The manuscript of survival – part 124

Be thankful for every single moment of resistance sweet ones, as this is in fact a sure sign of progress as we have mentioned before. And when we say resistance, we refer to all of those instances where you feel the impatience rushing out again because you cannot seem to get any results from all of the hard work you are doing. You see, this impatience is indeed the best signal you can get that you are part of this forward momentum, as all of those still lingering in the shallow waters of total denial cannot even begin to feel the slightest little tingling of this gnawing impatience you feel exposed to in so many ways.

Let us explain. To many, this path to enlightenment seems like nothing more than mere folly, something only those too introverted and self-absorbed would indulge in. While to them, the only way to do something useful is to set any notion of self aside and keep going blindly forward in the same rut. They take any other action to be only the workings of a delutional mind, something only those who have seemingly lost any grip on reality would ever consider going into. Well, they are right, as only those finally letting go of anything that could be deemed as ”normal” by a human standard can expect to come trough this wall of self-imposed blindness and over to the other side, where not only the eyes but also the rest of the senses can feast on the real reality that has been kept hidden away for so long. You see, you have chosen the way of resistance, and resistance is what you will get on almost every step of this way, but that resistance is there to remind you that you have to take one step at the time, and literally fight your way through this thick layer of blankness that has been put as a cover around the little  stage the rest of humanity so blithely step across every day.

You have chosen to rip away the stage curtains, and you are trying to peer into the darkness that is still obscuring everything from view, while the rest of your fellow actors are still too blinded by the harsh stagelight to even see that they are in fact only players on a stage, not real living beings in a little part of reality. You have felt the call from the vastness beyond this stage, but you cannot just step across the divide and become whole beings again. Detaching yourselves from the drama you have been part of for many lifetimes is not just like stepping off a stage, it is a process that involves so much. Not because you are not ”good” enough to complete it in a very short time. No, it is because all of these shielding obstacles that have been put in your way needs to be dismantled one by one, and you have already completed most of this process. Hence, you already seem to be like one of the spectators from the other side of the veil, as you have already come to terms with the fact that the whole planet you live on is in fact nothing but a whole diversion set up to entertain just a few, and all of your fellow humans are blindly playing out their little parts in this whole costume drama. That is easy, because that has been programmed into them. Whilst you who have already opened your eyes and hearts sufficiently to see the strings that are pulling at every one of your cast members, you have a much harder time ripping them all off than you would have just accepting the fact that you are in so many ways remotely controlled by entities who have only their own best interest at heart.

Let us explain. Everything you do in this process inevitably goes against the grain of everything you have been taught to do. All of the imprints that have been installed in you needs to be overwritten and deleted, and this process is nothing that will go by on its own accord, it is something you have to be very much involved in. Therefore, it will seem like a never ending chore, and it will certainly tax your resources, both in the mental and the physical capacity, and you will seem to have so much less energy than those sailing unawares beside you still under sedation as it were. And remember, everything inside you have been programmed to shun any form of change or upheaval, and you cannot even seem to take a breath these days without dislodging something that has been stuck inside you for eons. So as we said, all of this frustration and ithcing to go is only a good sign, as it certainly signals an unstopping tide of change washing through your entire system. Nothing is being left untouched, and everything must be given a careful going over, so you will be left feeling like something only barely hanging together, where much seems to be out of alignment and nothing seems to be working properly. You are in  a constant flux, were both things inside but also around you are never constant, continously changing day by day, minute by minute. You cannot seem to settle in and relax for any length of time, and the whole process in itself seems to be almost too much to take. Well, let us just say that you are exactly where you want to be, nothing more and nothing less. You are being dismantled all the way down to your tiniest little compartment, and you are being rebuilt again step ny step, one stone on top of another with the most exacting standards. Nothing is left to chance, and nothing can be hidden away.

You cannot yet see the wole end product of course, you can only feel this dismantling and rebuilding process, therefore you will feel very fragmented and loose, and at times have hard time keeping it all together. We can see the whole picture dear ones, and we have every confidence that you too soon will feel much more complete yourselves, but let us just remind you that you are in this river of change with body and soul, this is not a place for those only willing to dip their little toe in. No, you have to literally let yourselves go all the way under, even at the risk of losing yourselves completely in the process. That is the only way to emerge whole again on the other side. In other words, this is not something you can commit to if you do not do it wholeheartedly. This is not something you can try, this is something you either do 100% or not at all. You have all comitted yourselves to this in every single grain of your being, and therefore every single grain of your being will groan and protest at all of the hard work they have to endure. But endure it you will, because there is nothing else in the whole of creation you would rather do. You are not quitters dear ones, you are commited to this, and we do applaude you all for literally diving in with all that you have. We cannot ask for more, and you cannot ask for more, as you have already taken on the challenge of a lifetime, or rather, lifetimes. You are here to stay, and even if this process feels more than a little challenging at times, remember that all of these challenges are signals that you have just come one more step closer to the other side of the river. So dive in for one more time, dear ones! You are all excellent swimmers, and you will be able take on any rapid that may come in your way.

9 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 124

  1. Thank you Aisha and the Constant Companions!! I was being challenged last night as it was 2AM and I still could not fall asleep. I felt like I was buzzed and when I did fall asleep I kept waking up because my body would start to shake and twitch and I had the oddest sensations. Needless to say I am one of the exhausted ones today but tomorrow is another day.

  2. A marvelous missive, the last two have been exceptionaly brilliant. Thank you. Love to you All..

  3. Thanks, I understand that things will get more challenging, but this is what it takes to get ppl to step outside their comfort zones and make changes in their lives. Challenging events are the catalysts to personal growth and change…

  4. “Ditto”…my thoughts exactly !…& it has come down to ‘black or white’…no grey side line areas anymore…are you in or out…but there’s nothing wrong in taking a breather & a much needed break from All the drama from time to time…work…more work…then allow yourself some rest…as I have decided to adapt to this flow for the now, for the core of the now is my work & struggle in getting the message out of the vital importance of nature, as my spitirual beliefs & identity have reached the height where they are quite established & secure. My inner being has always been a glowing beacon with an acute Heart-bond to Mother-Earth…& it has been the path that I have been chosen to travel. For me, “Earth Day” is everyday…& Yesterday actually being “Earth Day” continues to be ignored by the majority of the population…this always gives me a set back & makes me feel defeated… but after a needed break to re-focus, I dust myself off & get back on the horse trail again ! In times of woe, I am always told to focus on my happy place where I will find patience, re-juvination, where nature beholds the calming & re-energizing LOve that makes my Heart sing….spent much of the weekend gardening, eating great food & watching some nature shows. LOve the new series called ‘Frozen planet’…& I pray that many more do too as it contains vital information & a huge wake-up call to global warming…the last few twines of the survival rope are nearing the point of letting go. I find this so alarming while most continue to ignore…I am consistly reminded to keep going…that I am making a difference, more than I know ! “just because you do not receive an answer, does not mean you have not been heard…be persistant as I have been with You ”
    Blessings to You Dear Aisha & Faith & Admiration to All our Constant Companions !!!~ We are ‘ALL’ making a difference in our own unique way…more than we know !~

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