart flounder and go under. And that is only to be expected, as it is indeed very hard to see the reality of this process. You can in other words have a hard time seeing your own progress, because it becomes almost obscured by that everyday grind of constantly striving and fighting to keep your foothold on a road that could not be more rocky. It is almost like every step you take carries you further into a wilderness that makes the view even more restricted, and that is why we are here following your every step. Not in order to check your progress, because we cannot and will not do anything that will make you lose your momentum. No, we are here to be that constant reminder of your greatness, as it is only for the lucky few to be able to keep that focus amongst this ever denser jungle of tentacles clawing and scratching at you from every side trying their best to keep you back and hold you down. This constant fight in itself can be taxing enough, but you also have to cope with the weariness of a physical body that at times almost refuses to take just one more step.

To sum it up: You have all covered so much ground and risen in elevation these last few months, but due to the clouds and underbrush covering up your field of vision, you feel almost like you are lost in an impenetrable wilderness. Again, nothing could be further from the truth, but we do understand those falling under the spell of this thick layer of obscurity. Therefore, we will do our utmost to help you feel your way through this dense fog, because you are the ones propelling yourselves forward, and you are doing an excellent job of it, but the forces of counter resistance are doing their best to hide this fact from you. It does no good to open your eyes you feel, because then you only see even more of this dense underbrush crowding in. Well, close your eyes sweet ones, and FEEL into your surroundings. Then you can mayhaps discover the fact that the air has already cleared and the steepness of the hill has already started to give way to a much more easily travelled incline.

I just wanted you to know that I will be going away to visit a friend, so there will be no new channelings or comments posted here before I return at the end of the week. I am going to the west coast of Norway to visit a soul sister I have not seen for a long time. She has been such an inspiration to me, because she has been brave enough to follow her inner guidance even when it meant leaving behind everything familiar and pack up and move to Cairo right before the revolution started in Egypt last spring. Now she has been guided to move yet again, this time back to her home town. This week, Easter Week, is traditionally referred to as the “quiet week” in Norwegian, but I have a feeling that these upcoming days might be quite intense indeed. At least if the last few days is anything to go by. I wish you all the best for the remainder of this week, and I am looking forward to reconnect with you all when I return home after my “working holiday” with my good friend.

Love, Aisha

Never fear for your sanity sweet ones, even if you might encounter some things along the way that will challenge you mightily in this upcoming period. You see, once you have decided to let the veils start to drop, much will come to the forefront of your mind that might seem to be less than appropriate by the so-called normal standard. Or to put it more bluntly, the things that will start to seep into your consciousness that have been hitherto hidden in the deep recesses of your mind will seem to be almost supernatural to you, therefore it might be perceived as the imaginings of a mind that is starting to lose the hold on normalcy. Well, let us just say that this is something to strive for indeed, as the norm that is deemed as normalcy in your old world is very limited indeed, and now, the time has come to lift the lid on what the rest of creation deem as normal.

You see, to us, the whole of creation is so varied and wonderful, but to you, it might seem to be almost too much, as you have come to see creation by the very limited eyes – and indeed mind- of a human, and therefore your recollection of this whole multitude of existence that you are surrounded by has gone away from you. Therefore, seeing and sensing it again after such a long absence it will be like you have never ever encountered anything like it before, therefore you will at times have a hard time accepting what is there in front of you. And when we say ”in front of you”, we mean it in every sense of the word, as you will be able to perceive things that will be literally invisible and untouchable to others, as now the full scope of your senses will finally be revealed to you. In other words, you will start to interact with seemingly insubstantial things, things that will seem to linger in your field of vision, within earshot or hovering inside of your mental awareness in some ways that seems to be very intangible, but still perceived as real.

