The manuscript of survival – part 128

Do not think yourselves lost even if you feel somewhat bedraggled at times, as this is only a natural reaction from all of the current energies you are being bombared with. As usual, on the outside, nothing seems to be changing at all, but we think you can all subscribe to the notion that nothing seems to be at ease and repose at the moment. In other words, things are constantly changing, swirling around and shifting to and fro. It can be very difficult to maintain balance in periods like this, but do not get too concerned if you mayhaps wobble a bit on your feet.

Let us explain. For now, nothing will seem to be solid, and you will have a hard time trying to find that secure footing we have all told you that you need, but there is no need to worry too much. You see, even if you do not feel the ground to be solid under your feet, you will not be harmed by a little undulation now and then, that is, so long as you do not go into fear by this process. What we have referred to as finding your balance, means also that you must be in balance whilst you feel very unbalanced. This may sound confusing, but what we are trying to tell you is that you must get used to be in a state of constant flux, and you must manage to feel balanced even if you are literally almost toppling over at times because the very ground seems to be shifting beneath your feet. It may sound confusing, but the trick here is to keep your heart in balance even when everything seems to be going topsy-turvy both on the outside and the inside, and this will be quite a challenge at times. You see, you have been trained to find equilibrium in any way you can, but now that equilibrium is virtually nonexistent. In other words, you are as on a raft floating on a choppy sea, and even if the boards beneath your feet seem solid enough, they are following every whim of the ocean beneath them, and they will lurch and tilt at random. So too the energetic environment you are enmeshed in now, hence this feeling of being tossed about on a stormy ocean. It can literally induce motion sickness in so many of you, and we think you have all experienced this in some form or the other these last few weeks. Dizzy spells, headaches and nausea will be a natural reaction to all of this shifting, and the waves will not calm down in the overseeable future, so best get used to maintaining a flexible stance in all of this. And just like on a boat in high seas, remaining flexible will be far more helpful than trying to brace yourselves and become rigid. That will only make everything worse, and the results will be even more unsettling in every sense of the word.

You see, all of this feeling of movement is very important, as it is indeed a signal that now, nothing will be kept as it was. It is like the signs you see in shop windows ”everything must go”, and so too the whole planet of yours is going through and end of business clearance sale, where all of last seasons’ outdated models will be sold out once and for all. So make sure that you do not buy into this extravaganza and stock up on any of these outdated items they are trying so hard to sell you again, even at ridiculously low prices. You see, they are trying to tempt you back into the old world, with all of the old world’s systems and rigid rules, and most of all, the mountain of fear they have engendered throughout history. Now everything is lying there like a large heap of unsellable goods, so make sure that you do not fall into the trap of restocking yourself with these oh so cheap items after having managed to clear your being from all of the old garments you have worn out.

Now the time has come to strip away everything of the old, and therefore the whole planet of yours will be starting to behave very erratic and bizarre. Not only that, but all of the people living on her will do the same, so best be prepared for some very interesting occurences indeed. Again, do not be tempted to literally buy any of it, as it is all a show put on to try to maintain the hold on your mind and trap you back into their net once again. For as you know so well by now, the mind literally has a mind of its own, and it would love dearly to return to the good old days, where it ruled you every step of the way. It cannot abide the thought that you have surrendered to the wisdom of your heart by now, so it will try every trick it has to trick you into falling under its spell once again.

But you are wiser now, dear ones, far wiser than your mind, so just let these waves wash over you, and keep your flexible stance. For as long as you connect with that perfectly balanced part that resides in your core, it does not matter how much everything else is moving to and fro, up and down, and even if the very ground you are standing on may seem to lose its equilibrium, you will not, as long as you are guided by that inner compass. That will always, always keep you on your feet, even if you have to take some small steps to correct yourself now and then. We are fascinated to watch how you literally roll with the punches dear ones. You are like graceful swaying plants, and you will not be broken by these increasing movements like those very rigid old power structures will. Keep your grace, and all will be well, and only those freezing up in fear will literally have something to fear. Let it slide over you, and even if you feel almost worn down by all of this, it cannot break your spirit as long as you let your spirit rule your mind.

10 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 128

  1. What a blessing to find this posted on Steve Beckow’s site. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I have really been blasted with changes and am feeling like i am walking on quicksand, not knowing where I will be or what I will be doing even a month from now, and feeling depressed for not being able to stay in the LIght and in faith. Just too worn out. Thank you so much for the enlightened view, it opened my heart and helped me a lot.

  2. Yes, Jessica… for my soul life. Jackie, I know what you mean. Oh, I am so thankful to know I am not alone with all that is going on within and without. May you all feel the love and gratitude from my heart for you, Aisha and all of us. J.

  3. I marvel in the fact that I am not alone. That there is someone out there like you Aisha – opening up, receiving information. following the greater truth and sharing with the world. Sometimes I feel as if I’m losing my mind or grip on reality. I have been experiencing everything in this post as well as a host of other odd phenomena. Not too many people to talk about it/share with. The dizziness/motion sickness is a very recent establishment for me but deep down, I knew it was this. I knew I had nothing to fear. I read this post coincidentally right after I awoke dizzy yesterday, but we know there are no coincidences. Thank you for posting this and all. Knowing that there are others in the world in pursuit of the same truths as me is comforting on every level. You are doing great work, please continue on this path.

  4. J couldn’t have said it better. A life support. 🙂 I will add a soul support to that 🙂 thank you

  5. Thank you so much for this insightful discription of what is going on. I so get it now, on a physical, emotional and mental level. Many blessings to you and all who are maintaining such a delicate balance. If we can accomplish this we can do anything! The strength of heart is returning, or perhaps emerging. Heartfelt appreciation to all who have aided over eons of time to reach this omega point, it truly is beautiful. And I have a feeling the best is yet to come and we will share it together.

  6. Thank you so very much Aisha and Constant Companions. As old ties to the old corrupt system are severed and new prospects unfold, I can feel the nurturing, guiding hand of benevolent energies and I am in a state of constant thanksgiving. As the old world washes away we are being hit by many tsunami’s of blessings…beautiful blessings, the sweet energy of love and light. My Love to you All.

  7. Thank you for this posting !….bending & flexing is a wonderful analysis as to how we should approach these new & ever so powerful energies…so much can be metaphorically atuned to nature, especially TREES !…be grounded, root connected…core strength…bend & flex to All elements ! I often LOve to watch the TREES as they sway in the wind, whether gentle or harsh, they take on to themselves the appropiate rhythm….Nature is always a perfect guide to us here in the Now……Awakening Blessings to All & Healing LOve & Strength to Mother-Earth…~

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