The manuscript of survival – part 126

As we have often times mentioned before, mankind is heading for a huge undertaking, something so vast it will not only take your breath away, it will in man ways take away everything you know. In other words, nothing will be left standing in the wake of this tsunami of energy that is already starting to crest off your shores. Make no mistake, we do not refer to this in a literal way, as there will be no scenes like those so convincingly depicted in all of your movies heralding the end of the Earth. This is not the case here, as we refer to something much more complex than mere towers of cascading water crashing ashore. What we refer to, is something that will literally tear down any last vestige of illusion around you, and this cannot be rebuilt again like all of the rubble that is so painstakingly reconstructed in the aftermath of a so-called natural disaster. It will not be reconstructed, because it cannot be put back together again after that implosion of forces that will tear all of these flimsy buildings apart to reveal the rotten foundation they have all been built upon. Not only that, it will also serve to cleanse the very ground beneath to such a degree that only the bedrock itself will be standing when this wave finally subsides.

We speak in metaphors here of course, and this is not a message to run to the hills, not in any way. Those still persuaded that the best way to outlast this incoming storm is to pack up their emergency packs and head to higher ground, or dig themselves deep into a hill, have not even begun to understand what all of this is about. This is not an armageddon as in the biblical definition, or rather, the Hollywood definition, where brave men and women run for their lives whilst saving the cute dog found struggling alone in the street. No, this is a case of total annihilation of a whole system of belief, and no matter how far you run or how deep you dig you will not be able to outrun the impact from this storm. You see, this is all about liberation, not the annihilation of mankind, and as such, so much old garbage needs to be washed away, and washed away for good. This is not a case for gathering up the splintered pieces, clearing up the mess and then putting it all back together again in a semblance of the old world. No, this is about shattering everything into so small pieces it can not ever again be resurrected, no matter how hard some of your fellow humans hope for it. As we have mentioned already, this unveiling and dismantling will be the last straw for so many, as they cannot live with the fact that their whole truth is nothing but falseness masquerading as reality. They will search through the ruins of their ”lost” lives, trying in vain to find something that will bring back the old, but as they realize that it is gone forever, they will collapse into pieces themselves.

Not so you, as you will finally be able to breathe freely again after living under that heavy yoke of oppression, and you will see this tsunami of energy as the liberator, the one thing that will finally lift this heavy weight off your shoulders, almost like the survivors after an earthquake finally feel the debris pressing them down being taken away. That day is not far off now, but as you can see from the metaphors we use, it will not be a calm and gentle process. Rather, it will be a turmoil of feelings washing over you from every angle, and you will need all of the gravity you can muster to keep yourselves firmly planted into the ground and not being swept away. As always, we will be on hand with reassurance and advice, but it is up to each and every one of you to secure your foothold, so best start putting down some firm roots already sweet ones. You never know just when the storm will hit you, so do not stay out in the open unprepared and unprotected.

14 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 126

  1. What we are talking about here, might be experienced already by individual on different levels and different stages in our lives; or we are talking about the judgment day (as per most of religions say).. In all cases, I see it very positive, its an opportunity to liberate ourselves from worldly attachments.. my only advice is to root or ground ourselves with love to humanity, creatures, hurt no one…

  2. it’s been such funky energy out there that it’s hard to shake these feelings of irritation and intensity. i am really looking forward to the next breath of fresh air :/

    i read that there was a huge shift in our physical bodies yesterday and that part of what left us, was boundary issues that were no longer a vibrational match for us. in the past few days i have had 2 angry outbursts to people, strangers, who overstepped my boundaries… i felt at a cellular level the hugeness of these events, like a huge impact to my body. and that they were about so much more than what was apparent. mostly they were about males trying to control females/ putting inappropriate sexual energy on females… that type of energy… that ive had my whole life bc that was im sure one of my areas to transmute. so here i am again, tired and my brain and body and energy field in a scramble after another big energy event.

    on a funny note, i might as well share one of my outbursts bc it was pretty dang comical from a big-picture perspective…. i was at ihop at 2am, so hungry and so tired from all this energy going on. in walks this arrogant male, and as soon as he sees me he puts all this gross energy on me. which is already weird and irking me because everyone lately has been very respectful to me. then as he’s eating, he keeps looking at me over n over, but it’s obvious im not digging it. he doesn’t care and proceeds to put this gross energy on me, like total objectification and total disregard as to how i feel about the scenario. then he said some stupid disrespectful comment, expecting me to be all ‘girly-pleasant’ about it, and that’s when i completely lost it. like my vision sort of went bye-bye and all i could feel was utter anger and disgust, my energy field felt so insane, and i stood up in the middle of ihop and told him i had no problem kicking his ass in the middle of the restaurant. and i was seriously ready to if he didnt keep his nasty energy to himself. why can’t people just wake up already?!?!

    as one of the last missives said, im feeling lots of resistance, and im not as patient as i used to be… but at least there’s much more ease in my personal reality.

    1. that’s too funny…thanks for sharing ! you had every right to blast off & there’s nothing wrong with getting angry once in a while especially as you so cleverly worded it….you go girl !!!

      1. haha thx bev! ‘non-identification’ seems to be the word for me lately, to be able to let go of stuff without thinking it means something about me. hard to do when this planet is a huge melting-pot of energies galore! i hope it’s been smooth-sailing for you lately… encouragement and goodness to you!!

    2. Hi Christie,

      I understand your pain. I also am here to balance the sexual energies in the form of male/female. It can be very challenging but this is the year of the Goddess!! Thanks for introducing us to Jill Renee Feeler…I just lover her.

      1. Dear Ellen, thank you, it sure is a rough area to balance/transmute. it almost makes it harder for me in the sense that i can’t identify strongly with gender (and i tend to forget im even human) so this male-female game on earth has been confusing and difficult to wrap my head around. are you having an ok time? i saw you mention exhaustion. about 4 months ago, my deep exhaustion has lifted, my sensitivity can still be intense and imbalancing, but i have more energy now and it did go away, so i hope that soon it will be for you too. i did struggle for so long with exhaustion so i can understand what you may be going through… hang in and it will lift

        and a heads up to anyone else here, i saw a tarot reading for todays energies and it’s a very intense, fiery spiritual birthing, along with a new vision for ourselves birthing, so the most important thing to do today is to take care of ourselves and try to allow our energies to come to a balance by being centered and peaceful. which im really feeling for myself right now…

        take care of yourself ellen, we are all here with you, and all together going through an immense birthing 🙂

  3. I had a dream 2 nights ago about a wall of water that was coming. And I gathered my children and loved ones and we calmly waited for the arrival. Upon waking, I knew and felt this was a metaphor for the energy wave that was coming and felt calm and joyful about it.


  4. Thank you Aisha and Companions……..I am feeling the tsunami now(sign). So thankful for all of you holding hands with me. Love, J.

  5. Think it is upon me already! Yehaa! Hold on for the white water ride and keep ur mouth closed ! Ha xx

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