This might lead to all sorts of confusion, for it will be like two worlds colliding, or almost bleeding into each other. The tangible one you have inhabited up until now, and the other, more etheral one that is starting to fade into view seemingly superimposed upon the other one. As we have stated so many times, finding your balance will be the biggest challenge ahead, so too in this. Because you will encounter so many instances where you literally feel yourselves straddling a gap between two very, very different worlds, and it will be a mighty challenge indeed not to lose your footing and fall into the chasm between these two worlds. But remember, that is indeed your role, as you are to be like the walker on a tightrope between two vantage points, and just like that tightrope walker, you must strive to keep your balance. And when we say balance in this instance, it is indeed the mental balance we refer to, as it is indeed vital that you do not lose it by way of going into fear. Fear is the one way out that you must avoid at any cost, as it will literally drive you over the edge. You must strive to keep your mental capacity at the best of its ability, because you must be able to discern the truth behind so many seemingly confusing signals your brain will start to send you now.

Remember, you have opened a door into a very multilayered world, and as you have been born and bred for such a long time in a single layered one, your brain and your heart will start to see different things whenever these new layers start to become more and more tangible in your life. Your hearts will know that all is well even if your brain will scream that something is very, very amiss amidst all of these confusing incoming signals that will start to appear in torrents of advancing light. Your senses will in many ways be bombared with so many to you unknown signals, and this will indeed set off the alarm bells within your mind. You see, your mind has been well trained to behave itself and to only ”read” the signals you are presented as being reality, and to ignore anything that comes from your own intelligence. In other words, to obey the ”orders” from the tangible world and mistrust any signals that seems to appear from the more intangible one.

To many, these very confusing signals from the hitherto invisible layers of existence that surrounds you on all sides will seem to be identical to those conjured up by a mentally incapacitated mind, and they will fear that they are literally going insane. We hasten to add that this is not unexpected, as your society has put a very short leash on what is deemed as ”normal” and what is not, and in the very near future, you will all have many instances where you encounter things that will be defined as abnormal and insane by those around you who have refused to open up to this multi layered life themselves. We advice you to not listen to the advice from these sceptics, as they will certainly ensure that you lose that balance we have implored you to find and upkeep, and as such it is once again imperative that you seek out the assurance  from those literally likeminded to you.

In other words, now the time has come to stay connected with others on the same journey, and never to lose this connection, as you will be more challenged than ever by those who deem themselves to be normal and lucid enough to say what is right and what is wrong. For deep inside of them all lurks the same truth that you are facing now, and as long as they dare not open up to it themselves, they will seek to eradicate that same truth from others. You see, they cannot stand the strength in those brave souls such as yours that have managed to pry open that door and look into the hidden depths of themselves, therefore they will resort to any means to try to take this newfound strength away from you. They will look upon your freedom from fear as a threat to their own way of  living, and as such they will say and do anything they can in order to instill that same fear into you again. So seek the counsel of brave souls such as yourself, for that is the only way to ensure that you stay on the road towards that final dawn.

Together you will all make it, alone, you will be easy prey for all of those fear mongers who have already gotten their first whiff of the scent of freedom that you all are starting to send out now. And they cannot abide that smell. It makes them feel that inner longing to experience it for themselves so much stronger, and their gut reaction is literally to ward it off in any way they can. So connect well, and connect strongly, and help each other to straddle that great divide. Think of yourselves as a long line of luminous beings linked together to form an impenetrable and unbreakable chain of light, swinging freely over this dark divide. Shine on sweet ones, and remember that nothing wrong will befall you even if you at times will be hard pressed to distinguish clearly between all of these multiple layers seemingly appearing at random in your mind. You will be like that novice sailor. After a few bouts of motion sickness and wobbly legs, both your stomach and your balance will be sturdy enough to navigate this undulating new sea you are about to cast off upon.

We would like to take this opportunity to delve a little deeper into the mystery of your origins dear ones, as that is indeed a subject that will cause many controversies in these upcoming months. Indeed, it is something that will be on the top of the list of things that one would rather not discuss, as this has been a mark of an unstable mind all the way back to the origin of humanity. You see, this preposterous idea that you do in fact harken from a very different world altogether has been vocalized by a few brave souls throughout humanity’s history, but inevitably, this has been met with ridicule at best and persecution and death in the more severe instances. Mankind has been programmed well to keep strictly within the bounds that have been laid upon them, and one ironclad rule is the one that states that you must see yourself as the one solitary intelligent species occupying the whole of existence, and although you are to be considered as the pinnacle of evolution, at the same time you must not get any lofty ideas as to how powerful you as a single entity can be. In other words, you are both the best but also very limited when it comes to personal power, and this has been hammered into you from a very early beginning. Therefore, this idea of you being just a tiny fragment of an immense all-encompassing and all-knowing creation is one that has been tried to be kept well away from your minds, but now the realization that this is in fact the real truth has started to surface in so many of you, and it is only a matter of time before it starts to seep out into the world at large as well.

You know so well that voicing out any of these facts that you will be allowed access to yet again will take a lot of courage, as you know so fully well that this will be met by many a harsh and sceptical word by those around you. But never fear, when you do start to vocalize your truth, you will also find that it resonates with so many others out there, and this will probably be the most important discovery you all will make in this process. For you are not alone in rediscovering these facts within you, and when you start to let them out of the bag so to speak, others will find that your words literally open up the doors to rooms inside of them that have been hidden away in the darkness for far too long. And along with your words, the light will flood into these rooms, thereby causing more and more of your fellow humans to rediscover their own history as inhabitants of a universe that is far, far more versatile than the one you are being faced with every day on your streets.

It will be an interesting process for sure, and not without its fair share of unexpected twist and turns on your way. You will see old friends and maybe even family members turn their back on you, but you will also find yourselves embraced by someone you would never ever expect would resonate with your version of the truth. Remember, this is not an invitation to proselytising, we do not imply that you must go out and stand on that proverbial soapbox and preach the gospel according to you. That is not what we mean by opening up about what you all harbour inside. We do not want anyone to think that they should follow in the footsteps of so many misguided prophets out there who try to convert the rest of the masses into the ”one true faith”. This is about something else completely, as it first and furthermost entails opening up to your own truth, and presenting it as such.

In other words, what you find inside is unequal to what someone else will find inside of them, but the underlying facts are the same. You are all members of a very, very diverse creation that has given life to so many different worlds. Worlds that encompasses a variety of different lifeforms, and of which humanity is only but a small drop in that vast ocean of intelligence. In addition, humanity can no longer claim to be the pinnacle of this creation, as they have in so many ways shown not only to themselves but also to the rest of us the limits of their feasibility of creating a self sustaining way of living. But now, in order to rectify this misconception amongst humans, the truth about your lineage will start to become visible in more ways than one, and also from the most unexpected circles. Therefore, know that your role in this is indeed very important, as you will literally be a shining example to all of those still unable or unwilling to see beyond the borders created by their minds and by your oppressors. For you have started to see yourselves in all of your multilayered splendor, and once seen, it is never forgotten, and the truth of all of this will force itself out no matter how much you shrink from the thought today. When we say force, we do not in any way imply that we will unveil you all whether you are ready for it or not. No, what we mean by this is that even if your mind is unwilling to face that inner truth, or rather unable to do so just yet, your heart will be pushing your timid mind aside and it will do so in a manner that will be perfectly acceptable to you all. You will in other words start to embrace yourselves in all of the different manifestations of yourselves you will be able to connect with, and this will help you tap into that power you all carry inside that will eventually sweep away any and all of the objections your mind might try to conjure. This is in other words an unstoppable process, and it will have far reaching consequences, not only for you but also for the rest of creation. For as soon as you all take that final step into accepting and acknowledging the real, multilayered you, nothing can hold back the changes that will come through this awakening. Then, the dark fog will dissipate forever, and it can never again obscure your vision from seeing the beauty that surrounds you on all sides, even internally.